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Monday, June 17, 2024
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A luxury worthy of a monarch. How Messi lives in the ocean

Date: June 17, 2024 Time: 20:55:46

Lionel Messi recently moved to MLS, but is already close to giving Inter Miami its first title in club history. However, the word “luxury” fits well not only with what the Argentine magician does on the court, but also in what conditions he lives off it.

A few years before moving to the US, Leo bought four properties located on the same coast and only a few hundred meters apart. At the time, these were businesses with an investment eye. However, now the footballer lives in one of these penthouses with his family.

Messi bought an apartment in the luxurious Porsche Design Tower four years ago for $9 million. Now apartments are being sold in a 60-story skyscraper at prices ranging from 4.3 to 32.5 million. The windows offer amazing views of the city and the ocean.

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A distinctive feature of the complex is the presence of several car lifts, which allow some residents to ride their “horses” directly to the apartments. A makeshift garage sits behind glass walls smack in the middle of the building, so fancier residents can see their expensive cars from almost every room. It would seem that nothing original can be invented in the construction of luxury complexes, but here is a vivid example of a unique solution. Pretty useless perhaps, but definitely an eye-catcher and stands out even from the rest of the millionaire renters.

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Of course, in addition to this, the building has its own cinema, golf simulators and racing games, a heated swimming pool, an exclusive restaurant, where only residents have access, a relaxation area with a beautiful view of the sea, a gym, a spa and 24 hour security for all this luxury. According to rumors, some 20 billionaires own apartments in this complex. At the same time, many residents are immigrants from Latin America. So Messi probably often hears Spanish spoken on the walls of a skyscraper. By the way, you can walk to the Inter Miami stadium in less than half an hour at a leisurely pace.

Also, Lionel has three more apartments nearby. Two years after buying the Porsche Design Tower apartment, he shelled out $8 million to own an entire floor in Regalia Tower. Of course, this is also an example of the luxury that the world’s richest people shower in: Italian marble and noble woods were used as finishing materials, the building has six swimming pools, many entertainment areas, a restaurant, a bar , a gym, a yoga studio and much more.- a standard set for complexes of this level.

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Messi also owns two “modest” apartments in the Trump Royale skyscraper, which he bought for around $1 million each. This is a complex of a slightly lower status, which is already noticeable at the price, but at the same time it is not inferior in terms of services and amenities to more luxurious hotels. Of course, this house also refers to the concept of luxury.

True, the rest of the Argentine is still a pretty worldly person. One day he was seen with his family in the most ordinary supermarket. He was also noticed at dinner at a popular Italian restaurant, including celebrities, Cafe Prima Pasta. But this place is also accessible to ordinary residents, since the most expensive dish costs $36.95.

FC “Inter Miami”

Leo drives around town in a snow-white Audi Q8. It is true that not long ago he was about to have an accident. After running a red light, another car could crash into it. But he is not in a hurry to scold Messi for ignoring traffic rules. He was escorted by two police cars, which, apparently, simply decided not to stop at a red light, but at the same time did not attend to the organization of traffic at the intersection, which led to an unpleasant situation.

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