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And without the Russians it will be great! The main stars of the 2023 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup

Date: June 15, 2024 Time: 16:39:24

Beginning in Valencia (Spain), the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championship is the main tournament of this sport, with the exception of the Olympic Games. The best gymnasts from all over the world gather in one place and check who managed to fit in the right form at the right time. “Championship” talks about the main stars of the tournament.

The World Championship is always held in a non-standard format: it always lasts five days, in contrast to the standard three-day program at the World Cup and other FIG tournaments. Top gymnasts perform four events on average three times: in qualifying, in individual event finals, and in individual overall finals. The 2023 World Championship is also important because most of the tickets to the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris will be played here.

The most important of the 2023 World Cup:

Gymnasts with Russian roots are the top favorites for the 2023 World Cup. What else do you need to know about the tournament?

Even though the gymnasts from Russia and Belarus will not be performing due to the suspension, there will definitely be someone to watch. For those who want to cheer only for Russia, it will be possible to pay attention to Russian gymnasts who have changed their citizenship and are now competing for other countries.

Sofia Rafaeli

The expressive Italian is currently the gymnast with the most titles of all the participants in the World Championships. She already has a gold medal from last year’s World Championship in her piggy bank, and not one, but five. However, Sofia attracts attention not only with victories, but also with performances and images. Her hoop is a real horror on the carpet to the music from the movie “Psycho”: one look from the athlete at the beginning of the exercise is enough to scare her a little.

Sofia Rafaeli

Photo: Valerio Origo/Getty Images

His tape is a true musical on the carpet, and the discos are a reference to the song by the Belgian singer Stromae. In addition to the staging, Sofia has a very interesting and complex work with the theme, often during the performance you can catch yourself holding your breath in anticipation of “catch or not” or surprised “what did she just do with the theme?” In all types of programs, everyone will find something interesting and exciting for themselves: from swimsuits and music to small details in the “dance rooms” and the theme.

Daria Varfolomeev

Now the gymnast represents Germany, and Dasha was born in Russia and began her sports career in Barnaul. She is also the 2022 World Champion in clubs. In 2023, Dasha won gold at the European Championships in the exercise of the ribbon. But what brings her closer to victory in the 2023 World Cup are the results of the last stage of the World Cup, which was held in Milan. Almost all the leaders who will fight for the medals in Valencia spoke there. In such a competition, Varfolomeev became the winner in all respects, showing incredible complexity in all types.

Daria Varfolomeev

Photo: Fabricio Carabelli/Getty Images

But you can cheer Dasha not only because she is from Russia: she has a very beautiful physique for a gymnast, it is very pleasant to follow her long lines, most of her compositions are incendiary, and she transmits her energy even through broadcasting. Well, I’d also like to mention the tape of her, which you simply must watch.

stiliana nikolova

The Bulgarian gymnast is unusually tall for the sport, but she makes up for it with speed and ambition. She reached the last World Championship as the second number of the national team, but the leader of the Bulgarian team, Boryana Kalein, withdrew from the tournament due to illness. As a result, Stiliana performed alone, and she did it very well. She won several silver and bronze medals, but most importantly, she won the Olympic quota for Bulgaria. After such success, Stiliana was perceived as a leader, and with each tournament she proved that she was the best not only in the country, but also in the world. True, the European Championship – 2023 cannot be called particularly successful, but Nikolova promised to be in the best shape in the “world”.

stiliana nikolova

Photo: Valerio Origo/Getty Images

Styliana has a very unusual biography. She was born in Cairo and after joining the Bulgarian national team, she left her parents. This season, Nikolova tells about her life in performances, dedicated the hoop to her mother and wore the song “Arabian Night” under the ball, which suits her very well (apparently, the roots are making themselves felt. ” In addition to these two exercises, the other two are also very interesting and in the selection of music, and on the dance floors, you definitely can’t miss them.

