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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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“Arsen will be recognized everywhere.” Valuable advice for Zakharyan from Khokhlov

Date: June 20, 2024 Time: 11:50:23

“Arsen will be recognized everywhere.” Valuable advice for Zakharyan from Khokhlov

Andrey Pankov August 21, 2023, 10:15 Moscow time

The former Real Sociedad and Dinamo midfielder advises Arsene on the best places in San Sebastián and makes some valuable recommendations.

Arsen Zakharyan is a Real Sociedad player. The Russian midfielder has signed a contract with the Basque club for up to six years, so San Sebastián will become his place of residence in the coming years. And it is always safer to go to a new city, knowing its characteristics. We asked former Spanish club midfielder, and now Sochi head coach Dmitry Khokhlov to compile a San Sebastian guide for Zakharyan. Arsenio, you should read this!

We explain why a transfer to Real Sociedad is ideal for Arsene:

Finally! Zakharyan himself suffered the perfect signing after a year of torment


I adapted quite easily to Real Sociedad. The only problem was the language barrier, but from the first day they provided me with an interpreter and a teacher with whom I studied two or three times a week. After a couple of months, I already understood almost everything that was said. In general, Spanish is given quite easily, the main thing is to immerse yourself in the process. Compared to the Dutch language, they are like flowers.

I didn’t have to learn Basque. There is no such thing that the majority of the team speaks it. Everyone is fluent in Spanish, including the Basques. Yes, they speak their own language to each other, but they don’t change it in the team, no problem.

Dmitry Khokhlov at the Royal Society

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“Arsen is very lucky. San Sebastián is a beautiful city and a culinary mecca.”

In general, Arsene is very lucky, because he moves to chic San Sebastian. This is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to. It is small but magnificent. I advise Arsen to go to the observation deck, which offers an amazing view of the city. You should also visit the Wind Comb sculpture, located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, and from there walk to the embankment and walk along it. On the seafront, by the way, is the elegant La Perla Spa. Definitely worth a visit! You can have a great recovery there. When I played in Spain, they were our sponsors, we went there for free. The procedures are great!

“Peine del Viento” and the view from the viewpoint

Photo: Xurxo Lobato, Alain DENANTES/Getty Images

And San Sebastián is a culinary mecca, it’s delicious everywhere, there are two Michelin-starred restaurants. But my favorite is Portuetxe Erretegia. This is a typical Basque place. Great place. The owner still remembers me. But I will not ask for a discount for Zakharyan, they will do it for him without me.

“In San Sebastián, Zakharyan will be recognized everywhere. The city lives for football”

San Sebastián lives for football. Arsene needs to be prepared for the fact that he will be recognized everywhere. Through one on the street he will meet a fan of the club. There will be no arrogance, they will not shoot either, but they will recognize him 100%, there will be more attention to him on the streets.

Zakharyan goes to the perfect place to think only about the game. There are no discos in San Sebastián, there are two discos in the whole city. To hang out, in general, there is nowhere, the city is very expensive, even by the standards of Spain. Zakharyan will be able to focus only on football.

Why is Zakharyan’s new club so cool?

“The result without expensive signings.” Why is Zakharyan’s Royal Society so cool?

The fans of Real Sociedad are passionate, they get sick very cool. But at the same time, they rarely get upset if the team loses. Although I remember a time when we lost three games in a row with a total score of 0:14: we went to Real Madrid – 0:4, Barca – 0:6 and Rayo Vallecano – 0:3. It was then that the fans came to the base, hung motivational banners. But in general, everything is positive. After defeats, you can safely walk around the city, everyone who recognizes you will support you. The atmosphere in the stadium is also always great. Another of my pieces of advice for Zakharyan is for him to learn a couple of phrases in Basque. So the fans will definitely be delighted with it!

In general, the Spanish championship and Real Sociedad itself are stylistically suited to Zakharyan. I don’t think he has problems in football. Arsen should play there. Finally, he would advise him to be open, not to walk away from the team, not to be ashamed to make contact. Even in the beginning, when he doesn’t know the language, he still needs to join, not walk away, be on the team. If he closes himself off, he behaves like a lone wolf, he is unlikely to succeed.

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