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18 trendy t-shirts for men, from basic to those you want to turn around after

Date: May 27, 2024 Time: 19:31:02

expert in the fashion segment, deputy general manager of the men’s clothing store KANZLER

Modern fashion pleases with a variety of trends, but the main components of the perfect men’s T-shirt remain beauty, comfort and practicality. Otherwise, the choice is yours. Rich colors or delicate pastels, life-affirming prints or neutral basic T-shirts that will fit into any look.

What styles are in fashion?

To look stylish, you need to choose the right cut. The whole image will depend on it, since this is its base. This information must be remembered before purchasing another item.

Almost everyone has at least one t-shirt in their closet. We are used to treating it as something very understandable. That is why someone may be surprised by the information that a T-shirt can be different. Yes, she can surprise you. What cut and model options are there?

O’STIN T-shirt, 799 rubles.

Photo: O’STIN

1. Basic

Summer is the best time for these t-shirts. They are classic models in neutral colors (without prints) that sit on the figure. They allow you to focus on the style and quality of the product, as well as its combination with other elements of the wardrobe.

Such a T-shirt can be worn almost everywhere: in the office, at school, for a walk, on a date, at a party or at home. It just depends on your style, mood and occasion. Since minimalism is now in fashion, it’s definitely worth stocking up on foundation.

Befree T-shirt, 1599 rubles.

Photo: Befree

2. Oversized

This year, to keep up with the trends, free-cut T-shirts must be in the men’s wardrobe. The style of the 90s has long made a comeback and has taken a strong position in fashion.

Oversized models look good in relaxed looks. To be up to date, wear them complete with long shorts. This combination is now at its peak.

Polo United Colors of Benetton, 4199 rubles. / Fashion

Photo: Lamoda

3. Pole

Polo shirts came to us from the 19th century and are still popular today. This is a classic. The main quality of a polo shirt is versatility. It is suitable for men of all ages and statuses. Of course, with each new season, designers make adjustments: modernize the cut, improve materials.

There are short, long and oversize models. If you have an athletic figure, choose Slim fit. The classic fit and custom fit will help hide imperfections.

Trendyol Brands Hooded T-shirt, 1358 RUB. / berries

Photo: Wild Blackberries

4. Hooded

Casual sports lovers should take a closer look at hoodies. It is not only fashionable, but also comfortable. An additional element will help to hide from the scorching sun during the day and from the cool wind at night. However, it is not necessary to use the hood strictly for its intended purpose. It perfectly complements your outfit, even if it’s just loose on your back.

O’STIN long sleeve, 1299 rub.

Photo: O’STIN

5. long sleeve

This model has been in trend for several years. No wonder, because long sleeves are great for cool summer nights. Many confuse them with sweatshirts or sweaters. The difference is in the material. As a rule, it is a thin breathable fabric – cotton, knitwear. The addition of polyester and elastane is allowed.

Protest T-shirt, 449 rubles. /Sportmaster

Photo: Sportmaster

6. Sports

These articles are always up to date. If you are the owner of an inflated body, feel free to buy T-shirts in a sports style. You can favorably emphasize the muscles of the chest and back. Those who are overweight or, conversely, thin, should choose loose models. As a general rule, 2-3 sizes larger than yours.

O’STIN long sleeve, 1499 rub. (layered image)

Photo: O’STIN

7. Layers trend

The effect of things placed one on top of the other is the main trend in recent years. Now it has arrived in the men’s wardrobe. Here it is important to create the impression that you are wearing one T-shirt on top of another. To accurately attract admiring glances, use contrasting colors.

Learning to distinguish styles in our material:

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All about good content

When buying things, preference should be given to options made of breathable natural materials. Be sure to read the labels. If you strictly follow all the recommendations in the instructions, the product will serve you much longer.

1. Cotton

Cotton is the most suitable material for t-shirts. The breathable structure provides comfort during sports activities and long walks. The same factor is important for hot weather. Mercerized or delicate Pima cotton is a hypoallergenic fabric. She is also very nice to the body.

T-shirt (100% cotton) Zarina, 999 rubles.

Photo: Czarina

This product is more convenient to use, beautiful and weightless. It is easy to wash, dries quickly, does not electrify, absorbs moisture well, conducts heat and lets air through.

2. Linen

Linen is always about brevity, which looks easy and spectacular. T-shirts made from this material can be worn comfortably throughout the day. Including people with sensitive skin. Due to the special structure of the fibers and the high thermal conductivity of linen, clothes made from it always look fresh.

Polo (100% linen) Fine Joyce, 1001 rubles. / berries

Photo: Wild Blackberries

3. Mixed materials

Pay attention to cotton T-shirts with the addition of silk and linen. This is a premium thin material. Thanks to the triple composition, the thread has excellent characteristics. These include: the strength of linen, the softness and shine of silk. As a result, the clothes “breathe” and are pleasant to wear.

About popular and fashionable colors.

As a general rule, each person has their own color preferences. But here there is an important nuance: not everything that you like will decorate you. To enter your colors, you need to have information about the color of the exterior. If you don’t want to go too deep, focus on the eye shadows and hair.

Another point is the relevance of color in terms of fashion. This is an optional option. Some follow trends, others don’t. We look at the ever-popular solutions and the ones that are in vogue.