Boriana Kaleyn

The titled Bulgarian gymnast has come a long way before the next tournament. She was already thinking about finishing her career and stopped at performances. Since the last World Cup, Boryana has been forced to retire due to health problems. She seems to have recovered, but her problems did not stop. Kalain admitted that even her hands began to drop. A break in performances, the support of her friends and coaches was in her favor. Boryana returned to the competitive mat and won the gold medal at the 2023 European Championships. The Bulgarian gymnast has repeatedly said that her goal is the Paris Olympics, after which she plans to finish her career in she.

Boriana Kaleyn

Photo: Toru Hanai/Getty Images

In Valencia he was entrusted with the opportunity to win a place for the 2024 Games for Bulgaria. Stiliana Nikolova, who won the quota last year, can no longer do this, so in addition to the medals, Boryana will fight and have a place in Paris for her country. In rhythmic gymnastics, it is important to see what an athlete can say on the mat. The older the gymnast is, the more she has something to say. We are waiting for Kalain because of adult gymnastics, which is so rare in the modern world.

Daria Atamanov

The Israeli gymnast surprises with her stability and how she knows how to win unexpectedly. We have not seen Dasha so much on the world stage, but every time she is reminded of her appearance. At the 2022 World Championship, he broke his leg and watched the tournament in a cast from the stands, but before that he won the absolute gold of the 2022 European Championship. And if last year Atamanov could not fully show his level, then this year there is an opportunity

Daria Atamanov

Photo: Loris Roselli/Getty Images

Despite the fact that Dasha competed in only one FIG tournament after the injury, the result of such a break is simply amazing. It is difficult to say if she will fight for the medals and how much she managed to complicate the programs in a short time, but at least it will be interesting to follow her productions. Dasha is a very clean and precise gymnast in execution, of course, when she does not lose the apparatus. She has many interesting findings on the subject, beautiful element shapes, and she is trained by Aylet Zusman, the trainer of Olympic champion Lina Ashram.

Ekaterina Vedeneeva

At international tournaments, Ekaterina Vedeneeva represents Slovenia for the whole world, and for fans of Russia, she is still our Russian girl.

Katya played for the Russian national team for a long time and won medals for her country, but failed to break onto the world stage as a team leader. In the Slovenian national team, Vedeneeva has continued to delight the world of rhythmic gymnastics for many years. Katya is one of the longest-lived gymnastics. Performing at 29 at this level is a rarity.

Ekaterina Vedeneeva

Photo: Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Vedeneeva continues to train in Russia with a Russian coach, but this is probably the only case when this does not prevent her from performing on the world stage. Katya is worth watching at least for the very adult rhythmic gymnastics that most fans love.

Onoprienko, Baptist, Berezina

In addition to the gymnasts mentioned above, it is worth watching the World Championships for the sake of the leader of the Ukrainian national team Viktoria Onoprienko, who will remind us of the traditional Ukrainian school.

The Spanish Alba Bautista and the native of Russia Polina Berezina will surprise with their emotional and interesting performances. Many await Brazilian gymnasts Barbara Domingos and Giovanna Santos with their expression and South American style. Strong gymnasts from Uzbekistan in the person of Takhmina Ikromova and Evelina Atalyants should please. Zohra Agamirova from Azerbaijan will present her sober style and, of course, we will look forward to gymnasts who will open up to us in a new way at this tournament.

victoria onoprienko

Photo: RIA Novosti


Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the fact that there is no one to look at on the world stage, but in practice this is not the case. After all, a huge number of gymnasts bring something of their own, surprise with swimsuits, a stylish selection of music, performances, work on the subject and the body.

Arbitration strives for maximum objectivity. FIG Technical Committee Chairman Noha Abu Shaban and Bulgarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation President Iliana Raeva often write about this. The upcoming World Championships should not only be a beautiful show with gymnasts from different countries, but also an indicator of fair and open refereeing.

How interesting to talk about rhythmic gymnastics:


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It will largely depend on the gymnasts themselves and their stability to decide who wins. In the individual all-around final, it is important to pass all four tests as cleanly as possible, since the score is determined by the sum of the ring, ball, clubs and tape. In individual event finals, it’s important to get the highest score in one event, and in qualifying, it’s important to get enough points to qualify for all finals.

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