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Sunday, April 14, 2024
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A surprisingly atmospheric series about a maniac: review of the first season of “The Killer Inside”

Date: April 14, 2024 Time: 21:04:18

The first season of “Inside the Killer” recently concluded. At the production stage, the series seemed doomed to success: the plot is based on a best-selling novel, the actors are full of stars such as Tikhon Zhiznevsky (“Major Thunder”), and the director is the eminent Vladimir Mirzoev (“Swamp “). . But was this enough for Kinopoisk to become another hit? You can’t say that right away. “Inside a Killer” loses hits on the level of “Fisher” and “Method,” but makes it to the final season of “True Detective.”

“Inside the Killer”: information about the series

Name: “There is a murderer inside” Director: Vladimir Mirzoev actors: Anastasia Evgrafova, Tikhon Zhiznevsky, Yana Sexte and others release date: February 22, 2024 Gender: detective, suspense A country: Russia

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“A Killer Inside”: where to watch?

All five episodes are now available on Kinopoisk.

The video is available on the Kinopoisk Premieres YouTube channel. The rights to the video belong to Kinopoisk.

For every plus there is a minus

At its best moments, Inside a Killer is incredibly good. It envelops the viewer, does not allow him to separate himself and makes him look with frightened eyes at the next crime.

Consider the murder scenes: the villain lures the prey, lulls their attention, and then turns the massacre into a mad performance. The spectacle is disgusting, but at the same time surprisingly atmospheric. The first scene of this type immerses you in an atmosphere of despair more powerful than that of the new True Detective. But there is a lot of darkness like that!

The villain is a demon

Photo: Kinopoisk

The problem is that for every advantage there is a completely discouraging disadvantage. For example, a murderer is good at creating terror, but in reality he turns out to be a vapid loser with dubious motivations.

Or take a detective story involving a maniac. It is full of interesting moments when the heroes carefully approach the enemy, find out his place of work and interests. But then everything turns into chaos, where all the secrets are suddenly revealed, the conflict ends and the credits roll on the screen. This turns a normal narrative into an irregular one.

Zoya Volgina has a difficult past

Photo: Kinopoisk

Another example is the characters and their incarnation. The protagonist Zoya Volgina has a stunning image: an unusually attractive appearance, a look soaked in pain, attacks of PTSD from every man she runs near her. What happened to this girl? Why did she become a genius profiler? What is she afraid of? I would like to resolve it as soon as possible.

It’s a shame that an interesting picture is spoiled by strange acting. Actress Anastasia Evgrafova cries, laments convincingly and lights up with an idea that comes to her head. But everything falls apart when she opens her mouth: each word sounds painfully unnatural. Also, this is a problem for the entire cast: the famous Tikhon Zhiznevsky, Yana Sexte and Sergei Shakurov also speak strangely.

Why is that? Viewers have seen Zhiznevsky in “Major Thunder” and Evgrafova in “Chorus” and know that they usually play normally. Apparently, the problem is with the director, who did not chase the stars and did not waste time on repeat takes.

That inconsistency is in everything. The advantages are enough to overcome the fourth season of True Detective, but the disadvantages do not allow the novelty to reach the top of the best series about maniacs.

The heroine and another victim of the maniac.

Photo: Kinopoisk

What a beautiful film “Plus Studio”!

In recent years, Plus Studio has become a master of stylish filming. His portfolio already includes “The Others”, “Pisheblok”, “Fandorin”; all programs had enough disadvantages, but they looked amazing. The same goes for the series “Inside a Killer”: costumes, scenery, lighting, a huge number of stunning views – the team should be praised for all this.

It is important that the series has practically no graphics. The crew actually blocked St. Petersburg, gathering a huge crowd and forcing the actors to adopt pretentious poses. These things just seem basic, but in reality many simply draw out backgrounds and crowds, and ruin the atmosphere.

“A Killer Inside”: Is it worth watching?

Kinopoisk did not make the best series about maniacs, but it is worth watching for fans of the genre. Still, Inside a Killer impresses with its brutal scenes, distinctive characters, and stylish visuals.

“The Killer Inside” score: 7 out of 10


The series looks great, many catchy scenes and the characters have interesting backgrounds.

I dont like him

Weak performance. The plot is very confusing. Uninteresting villain.

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