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Sunday, July 14, 2024
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A disaster for the nuclear submarine. And Italy will have at least five teams in the Champions League

Date: July 14, 2024 Time: 14:46:34

The quarterfinals of the European Cups have ended. Following the matches on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the situation in the fight for extra tickets to the Champions League has changed significantly. We remind you that two countries with the best qualification of the season now obtain an additional place. Italy has already officially become one of these countries. The fifth team in Serie A is guaranteed to play in the main phase of the Champions League – 2024/2025. Roma are currently in fifth place. Italy could even have six clubs in the next Champions League season if Roma or Atalanta win the League but finish sixth or lower in the championship.

The situation regarding the second bill has changed radically. Just a couple of days ago it looked like England had a good chance of finishing in the top two. This country alone had five teams in the quarterfinals. However, City and Arsenal in the Champions League, as well as Liverpool and West Ham in the Europa League, failed to advance further. Only Villa remains in the Conference League. Germany’s lead (where all three clubs advanced) increased by 0.518 points this week. The season standings now look like this:

Italy: 19,428; Germany: 17,928;England: 17,375; France: 16,083; Spain: 15,312.

In fact, England only has a mathematical chance of finishing in the top two. Even if Aston Villa win the semi-finals and final of the Conference League, that does not guarantee anything. Three German clubs only need two wins. Well, or one victory and two draws. All it takes is a win, a draw and reaching the final, for which a bonus point is awarded. And perhaps all this will not be necessary if Villa is not so successful.

The joy of the Borussia Dortmund players after the second leg against Atlético de Madrid

Photo: Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Where did the two extra places in the Champions League come from?

Starting next season, the format of the Champions League will change. On the main stage of the tournament, not 32, but already 36 teams will play. In this article we talk in more detail about the changes. As for the four additional bonuses, this is how they are distributed:

and two more extra trips to the two best countries in the season ranking. Each year these two places for the Champions League will be disputed again; Another extra ticket will be given for qualification to the Champions League. Or rather, in the selection called Route of Champions. The winners of the leagues that are not among the top 12 of the UEFA ranking play there (their champions are already guaranteed a place in the main phase of the fifth league and get an extra ticket to the Champions League); In the case of next season, we are talking about France. That is why Golovin’s Monaco only needs to remain in third place to be able to reach the main stage of the tournament instead of qualifying.

It turned out to be quite unpleasant for England. The country has achieved its best season rating five times in the previous six years. As soon as they started rewarding this with an extra ticket to the Champions League, England (most likely) didn’t even make it to the top 2.

2017/2018: England, Spain 2018/2019: England, Spain 2019/2020: Spain, Germany 2020/2021: England, Spain 2021/2022: England, Netherlands2022/2023: England, Italy

Jurgen Klopp

Photo: Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Why does Italy have the best rating if no one reached the Champions League quarterfinals?

Season standings are based on performance in all three tournaments (Champions League, Europa League, Conference League). The clubs add points: on the main stage, two for a win, one for a draw, 0 for a loss. Additionally, there are bonus points for reaching new stages (these incentives are greater in the Champions League). All points scored by a country are divided by the number of teams.

For example, Italy scored 136 points (Napoli – 17, Lazio – 18, Inter – 20, Milan – 18, Atalanta – 22, Roma – 22, Fiorentina – 19). The amount is divided by seven (the number of clubs in Italy). The result is the score indicated at the beginning of the article: 19,428. If we take Spain, although this country had three quarterfinals in the Champions League, the teams were not as successful in other tournaments. This is especially true for Osasuna, which was eliminated from the conference league during the qualifying round. Sevilla also never won the European Cup throughout the season.

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