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Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Biathlon World Championship 2024. Will the Boe brothers save the honor of the Norwegian team? LIVE

Date: February 24, 2024 Time: 05:44:13

Live Mijaíl Chesalin

The intrigue develops. Fillon Maillet, still in the lead after the first lap, makes a mistake at the stop line. Of course, at the exit it is still first by a margin. But its main rivals continue to lag behind. We wait.

19:28 Mikhail Chesalin

Johannes Boe is the fastest on the first lap. But a failure leaves him in second place.

19:26 Mikhail Chesalin

How good is Emilien Jacquelin! If she fails, she takes second place after the first round. Two Frenchmen remain in first place. Is it really possible for the men’s race to stay with the “tricolors”?

19:23 Mikhail Chesalin

Meanwhile it began Johannes Boé. During acceleration, you are expected to be among the fastest.

19:22 Mikhail Chesalin

Failed face down and Tarja Boe. He is in fifth intermediate place.

19:22 Mikhail Chesalin

Of the first wave of leaders, Quentin Fillon Maillet had the best performance in the first round: he shot cleanly and ran fast. Nelin and Kühn are 11 seconds behind him, but Dale-Shevdal is only fourth. The Norwegian was the fastest, but failed once.

19:13 Mikhail Chesalin

Already in the top ten we have someone to follow. Possible medal contenders from the first five minutes include: Quentin Fillon jersey (France), Tommaso Giacomel (Italy), Johannes Kuhn AND Benedictine doll (Germany), Jesper Nelin (Sweden). And the first Norwegian started as number 11 Johannes Dahle-Sevdahl.

19:07 Mikhail Chesalin

The men’s sprint has started. The first to enter the race. Dmitri Pidruchni from Ukraine.

19:01 Mikhail Chesalin

In the sprint, Johannes will of course try to rehabilitate himself, just like his older brother Tarjei. The potential favorites enter the race with numbers 26 and 14. In general, almost all the leaders chose the second group to start. You can see the complete start protocol on the career page. There you can track athletes by limits.

18:58 Mikhail Chesalin

However, being a favorite on paper does not mean winning. Tarjei and Johannes Boe were supposed to prove better than all their competitors in the mixed relay, but that was not the case. Furthermore, Johannes’ performance completely disappointed Norwegian experts and fans. In the sprint he will have to face very strong pressure.

Nobody liked Johannes’ performance in the relay:

“Johannes Boe was the biggest disappointment of all.” The Norwegians are unhappy with the start of the team leader in the World Cup 18:56 Mikhail Chesalin

Obviously, in the men’s races, the Norwegians must do their own thing. The Norwegian team has a powerful squad. The first six places in the overall World Cup standings are occupied by the Norwegians, so in theory they can not only repeat the record of the USSR and France, but also surpass it.

18:54 Mikhail Chesalin

In the sprint, the French women generally repeated the record of the USSR national team 40 years ago. In the entire history of biathlon, only twice have representatives of one team taken the first four places.

Who triumphed in the 1984 World Cup for the USSR national team?

The French women in the 2024 World Cup sprint repeated the record of the Soviet biathletes

By the way, check out the race review. How good are French women?

Live broadcasts of the 2024 World Cup races available at Okko

18:51 Mikhail Chesalin

The start of the World Cup was triumphant for the French team. According to the results of two races, the “tricolors” won the maximum possible medals: gold in the mixed relay and a complete set in the women’s sprint. Their main competitor, Norway, has so far only won silver in the team race.

18:49 Mikhail Chesalin

Good afternoon, dear friends, biathlon fans. We begin the online broadcast of the third race of the 2024 World Championships. Today the men will compete for medals in the men’s sprint. Starts at 7:05 p.m.

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