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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Blizzard in the air. It wasn’t Zagitova who was the main embarrassment of the test skates, her co-host was even worse!

Date: May 29, 2024 Time: 20:59:58

Everyone has long been accustomed to criticism of Alina Zagitova as a presenter. In the last skating test at Megasport she once again stood out for her oratory ability in a negative sense. Unflattering criticism, from constructive to downright hateful, mounted on social media throughout the weekend. But the Olympic champion admitted that she tried hard to please the fans!

I did not like it. Traditionally.

But his co-host Maxim Trankov was much more impressed with the minus sign. If Alina’s defects, in general, consisted of speech errors and periodically unclear pronunciation, then Trankov specifically forgot about any tact.

Inappropriate questions, embarrassing comments, jokes about the sexuality of underage skaters… And all of this is broadcast on the country’s main television channel!

Are they deliberately turning Zagitova into the image of a stupid presenter?

From the beginning it was clear that the presenters would not let the fans get bored during the skating tests. In fact, it would be better if they gave it: perhaps there would be fewer people willing to leave the stands or turn off the broadcast. It is very possible that someone has done just that. It is better to somehow get acquainted with the new programs of athletes than to endure hours of absurdities from the mouths of Alina Zagitova and Maxim Trankov.

“We are delighted to welcome you to the opening of the season, and it will inevitably be luxurious!” Zagitova proclaimed in her welcome speech.

Maxim Trankov and Alina Zagitova

Photo: RIA Novosti

Why put Alina’s old slip on the pedestal of genius? Nobody will answer. Does a great athlete really like to constantly play the role of a cute and silly girl? He can sometimes be confused by her words, but he clearly doesn’t lack intelligence.

Suffice it to remember how Alina masterfully got out of a dangerous situation in the free skate at the Pyeongchang Olympic Games. After hesitating after the first triple lutz, she was unable to complete the planned combination with a triple loop. Tatyana Tarasova then considered that Tutberidze’s young student would be left without a culminating element. Alina quickly figured out where to place the failed loop and she won Olympic gold.

Lack of a large vocabulary does not equate to lack of intelligence. It may also be that Alina finds it easier to express herself in writing than orally. Not in vain, when she entered RANEPA and took a creative exam in the form of an essay, the teachers spoke positively about her work. However, in front of the camera, Alina loses herself due to excitement, and on this basis, Channel One confidently sculpts the image of a narrow-minded beauty.

Alina Zagitova

Photo: RIA Novosti

The girl, in turn, supports such a strategy or sincerely believes that she does not have so many errors in speech, and the haters maliciously inflate the scale of these errors.

As a result, Alina added a number of neologisms to the Russian language. In addition to “inevitability,” “the sabimi themselves” are firmly rooted among the people. During the skating tests, Maxim Trankov remembered this creative phrase from the skater:

“The miracle is you, Alinochka, because we ourselves remain sabimi!” – Trankov exclaimed on Channel One. He seemed to say it jokingly, but he didn’t feel like laughing. It seemed as if they were putting on a sporting event that wasn’t even a show, but a real farce. Subsequent events confirmed this: tired athletes after performances were tortured with stupid questions and put in an uncomfortable position.

How did the skaters’ free programs go?

Tutberidze’s students are in poor condition. Only Valieva, after a serious illness, delighted the public

Trankov joked, giving up touch.

Maxim Trankov was largely responsible for the skit on the test skates. He gave such gems live that I wanted to cover my ears.

“The tanned couple of Russian figure skating,” Trankov met Karina Akopova and Nikita Rakhmanin after the short program. The couple then asked her what she was doing while Karina recovered from a back injury: “Were you helping your partner or maybe relaxing on the beach?”

He forced Karina to appreciate the external changes of her coach Fyodor Klimov: “I was recently forced to shave my beautiful beard. But how do you rate your coach Fedor with his braided beard?

Naturally, Maxim remembered Alina Gorbacheva’s recent escape: “Alina, hello, we were looking for you, we finally found you!” And, inspired by her desert-themed program, he dubiously wished her success in the competition: “I hope this season’s medals don’t slip through your hands like sand.”

