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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Ranma 1/2: Austrian artist turns Akane Tendo into a beautiful figure skater | Spaghetti code

Date: April 20, 2024 Time: 08:03:01

Akane Tendo, the beautiful heroine of Ranma 1/2, has become a cult figure in anime and manga. As one of the main characters in Rumiko Takahashi’s series, Akane stands out for her strong and determined personality while also showing vulnerability and humanity. Her turbulent and often comical relationship with Ranma Saotome, as well as her martial arts skills, have made her a beloved and memorable character among fans of the genre. On the other hand, he has one of the most beautiful designs we’ve seen of any character in the series, be it heroes or villains. For this reason, we were fascinated by the following cosplay as it shows us how Akane has grown into a beautiful figure skater.

Image: Pinky Perry (DeviantArt)

When we see the work of Pinky Peri, we can only praise the wonderful interpretation that she offers us, one of the strongest heroines of Ranma 1/2, and that, in addition to having a physique very similar to that of Akane Tendo, the truth is that the characteristics used in this cosplay, is identical to the costume created by Rumiko Takahashi for the series. That is: before us is pure love and respect for the character turned into cosplay.

Image: Pinky Perry (DeviantArt)

In the next image from Pinky Perry’s set, we can see this lovely version of Akane Tendo again, although this time he gives us a completely different profile: posing flirtatiously for the camera while performing some acrobatic moves on the ice. And who could look more like an angel dancing on an ice stage like Akane? Really cool!


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