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Monday, May 20, 2024
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5 fashion tricks to easily create a cool masculine look. Using Beckham’s bows as an example

Date: May 20, 2024 Time: 08:27:05

5 fashion tricks to easily create a cool masculine look. Using Beckham’s bows as an example

Maria Suchkova February 18, 2024, 17:15 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

How to create stylish masterpieces from simple things?

Maria Suchkova

stylist image maker

“Not having anything to wear is a problem faced not only by women, but also by men. A person has a whole closet of things, but he comes out again with jeans and his favorite T-shirt (sweatshirt, sweater). The good news is that even basic clothing can be enhanced with certain stylistic techniques.”

Reception number 1. Multilayer

Not everyone knows how to use this technique. And in vain. It is not so complicated, but at the same time it allows you to create a complete and interesting image.

There is a category of men who avoid these types of decisions, thinking that layers make them look fat. In fact, it’s the other way around: you’re losing weight.

By adding not only a t-shirt, but also a shirt and/or vest to your jeans, you create a vertical line down the center of the body. It is formed thanks to the unbuttoned tails of the shirt (vest, jacket, etc.).

Multiple layers visually lengthen the figure. The image looks fresh and relevant.

David Beckham and elegant capes

Photo: Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Combination options:

a three-piece suit with a vest (maybe a coat over it, like David’s); a shirt peeking out from under a sweatshirt/sweater; a turtleneck under a shirt; a polo shirt over a turtleneck; an unbuttoned coat over a jacket worn over a turtleneck.

At first glance, these combinations seem very unusual. However, it is they who make the image interesting, create it.

Not only appearance is important, but also behavior:

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Reception No. 2. Monochrome

It’s even easier here. You create an image in the same tones. This is not necessarily a suit of the same color. It’s not so boring! Yes, it really takes one color as a base. For example, brown. But then we used different tones. We just do it correctly. What points should be taken into account when combining shades of the same color?

Color instructions:

if the hoodie is bright, the pants should be a dull shade; if the pants are dark, the sweater (hoodie) should be lighter; Shoes and accessories can be matching or achromatic (black, white, gray).

David Beckham and an example of a monochrome look

Photo: Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images

Reception No. 3. Playing with proportions

How to add modern negligence to an image? Play with the length of the products. The sleeves of the shirt can be rolled up. If it’s a sweater, put on a hoodie. This will immediately make the image more interesting.

You can also roll up your pants or jeans. Of course, not all models allow this. This experiment works best with Chinese.

Literally one lap across the edge is enough. Some designers make the seams more contrasting, which seems very advantageous.

David Beckham and the game with proportions (and also with monochrome)

Photo: Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

Reception No. 4. Game of contrasts

In this technique, you use different textures in an image.

Example of David’s image:

Soft knit turtleneck sweater; cotton jacket and pants; Suede shoes; leather suitcase.

David Beckham and the game of contrasts

Photo: Marc Piasecki/Getty Images

You can play not only with textures, but also with colors. This method assumes that we use different contrasting colors in an image.

Examples of combinations:

green suit and yellow shoes; blue jeans and red sweater; White pants and dark/bright blouse.

You can also use light-colored shoes as a bright accent. White sneakers are a great move. They always catch your attention. You can’t help but notice them. Shades can vary from white to beige. Test the color of the butter. It is very relevant this season.

David Beckham knows a lot about accents and accessories

Photo: James Devaney/Getty Images

Reception No. 5. Interaction with accessories.

Even the simplest image can be transformed with interesting details. What accessories should you consider?

Parts Options:

baseball cap or accent hat (colored or with a print/inscription); bright socks (if the dress code allows); elegant watches; bag and backpack; current sunglasses; tie and clip; bow tie and suspenders; jewelry (bracelets, rings, neck chains, etc.).

The main thing is to avoid overdoing it. The simpler the elements that make up the look, the more decorative accessories you can afford.

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