Alina Gorbachova

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

Speaking with Alena Kostornaya and Georgy Kunitsa, Trankov spoke about the importance of the role of a partner in a sports couple, but at the same time he reduced the function of partners to the background: “A partner is just a cat who should not be mistaken in the place right at the right time.” Girls, of course, rule and are exposed to enormous risks in pair skating, but why look down on the boys?

Maxim did not hesitate to “walk” in the air of the First and about his students Evgenia Tarasova / Vladimir Morozov, who did not participate in test screenings, but did not announce their retirement. When Liza Osokina noted with regret that the famous couple was not acting at that moment, Trankov disagreed: “How come they don’t act? They act, just in a different place and for different purposes.”

The main scandal of the test skates was the cancellation of the Gumennik program:

Banning programs for Rammstein is fundamentally wrong. Russia is against cancel culture!

Zagitova tried to keep up with Trankov

Zagitova also maintained an atmosphere of boundless fun, but compared to Trankov, she was much more likely to stay within the limits of decency. Most of her embarrassments occurred involuntarily. Alina would hardly have deliberately decided to hook the athletes with something. She gave the impression that she was simply trying to keep up with her colleague. She then regretted the questions and phrases thrown out thoughtlessly.

“Chemistry is important in any couple, what did you propose in chemistry?” — Zagitova asked, embarrassed, to the Khavronina/Narizhny dance duo.

To Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin, both parents, Alina asked, at first glance, a completely normal question: “Guys, tell us how young the parents are: do the children watch their performances?” But Sasha’s daughter is only six months old, and Vanya’s son is less than two years old.

Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

Alina often baffled the skaters. Communicating with her turned out to be no less challenging than making new programs.

“Matvey, please tell me what words or sounds do you make when you fall?” – Zagitova asked Vetlugina.

“Is it just me or are you turning gray?” —She joked with Ilya Yablokov.

Alina learned the secret to staying in shape from Ksenia Sinitsyna. She began with admiration for her beautiful abs, but she ended with a hint of a forced hunger strike: “Please tell me, how do you maintain your figure? Well, reveal some secrets: training, proper nutrition or don’t eat anything, like Sasha Stepanova?

Alina, who left the sport at 17, apparently cannot understand why others skate for a long time. Or, on the contrary, she regrets having left early. But neither one nor the other justifies the jokes of the participants in the skating tests about age.

“Lisa, tell me, isn’t it boring to perform without your partners?” — Alina asked Tuktamysheva, laughing.

“Will you be on the podium in all the competitions this season? Or will you continue to give way to the young? – addressed to Sasha Samarin.

At the same time, Alina said on social media that she worked diligently: “Today was kind of a crazy, emotional day. Overall, I succeeded. I hope you enjoyed. “I tried very hard.”

But the skaters had cool costumes:


Stepanova’s bra, Kostornaya’s “naked” dress. The most striking test skate costumes!

Together they expressed the sexuality of Valieva’s program

The most awkward moment of the two main test skaters’ work was probably the interview with Kamila Valieva after the skates of all the individual skaters’ short programs. In the new production of I See Red, she really is incredibly feminine, and her red dress suits her very well, but raising the issue of an underage athlete’s sexuality is definitely over the top. Kamila’s eyes widened when Trankov and Zagitova together called her short “sexy.” She probably wanted to escape, like everyone who saw this scene.

“Tell me a little about your short program,” Trankov began innocuously.

“Well, she was very…” Zagitova wasn’t sure which epithet to choose. But with Trankova’s support, she decided to take a risk and together they said: “Sexy!”

Kamila Valieva

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

Trankov continued to confuse Valieva, who answered with dignity: “It is very difficult to abstract, especially, I think, for the male population, when you skate so well in such a red dress.”

But not only for the men, but also for all the fans in Megasport and in front of the screens it was difficult to become absorbed. And not because of the image of a mature Camila in the short program, but because of the endless jokes of the presenters. Fortunately, all this is over and normal competitions await us ahead.

Although it’s a shame you can’t press a button and erase the “conversational” part of these test skates from your memory.

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