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Children’s dictionary: who are chushpan, winder and diablo? Slang from the series “The word of the child”

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Children’s dictionary: who are chushpan, winder and diablo? Slang from the series “The word of the child”

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Terrible times, terrible concepts.

There is a lot of slang in the series “The Boy’s Word.” The heroes call ordinary boys “chushpans” and constantly remind them that “boys don’t apologize.” What does this all mean?

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Chushpan. An ordinary person, alien to the criminal world. According to the rules, you can’t even shake hands with a chushpan. If a grouper sees a fellow chushpan being bullied by children from another area, he will simply pass by. The word “chushpan” was used mainly in Tatarstan: in other regions, common people were more often called chukhans.

Shell, super and older. The groups were made up of boys of different ages. The youngest participants (from 10 to 14 years old) were called shells, adolescents (from 15 to 18 years old) – supers, and those over 18 years old – seniors.

All age groups attended the showdown.

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Author. An abbreviation of the word “authority”, that is, a very important person in the group. This is exactly what Marat called his brother Vova Adidas.

Winder. A common word for all groupers. If a person just joined a gang, they may be asked, “Why didn’t you join sooner?”

Sew, sew. To sew means to join a group, to get rid of it means to withdraw. For a crime, a gang member could be forcibly removed or even extinguished.

Extinct. If a child reported to the police, stole or raped him, his classmates would reject him, beat him and spit on him.

Crap. A terrible insult. This could be the name given to a grouper who committed a serious infraction: for example, he knelt in front of other children.

It was dangerous to interact with the police.

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Goat. Someone who cooperates with the police.

Rat. He who steals from his own.

sure. Wrong action, guilt.

The boys don’t apologize.“The guys acknowledged their mistakes and made up for the damage, but they never apologized, which is why they could have been expelled from the group. It is true that in some circumstances the mistake was forgiven: for example, if an apology was made under pressure and then he took revenge.

the boy’s word“Almost an oath that cannot be broken, otherwise they will kick you out. It is true that the word only worked if you gave it to another child. Chushpan could be easily fooled.

Vova Adidas, authority among department stores

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Whose will you be?“What group are you in? It is impossible to answer incorrectly even in the face of a terrible enemy; it’s a shame, so you will be expelled.

sneezing“Raped. In addition, the victim of a bad deed was treated like a leper. Children had no right to be friends with the “unclean” girl and ordinary people avoided her.

common to all” A standard greeting, similar in meaning to “Hello everyone.”

You will get all ages” Sometimes the authors assign tasks to shells or supers. If at least one child could not cope, the entire age was responsible for his joint.

jackal. Beg.

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We hope these explanations help you understand the dialogues in “A Boy’s Word.” But you shouldn’t use them in life; After all, the concepts turned the heroes’ lives into a nightmare.

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