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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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“CSKA youth kill opportunities, Spartak’s attack is a dead crisis.” Lovchev’s RPL Tour Review

Date: May 29, 2024 Time: 21:34:09

This weekend the sixth day of the Russian Premier League was played, which kept the fans in suspense until the end. “Zenith” rode on the skating rink on one of the last leaders, “Ural”, and the Moscow teams were frankly upset, except for “Dynamo”. The blue and whites managed a fantastic comeback at the end of the game. In an exclusive interview with “Soviet Sport”, the former football player of the USSR national team Evgeny Lovchev summed up the results of the tour, praised the new coach of Orenburg and called the game of the army team “terrible “.

– “Orenburg played its first match after Yaroshik’s departure and immediately the team was able to draw with the army team. Do you feel the difference in the Orenburg game after the departure of Yaroshik and the signing of Deogracia? – Always after the appointment of the head coach, the squad is shaken. Orenburg is a team that knows how to play football. Lichka also delivered a set to them a year or two ago. A coach came who probably said: “Play as Lichka taught you.” They fought, they moved. But I would say that in this case CSKA did not perform well. If the army team played stronger, then there would be no such “Orenburg”. It is absolutely clear to me that Orenburgers know how to play football. For some reason, Yaroshik did not have success with them. I can’t say what will happen next, we’ll see.

– What do you think of Dávila and his game? Can you say that CSKA still needs reinforcement? -I didn’t pay much attention to his football. But I will point out again – CSKA showed a terrible game. The indicator was when Vera scored the return goal. Here are the actions of Chalov. He ran silently from center field, jogging, as if he’d run home that morning, and not for the millions of dollars he should be hunched over. He had to run a little faster, not even at the limit, he could have calmly blocked the pass that was scored for his goal. And then they all didn’t change for some reason. What happened there that they were so indifferent to the game?


CSKA definitely needs reinforcement. When young guys came out, for example Glebov, I thought why he had not been replaced earlier, they flogged him all the time. He goes to hit-fumble, passes-fumbles. I understand that CSKA has a problem with the squad. But their young people usually kill moments. Yes, they bought this player, but they also sold good ones. You need to know what’s going on inside. They need a decent replacement and competition, now there is no such thing.

– Krasnodar also tied, and without goals, with one of the outsiders, Fakel. This is the second time that the bulls have stumbled. Can it be said that “Krasnodar” began to deflate and that talk of the mythical championship is forgotten? – But what is “Krasnodar” for some time for us the main team? This is Zenith, who stumbled and spent a lot of money. The Bulls are a team, not a champion or a national championship winner. Yes, they scored points at the beginning of the season. This is the team that will be from fourth to eighth place in the standings. And so we consider it, what happened to them? Yeah, nothing happened. They play good football, tomorrow they will not play very good football. All teams play this way, including Zenit and CSKA. Nothing special happened.

“Krasnodar” spawned boring zeros in Voronezh. The “bulls” missed a penalty again

– The skating rink “Zenith” ran along the “Ural”, which was previously located on the second line. Did you expect such a frank defeat? Goncharenko prepared well, but what went wrong? – I expected such a defeat and I am ready to tell you why. Zenit is our strongest team. She is the best equipped. The only thing is that they sold Malcolm, the club made a lot of money on this. But all the other players stayed. Someone else says something about Kuzyaev, but I can’t really appreciate him as a football player. Nothing terrible happened. I went to Zenit matches and made sure that if they played at full strength, they just crushed their opponents. Especially in your own field. When Zenit needs him, when he liquidates and arrives in Moscow, he calmly beats Spartak himself. Pitertsy is simply stronger, that’s all. It’s pretty obvious to me that when something hits them, they’ll play with full force. His level of play is such that he will crush the opponent.

Master class from the champion. “Zenith” did not notice “Ural” in the field

– Cassierra scores a lot, he became the top scorer. Can you call it Malcom’s replacement? – Cassierra and Malcom are two big differences. There isn’t even a conversation. Malcolm is a star, especially for our championship. And Cassierra is a pretty normal foreigner who is generally not needed anywhere abroad. Today, due to the game built by the team, he is no longer here for two days, but moments have been created for more than a year. Today he will score, tomorrow not. It’s not Malcolm, who created moments for himself. It depends on whether they create moments or not.

FC Zenit

— Dynamo made a fantastic comeback against Rubin. Can this game be called the main RPL thriller? – Probably, according to the game itself, yes. And before the tour, of course, Ural and Zenit intrigued. According to the game, after Schwartz put the youngsters on the team, they began to play. Dinamo always had one or the other coach, whose team played against the strength of its players. Lichka came, he and Orenburg played offensive football, which reveals the soul of a footballer. If you’re in the mood for excellence, offensive football will get you out. And these guys like to play this kind of football, even losing, when there are ten left. They climb forward. Others would just defend, but they go up and score nice goals. Dinamo is on the right track. In general, our football became more interesting to watch. I once said the slogan: “After six games on the tour I fall asleep, at one I wake up and only one interest me.” Previously, “Wings of the Soviets” and “Torch”, “Orenburg” were a swamp. Now it’s nice to see it.

RIA Novosti

– Spartak is still going through a black streak. Does this mean that they have already raised the ax over Abaskal’s head? – Don’t know. I have seen enough of the Fedun government for 13-15 coaches in 17 years. This disaster! The trainer should be allowed to work, no questions asked. More recently, we watched and rejoiced at the football that Spartak showed and how many goals they scored. Let the person work. Abascal is still young and inexperienced in working with a large team. I have worked with many great coaches, but that was when they had been in the profession for 25 years. Yes, he will make more mistakes. Until Abascal understands one thing: in the training field you have to play with the team, with the defenders, so that they know how to play. The same composition must be presented for all games, as long as no one is hurt.

They mistook Akhmat for Real Madrid. Spartak was gaining time and was afraid to take risks in the game with a stranger

Abascal changed many players in these games. For example, Bongonda arrived, we liked him the first day, we realized that he was a good player. Then the next games and then to the reserve. The situation is this: for a player to be successful, he needs to overcome his mistakes. The same goes for the coach. But when you create a new squad for every game and say that the yellow card ruined the game, that’s complete nonsense. Abascal needs to trust and see what happens next, he must be there for at least one season.

RIA Novosti

– Can you talk about the attack crisis at Spartak? – Of course, a deaf crisis if they do not score. However, in previous matches they scored 3-4 goals. It won’t happen in every game. In my opinion, today Spartak has the best line of attack compared to other teams.

– Lokomotiv won, but played poorly in attack, despite the return of Dziuba. Can it be said that all the statements in the press bring down Artyom, he is gradually falling, the current level of him is Pari NN or Fakel? – Lokomotiv depends on Dziuba. This team is valuable now for its attack. Dzyuba is a teacher. I don’t like all the behavior of him in football, but as a player he is the most remarkable and skillful. When he’s on the field, he gives the guys an ease in the game. Artyom is a mentor uncle. If he’s not there, the team is missing 30 percent. His level is now one of the highest in the country, according to the results.

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