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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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90 year old grandmother and successful heiresses. The brightest and richest owners of NHL clubs

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90 year old grandmother and successful heiresses. The brightest and richest owners of NHL clubs

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These numbers will blow your mind.


One of the league’s most unpopular clubs among hockey players is in the hands of the richest man among NHL owners. David Thomson inherited from his father a Canadian media corporation with the immodest name Thomson. At first, the organization published the British newspapers The Times and the Sunday Times, but later, in fact, it turned into book publishing. Reuters bought the company in 2008.

In addition to the family business, Thomson, 66, has an important personal project: he founded the construction company Osmington Incorporated. In 2011, another company of the businessman, True North Sports & Entertainment, spent $170 million on the purchase of the Enkhael franchise, but this is just pennies compared to the cost of Thomson, which went to the new owners for $17 billion. . According to various estimates, Thomson Jr. is considered the richest man in the whole world Canada, his fortune is estimated at $ 51 billion.

What is known about the owner of “Washington”?

He wrestled with a fan, made a movie, donated to Obama. Who is he, the main boss in Ovechkin’s life?


The recent Stanley Cup winner is run by a businessman with a very hockey name: Stanley Kroenke. Love paved the way to wealth. In his youth, Kronke married the daughter of the founder of the largest chain of stores – Walmart. The turnover of the company is hundreds of millions of dollars. Stanley owns 60 million square meters of real estate, mostly strip malls alongside Walmart stores.

Stanley skipped the Stanley Cup last season

Nobody believed in that! NHL champions removed from a club that has been around for two years

In addition to the Avalanche, the 76-year-old Kroenke owns the Los Angeles NFL club, the NBA’s Denver Nuggets, England’s Arsenal, as well as Colorado clubs from the MLS and lacrosse league. His fortune is estimated at $12.9 billion.


David Bonderman, 80, is new to hockey. In 2018, he proposed to the NHL that they create a club in Seattle. Bonderman began climbing the golden mountains in the early 1990s, when he and a friend founded the investment firm TPG. The company brought major carrier Continental Airlines out of bankruptcy. Subsequently, Bonderman invested in Burger King, Uber and banks, which brought him a fortune of almost 7,000 million dollars.

david bonderman

Photo: Ian Tuttle/Getty Images


Marian Ilic is the queen of pizza. In her hands is the third largest network in the world: Little Caesars, and with it a network of casinos. For the past five years, the business has been run by Marian’s son, Christopher Ilic. Meanwhile, the businesswoman is preparing to celebrate her 91st birthday in January. Formally, her fortune is estimated at 3.9 billion dollars.


Tom Gagliardi is one of the youngest owners on the NHL card. He is only 54 years old. Like many on this list, Gagliardi came out with a great lineage. In 1963, his father opened a hotel in British Columbia, which later became a large chain. Gagliardi Sr. expanded the business into restaurants and development areas, later connecting his son to the business.

Tom has been fond of hockey since childhood and tried three times to buy his favorite toy – a hockey stick. In 2004, he lost the race for Vancouver, in 2011 for Atlanta, but soon won the battle for Dallas, which he became owner of.


Vincent Viola made a fortune thanks to his father’s knowledge. After serving in the US Army during World War II, he found himself as a trader on the New York Stock Exchange. The knowledge helped Viola Sr. save for Pioneer Futures, which is considered one of the top 50 players in the futures brokerage market.

Viola’s hockey future is unclear:

“It’s going to be very difficult to make the playoffs.” What is the future of Florida now?

Vincent spent $250 million to buy the Panthers and nearly won the Stanley Cup last season. In 2016, Viola could have gone bankrupt in a very unexpected direction: Donald Trump offered him the job of US Secretary of Defense. The businessman refused, citing the inevitability of a conflict between his private and state interests. Now the businessman is 67 years old and in his bank accounts there are 3,700 million dollars.

“The Angels”

In the 1960s, Philipp Anschutz bought his father’s oil extraction company and only accumulated capital and experience. The businessman has worked with energy, railways, real estate, media and film. His firms manage three hundred and five hundred concert halls around the world. Additionally, Anschutz was active in the establishment of MLS. Among other things, the 83-year-old’s wallet contains some Basketball Lakers shares, and in his pockets and cards – almost $11 billion.

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