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Barbie color – who suits this shade and how to replace it if it has a different appearance?

Date: May 26, 2024 Time: 06:39:39

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If after seeing the success of the movie about Barbie you succumbed to the trend of pink, be careful, this shade is not for everyone. But there’s good news: pink has different incarnations, which means everyone will find their ideal version of playing Barbie.

The truth about pink

In nature there are pure colors, these are what we see in the rainbow. If you combine a drop of blue with them, they will become colder, yellow – warmer.

To create a light shade, a bright color is mixed with white. The more it is, the lighter the final color will be. It is often called a cake. For a deeper shade (burgundy, brown), a pure color is mixed with black.

Barbie movie poster and color illustration of Barbie

Photo: World Bank

Pink obtained by adding white notes to the color red. The higher the percentage of this impurity, the lighter the hue. At any stage, it can be supplemented with yellow, then a warmer shade is obtained. If blue is mixed, the color will become colder. Thus, we found out that the pink color is different in temperature and saturation. Depending on these parameters, you can decorate some people and not others.

The principle of similarity works here: the colors that are contained in the natural colors of our appearance suit us. For example, if there is warmth in the setting (a mixture of yellow), then a similar shade will look more harmonious.

Photo: www.istockphoto.com

Who does Barbie’s color suit?

Barbie’s color is a dazzling hot pink. This is a cool saturated hue made by adding a bit of white and blue to red. It is addressed to people with the same cold and pure color. That is, people with the “Clean Winter” type of appearance.

This shade is also acceptable for owners of relatively pure and cold colors. Such as “Pure Summer” (despite the softness at the base of this color), “Mild Winter” and other “winter” color types (due to the purity in “winter”). But here it is important to understand that the acceptable color is not the one that will reveal the appearance.

A warmer version of pink.

Photo: www.istockphoto.com

On the faces of representatives of warm colors, cold pink will emphasize blemishes and redness of the skin, “cover” it with spots. Harmonious here will be a shade with an admixture of yellow – coral, shrimp or flamingo.

Each color has its own perfect pink, revealing the appearance, not overshadowing or overshadowing it, but beautifully emphasizing it. To choose the ideal version of the shade, you need to determine your color type. This can be done most completely and accurately using the 16-color technique.

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Trendy shades of pink

Designer of the Monza brand and founder of Mono-Stil

The Pantone color code for Barbie is 219C. She is called Pink Barbie. The release of the movie of the same name really restarted the fashion for this color. But is our fashion choice limited to just them?

Today, different versions of pink are in fashion. This is good news, because everyone can choose what suits them, while remaining aware of fashion trends.

Viva Magenta (18-1750) red-pink (crimson) became the main hue of 2023 according to the Pantone Institute. Also on the trend lists of the spring-summer 2023 season are: Crystal Rose (light and delicate), Peach Pink (light peach), Pink Cosmos (bright), Beetroot Purple (purple beetroot). And in the palette of the coming fall, we are waiting for a soft shade of Conch Shell.

Photo: Pantone.com

At the same time, there are 168 shades of pink in the Pantone palette: from dusty and pink with an orange undertone to aggressive fuchsia and pink with a raspberry palette. Therefore, we can say that the pink color suits any type of appearance. It has warm versions and cold versions. It can be very light or saturated. By the way, Barbie’s preferences are not limited to the shiny version either. For example, in his wardrobe (and in Ken’s arsenal) there is a lot of light pink.

Panama Sela, 299 rubles. / Befree men’s T-shirt, 1799 rubles.

Photo: Sela, Befree

The psychology of pink.

It is worth noting that a brighter and deeper pink color is suitable for mature women. Young girls, on the contrary, to face soft shades. But a lot depends on the image.

Pink is believed to be about infantilism. However, from a psychological point of view, everything is more complicated. Due to the fact that pink has different incarnations (in saturation, brightness), it is neutral. Therefore, the impression it makes will be different.

Befree dress, 499 rubles. / TU T-shirt, 699 rubles.

Photo: Befree, TU

The brightness level of other image elements depends on the percentage of pink in the image. It is safer to introduce pink in the accessories area. It can be a bag, scarf, shoes, jewelry. Such a step will allow you to let pink into your wardrobe and not be afraid for your fashionable reputation. As an accent, it always works perfectly.

If we talk about a total look, then this option forces you to “twist” the entire outfit to it, including hairstyle and makeup. This does not mean that makeup should be evening, and styling should be complicated. But they definitely need attention. Because? Total pink will definitely draw attention to itself.

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