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Friday, February 23, 2024
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A star basketball player from Latvia got into a fight with the Russians. And they hit me on the head with a chair.

Date: February 23, 2024 Time: 12:15:09

In his homeland, Kristaps Porzingis is rightly considered one of the leading talents of his generation. The Latvian basketball player signed a contract with Sevilla at the age of 15, and already at 20 he moved abroad, receiving an invitation from the New York Knicks. In the NBA, the athlete adapted instantly and got a promotion to the Dallas star team.

The player’s transfer in 2019 coincided with a series of scandals that unexpectedly surrounded him. In early spring, the famous athlete was accused of rape, and a couple of months later he found himself … participating in a street confrontation in his homeland.

The famous Latvian quarreled with the Russians.

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The incident occurred in the Latvian city of Liepaja early in the morning of May 12, or rather, late in the evening, since the new day had not yet begun for visitors to the local Cukurfabrik club. One of the guests of the establishment was the famous Latvian basketball player Porzingis, who decided to visit his small homeland after several months playing for Dallas.

It is unknown exactly how the conflict in which the famous athlete was involved began. Western media later wrote that the Latvian was attacked by Russian fans, disappointed by his transfer to the Mavericks, but this absurd version was soon rejected. According to other sources, the confrontation began because Kristaps was hit with a beer mug or because of a girl.

One way or another, everything happened quickly. The fight began inside the club, where the Latvian was attacked by two men, one of whom lunged at him from behind.

“He hit me and immobilized me, but I freed myself and defended myself. Chaos began, one of the men threw a chair at me and hit me in the head,” Porzingis said.

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Soon the guards ushered the visiting troublemakers outside. The result of the conflict was recorded on video, which was instantly spread over the Internet. At the beginning of the video, the basketball player roughly pushes the girl in front of him and then, with his face cut and his shirt torn, he goes to make things up to her attacker.

Security did not allow Kristaps to approach his opponent, so the athlete had to limit himself to verbal measures only. Porzingis yelled obscenities at the man, adding a threat to his attack: “I will send you back to Russia!”

After some time, the police arrived at the scene to understand the situation. By this time, passions had already calmed down, so law enforcement officers could only record the wounds received by the fighters. Neither the Russian guests of the club nor the basketball player himself began to apply to the authorities.

Porzingis later returned to Dallas with minor injuries, where they began their own investigation into the incident. The Americans discovered that nothing criminal had occurred in Latvia and that the player simply “found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Today, Kristaps continues to play in the NBA: in 2023 he joined the Boston squad.


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