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Saturday, May 25, 2024
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6 reasons to watch The International 2023 in Dota 2: from Russians in the US to nostalgia

Date: May 25, 2024 Time: 17:48:26

In less than a month, one of the major eSports tournaments will begin in Seattle, USA – The International 2023. Starting October 13, two dozen of the world’s best teams will compete in a fierce battle for the main Dota 2 trophy and a huge prize pool.

If this is not enough to free up your schedule at least for a few days, we will remind you of the most important advantages of this colorful and vibrant spectacle, a competition that can eclipse many types of autumn nightlife.

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For those who are not completely familiar or almost familiar with virtual competitions, this is the most important opportunity to appreciate why mouse-clicking players are watched by hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of viewers.

In tournaments like The International, the game itself often takes a backseat. Even if you don’t understand anything about Dota, you will definitely feel familiar emotions: dramatic endings, tears of losers, euphoria of the underdogs who jumped on their heads. That’s why we love regular sports.

The status of the World Cup only increases this level. For many participants, The International is already a dream that can be fulfilled or crushed without mercy. Money, popularity, sportsmanship – players want different things from Inta, but they are equally ready to give all their strength for victory.

n0tail and Suma1L after leaving The International 2021. This time neither they nor their former club qualified for the tournament

Photo: Flickr

There is always someone to support

Unlike traditional global sports tournaments, participants from Russia can still participate without problems in virtual competitions. Dota 2 remains one of the most popular disciplines both around the world and here.

The Russian-speaking Dota community has always been one of the largest and in this tournament it will completely update the record of representation.

Of the 20 teams, four will represent our region and three more Russian legionnaires will play for clubs in America and Europe.

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And these are not completely strangers, but full-fledged contenders for victory! Team Spirit won The International 2021 and last summer’s main tournament. BetBoom Team is a team of regional stars that has been improving towards the end of the season. Anton durachI Shkredov won five major tournaments in a row as part of Gaimin Gladiators! And that’s not all.

Anton durachYO Shkredov (right) at the last World Championship took 9th and 12th places. He now he is the main favorite.

Photo: Flickr

Convenient viewing schedule

Now about the format. Very often, eSports tournaments, due to the abundance of matches, turn into chaos for the viewer: a bunch of parallel matches, a day of play lasts almost 20 hours and all this turns into a marathon lasting between a week and a half and two. Yes, The International was also guilty of this.

This year the situation has changed drastically. First of all, all matches are played on weekends, from Friday to Sunday, for three weeks in a row. You don’t have to take vacations for Inta anymore, you can see him on the weekends!

Secondly, the new format divides the teams not into two subgroups, but into four. There are now only five teams in each, one of which is immediately eliminated; This has allowed us to drastically reduce the total number of games and get rid of “passing” matches that do not affect the development of the tournament.

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Watching The International in Dota 2 is more convenient than ever, even the stages are clearly distributed:

from October 12 to 15 – group stage. Apparently, all the matches in a group will be played on the same day;from October 20 to 22 — the first phase of the playoffs (until eight teams remain);from October 27 to 29 – the final part of TI12 in a large stadium and with thousands of live spectators.

It’s a shame that the tournament is returning to the USA: a night final before a weekday Monday can erase the entire impression. However, this also has its advantages.

The last International The Seattle International took place six years ago.

Photo: Flickr

Tournament in the spirit of the ancient “Ints”

Previously, the Dota 2 World Championship was held in Seattle and the main arena was the local Key Arena. The reason is obvious: this is where the office of Valve’s Dota developers is located, for whom it is simply convenient to hold a tournament at home.

After 2017, the growing event traveled around the world, choosing larger stadiums and regions where Dota 2 was truly loved. Rogers Arena, famous for the Vancouver Olympic Games, the futuristic Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai…

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It seemed like the right step, but after a while, viewers began to notice that Valve was having difficulties with logistics. The creators did less and less themselves and handed the reins to outside contractors and local craftsmen, and this did not always work.

Now the main eSports championship returns home. For long-time eSports fans, here’s hoping Valve takes matters into his own hands and runs The International with love and care, like he has done in the past.

Preparing for the all-star match at The International 2017

Photo: Flickr

Valve return positions

It must be admitted that the dreams of Dota 2 veterans are not unfounded. In 2023, the developers surprise with extremely successful solutions: a cool patch 7.33 with the expansion of the map, the fight against smurfs and cheaters, the abandonment of the obsolete battle pass and the season system hated by professional players, jokes and references in the spirit of the “old Valve”.

Even before the imminent release of Counter-Strike 2, Dota authors manage to devote time to this game. While the 10th Anniversary Treasure came out later and seemed like an overly simple solution, it still wasn’t as bad as it has been in recent years.

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It seems that for a beautiful point in 2023 and generally one of the most successful periods in gaming history, Valve just needs to have a decent The International. And for now it’s hard to say what could prevent it.

Announcements and in-game activities in Dota 2

For Dota 2 players, the International Tournament has always been a special holiday. It’s not even about the competitions themselves, it’s about what happens in the community. Matches are just a small part of the content that popular streamers and players generate during the tournament.

This is also a period of important news from the developers at Valve. Something like a New Year’s speech, when they summarize the past period and make plans for the future. Updates to the tournament system, patch announcements, heroes and other changes invariably accompany each “Int”. This will probably be the case this time as well.

As part of the game client, The International is a special game event with unique modes and rewards that will no longer be available after the tournament. You may not like esports at all, just complete themed tasks, make random predictions (and sometimes win!), upgrade your battle pass, etc.

All characters with unique arcane elements in Dota 2

Photo: Valve

Even with a strong desire, a player will not be able to forget about the main event of Dota 2. Intrusive reminders about prizes and events, discussions about results in voice chat… even if you close your eyes to everything, you will surely find some forgotten hero with a strange build or in an unusual role in the same game.

Because a couple of hours ago this strategy gave the team one hundred or two thousand dollars and advancement to the next stage of The International. Wondering if it’s worth giving up this unique atmosphere completely?

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