Black TU T-shirt (in a model with a deep color of appearance), 939 rubles.

Is this your photo

1. black

The advantages of a plain black t-shirt are obvious. This is a classic that never goes out of style. It is also always stylish, comfortable and practical. What else is needed?

Remember that each person has their own ideal black. Charcoal (100% dark tone) will suit representatives of deep color, with almost black hair and eyes. Like Colin Farrell. The best bet of it could be, for example, graphite (dark gray).

Dark gray Zarina polo shirt (the perfect level of darkness for this look), 2399 rubles.

Photo: Czarina

2. White

This color is also always in fashion. It is versatile, easy to combine with other elements of the wardrobe and very beautiful. White gives a feeling of freedom, lightness and harmony. Create soft combinations with base and accent tones.

There are also options here: snow-white, milky, ivory. The first is a bright shade. It suits owners of the corresponding appearance. If your colors are not so pure, take white with an admixture: gray or yellow (depending on what note you have). With an incorrectly chosen option, the complexion and the tone of the white of the eye suffer.

Snow-white (and an example of bright appearance) T-shirt O’STIN, 1199 rubles.

Photo: O’STIN

3. Neutral colors

These include shades with a light admixture of gray. It is she who allows the color to fit well into a variety of color solutions. First of all, of course, we consider the gray itself. It can be light, dark, colorful (mix). Bright prints that are so relevant today look great on a gray base.

In addition, we take shades: coffee with milk (gray-beige), khaki, muted blue (light blue).

O’STIN basic gray T-shirt, 999 rubles.

Photo: O’STIN

3. Trendy colors of the season

Many mistakenly believe that there is no place for delicate pastries in the everyday wardrobe. This is bad. In the summer of 2023, muted shades of mint, blue, purple and pink are relevant. They always look noble and expensive. Feel free to choose them. If the color has a large mix of gray, it can also work as a neutral.

Zarina pastel blue T-shirt, 999 rubles.

Photo: Czarina

If we talk about brightness, then this season there are many active colors. The main tone of the year is Viva Magenta. This is a variation on the raspberry theme. There are hardly many men who will buy a T-shirt in this shade… Here, as an option, more subdued versions of it. By the way, barbie style trend, which is now gaining momentum, has also touched the men’s wardrobe. Maybe something pink that you still want to try.

Pink TU T-shirt, 999 rubles.

Is this your photo

If pink isn’t your thing, finding an alternative won’t be difficult. The fashion listings have vibrant options for orange, yellow, blue, and green. Also, do not forget that trends are trends and you should choose what suits you best. Those whose appearance is lost against the background of very active colors should choose soft shades (with an admixture of gray).

Here we show which green mods they choose:

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What patterns are in fashion?

A stylish T-shirt with a bright print can be the main focus of the image. It seems to be hinting: it’s time to go on vacation! By wearing such a thing, you definitely cheer yourself up and those around you.

What designs and patterns are in fashion this summer? There are plenty of options: from neutral tie-dye that stays relevant to active photo prints. It seems that now really everyone can choose something to their taste. If you are an anime lover, you have the widest selection of anime-themed prints.

Befree anime print t-shirt, 1799 rub.

Photo: Befree

Chinese and Japanese motifs are popular: dragons, carp, tigers, etc. You can also choose any ethnic pattern. Paisley (Turkish cucumber), which often adorns scarves, does not lose its relevance.

If we talk about geometric prints, it is worth considering the strip. It can be small or wide. Colors – a choice for your taste and for personal color settings.

TU t-shirts: striped — 1199 rubles. / with a dragon – 1299 rubles.

Is this your photo

A t-shirt today can look like a real art object. Here are combinations of different prints, color games and non-trivial ideas. In general, it remains to understand what exactly you want to convey. The incarnation, most likely, will be found.

How do world trends affect the men’s wardrobe?

fashion designer and fashion illustrator

The world fashion trends that we have been observing for more than one season apply not only to women’s clothing, but also to men’s clothing. These include ecology, comfortable fit, gender neutrality and slow fashion. Let’s consider each of them.

Kindness with the environment

How is the sustainability trend reflected in t-shirts? Everything is simple. Preference is given to natural materials (cotton, viscose).

Today, many brands present collections made with organic or recycled cotton. This is a great option to help our planet and look stylish.

slow fashion

Slow fashion is the rejection of mass-market, “disposable” clothing. It is better to give preference to a quality item, the production of which complied with the principle of an ethical attitude towards the environment.

How to choose such a product? Turn your shirt inside out before you buy it. This allows you to assess the quality of the lines and the processing of the product. There should be no protruding threads or pieces of fabric, wrinkles and folds at the seams.

The more stitches in a seam, the better the item will be. Also study the label. It must be 80% to 100% cotton or viscose.


How can we call a comfortable cut in a T-shirt? First of all, it is the freedom of attachment. On the “slip” – not fashionable or stylish. How to determine the sufficient level? Between the body and the T-shirt, the palm should pass calmly.

For a perfect fit, it is better to choose shirts made of denser fabrics (from 200 g/m2). This will create a clear silhouette, and the thing will be less prone to deformation.

Important! Item prices are current at the time of publication.

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