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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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A sincere confession or a reason for exaggeration? The Olympic champion made a strong statement.

Date: June 18, 2024 Time: 12:20:14

After the Sochi Olympics, in our sport, in general, a new era began, painted in black tones. The scattering of prizes won by Russian athletes in local stadiums haunted the West, and the result was not long in coming.

The memorable report of Richard McLaren and the speeches of Grigory Rodchenkov led to a series of legal proceedings, as a result of which our champions were deprived of awards or returned to medals, and as a result, it all ended with the deprivation of Russian athletes. . of status symbols at international events for a long period. Against this background, Adelina Sotnikova stood out brilliantly – our first Olympic champion in women’s figure skating. It seemed to her that she managed to avoid accusations of doping and participation in scandalous proceedings. All the more surprising was the skater’s statement, which appeared in the media last night.

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Adelina gave an interview to the Tatarka FM channel about the situation around Kamila Valieva on March 13 of this year. Then it did not have much effect – Sotnikova calmly spoke about the problems of our young star and ways out of the situation. But it turned out that the authors of the program had a dubious trick up their sleeve, which they presented almost four months later. In an unpublished fragment of the same interview, Sotnikova says that she also had problems with the anti-doping authorities after Sochi, moreover, of a very serious nature.

“Remembering 2014, when after a while they said that they found me doping and that I had to make a trial. But then they acquitted me, because they opened the second sample, and everything went well for me, ”he told his interlocutor.

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In this regard, the question arises: if WADA really had serious claims against Sotnikova, then how did it not go public in the pursuit, when our sport was leaning in different ways for each and every one. Moreover, in this case we are not talking about fifth or sixth places, but about Olympic gold, which Korean Kim Yong Ah, who became the second in Sochi, would gladly “pick up”.

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It is quite natural that the investigation against Sotnikova was probably carried out, given the status of the Olympic champion. But neither Rodchenkov nor McLaren accused Adeline in her statements. Therefore, it is possible that she simply chose the wrong words to describe her experiences during that period. And the authors of the channel simply took advantage of a hot topic and decided to play with it after the fact. This is indirectly confirmed by the reaction of specialists, including Tatyana Tarasova, Elena Buyanova and many others.

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Almost everyone is confused right now. And why post a frankly bizarre quote from an Olympic champion out of context and pass it off as a shocking confession at a time when our sport is already in near-isolation? The list of those to whom it can be beneficial, everyone can imagine almost by name. Therefore, it is possible that those who advocate the complete isolation of our sport from the world community have a new reason to attack Russia.

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