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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Anatoly Tokov – Sharaf Davlatmurodov. Quick knockout or trick?

Date: May 22, 2024 Time: 12:03:22

On April 19, the ACA 174 tournament will take place at the KSK Arena in Saint Petersburg. The start is scheduled for 17:00 Moscow time. In one of the fights on the main card of the middleweight division, Anatoly Tokov will fight with Sharaf Davlatmurodov. The start of the match will be no earlier than 21:45 Moscow time.

Where to watch ASA 174

You can watch the main card fights, including the fight between Anatoly Tokov and Sharaf Davlatmurodov, on the Match TV channel!

Bookmaker odds for the fight ACA 174 Anatoly Tokov – Sharaf Davlatmurodov April 19, 2024

Experts consider Anatoly Tokov the favorite and offer to bet on his victory at odds of 1.15. Sharaf Davlatmurodov’s odds were estimated at 4.70. Analysts suggest the fighting will drag on. Bets for a total of more than 2.5 rounds are accepted for 1.42, and bets for a total of less than 2.5 rounds are accepted for 2.65.

Analysis and forecast for the fight ACA 174 Anatoly Tokov – Sharaf Davlatmurodov (04/19/2024)

On Friday, April 19, the Russian MMA promoter will delight fans with a very interesting ASA 174 tournament that will be held in Saint Petersburg, at the KSK Arena. In one of his middleweight fights, Anatoly Tokov will fight Sharaf Davlatmurodov. The winner has the right to hope that new horizons will open in the league.

Competitors in the fight for a place in the sun:

Eintracht-Augsburg. The risk is inappropriate.

Tokov was supposed to fight Magomed Ismailov, but he pulled out due to injury and the fight was cancelled. As soon as Sharaf heard about this, he immediately proposed his candidacy to the league and it was approved. It is about the desire to take revenge. In the last five years, Volkodav suffered his only defeat. Right in the battle with Anatoly.

Tokov himself has been performing in Bellator in recent years and reached the championship title fight with Johnny Eblin. Unfortunately, the fighter was defeated by a judge’s decision. Although before he had a streak of six victories. Among them was a fight with Alexander Shlemenko, which he won unanimously. And of course, this series included a fight with Sharaf, which ended with Anatoly winning by split decision.

Because of this, at least Davlatmurodov has such an incredible desire to take revenge and close the matter. But how is he going to beat such an experienced fighter? The Wolfhound will have an advantage in preparation, however small. Tokov prepared for a long time specifically for Ismailov, but in the end he had to change sides. Although it is unlikely that the basis will be much different.

Sharaf does not have as big names on his record as Tokov. Despite this, he is a very competitive competitor. Davlatmurodov has a powerful punch, is able to successfully perform painful submissions and ground work, but is vulnerable. And not only in wrestling, but also in stand-up. It depends on how hard the hit the Wolfhound takes. For example, Brett Cooper abandoned him, although a long time ago.

The Turin people are not favorites:

Cagliari-Juventus. Ranieri and Shomurodov found mutual understanding

Tokov is a very versatile fighter. He has excellent grappling and is capable of knocking out even the most patient opponents while standing. Guillotine, kimura – there are many things on the 34-year-old athlete’s list of skills. However, something was missing for a certain victory over Sharaf in the last fight.

Judging by Anatoly’s last fight, he has some problems with the fight. He worked with uncertainty in the field. Therefore, Tokov will most likely rely on his powerful punches and put pressure on Sharaf from the first round. If Volkodav prepares correctly and studies Tokov’s last fight, he will focus on fighting.

With a high degree of probability, this fight will not reach a judge’s decision. Tokov will begin to bite on the grate. He is good at defending and pressing and is extremely stable on his feet. Sharaf is carried away by the desire to take revenge on Anatoly. This is a very important fight for him from a psychological point of view. Furthermore, if the reception is successful, it may happen that ACA 174 scores a sensational early victory. But our bet will not be on the winner, but on the total of less than 2.5 rounds for 2.65.

Tender: total less than 2.5 rounds for 2.65.

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