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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Crawford is a machine! He destroyed the undefeated Spence and became the first all-time two-weight

Date: May 26, 2024 Time: 05:19:39

Crawford is a machine! He destroyed the undefeated Spence and became the first all-time two-weight

Igor Nekrasov Jul 30, 2023 07:32 UTC Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

The fight of the century turned into a merciless beating from Errol.

A great professional boxing tournament has ended in Las Vegas. In the main event of the night, two undefeated boxers squared off in the ring: Errol Spence and Terence Crawford. All four welterweight belts were on the line.

Each of the boxers had their own story. Spence competed exclusively in welterweight, managed to collect three championship belts one after another, and finally got a chance to take part in the main fight of his career for the title of absolute world champion with the owner of the belt that was missing from his collection – Terence Crawford. .

Spence’s dramatic fate:

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Unlike Spence, Crawford started at lightweight, where he became world champion for the first time. Then Terence moved up to the top category, at the first welterweight. There, Crawford became the king of the division, taking four important titles and the title of absolute world champion. True, he did not defend the belts, but he again went to the promotion. At welterweight, Crawford immediately managed to win the WBO world title, and later defended this title six times. The fight with Spence was historic for Terence – no one had managed to become the absolute world champion in two weight categories in the era of the existence of four belts, and Terence could become the first such boxer.

The Crawford Way:

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The fight between Spence and Crawford started with recognition. In the first round, the boxers worked with a jab and moved around a lot. In the second round, Errol began to pressure his opponent, for which he soon paid the price. Crawford, being an excellent counter puncher, landed Spence on the butt with an oncoming side hook. Errol continued the fight after the knockdown, Terence made finishing attempts, but the gong sounded for Spence.

After the break, Errol literally went on the attack, the boxers began to open up. The third round was very brilliant, there were many hard exchanges in which both hit the goal. Crawford continued to do well on the fast break, snaring Spence time and time again.

In the fourth round, Terence already took courage and again and again he trapped Spence with his attacks. It was tough for the three-belt owner, Crawford hit hard, worked in series and hit. Terence was noticeably ahead of his opponent, he was fresher and faster. After the fourth round, a medic appeared in the ring to make sure Spence was able to continue the fight.

Errol did absolutely nothing. Spence tried to push, but time and time again he was met with attacks from Crawford, who completely controlled the situation and ripped the opponent to pieces. Periodically, Spence would hit Crawford with his punches, but they were mostly single punches that Terence handled.

In the sixth round, Spence tried to work to the body to slow Terence down, but Crawford took the blow in stride. Crawford’s counter punches made the audience gasp, they were so hard and precise.

Errol did not do any work on the bugs. In the seventh round, Spence attacked Crawford again and was again met by an oncoming powerful attack and was floored. Terence did not seek to finish off the opponent after the resumption of the fight, he had full control of what happened in the ring. Late in the three-minute period, Crawford went on the attack, sending the opponent to the ground with a series of side kicks. Three knockdowns in seven rounds, not what we expected from this fight. Crawford was too good tonight.

After such a fantastic round, Terence went to work as number one and clearly wanted to end the fight early. Spence did not understand at all what to do and how to fight. Crawford worked a series from distance, driving Errol around the ring and completely dominating the fight. Spence’s rare outbursts didn’t bring him any dividends.

In the ninth round, Errol continued to take damage. The effectiveness of Terence’s punches was just unbelievable, Spence was barely on his feet. Following another of Crawford’s unanswered attacks, the referee was forced to intervene in the fight and end it early. Terence Crawford is the first undisputed world champion in two weight divisions in boxing history.

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