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Dance and lose weight: what is Zumba and how does it help you lose weight?

Date: February 25, 2024 Time: 17:21:00

Dance and lose weight: what is Zumba and how does it help you lose weight?

September 26, 2023, 2:15 PM Moscow time

This type of training appeared due to the choreographer’s forgetfulness, and then conquered the entire fitness world.

Do you want to keep your body in good shape and at the same time dance to the rhythm of fiery Latin American rhythms? Then Zumba is your address. It includes elements of Latin, European, Asian and American popular dances, from hip-hop to flamenco. Thanks to this, in a single session you can use several movements that involve all muscle groups.

Did you know that this dance and fitness program is the result of an accident? Choreographer and fitness instructor Alberto Pérez was preparing to do another group workout and realized he had forgotten the music for class. But his favorite Latin compositions helped him and, after a successful lesson, the man discovered a new way to train.

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Benefits of classes

Dean of the Faculty of Fitness

“The main advantage is that Zumba is accessible to anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the fiery rhythms of dance. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional dancer or not, everyone can take classes. Zumba allows you to improve your body, promotes training of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, burning fat and improves your mood.”

Zumba helps you get rid of extra kilos due to the intensity of the exercises and the use of muscles throughout the body. Regular training will help you correct your posture, develop coordination and flexibility. The joints will become more mobile and muscle spasms and discomfort will disappear. You also cannot miss the positive impact on your emotional state, because it is impossible to be sad and angry while listening to fiery rhythms. The lesson goes quickly and brings a lot of fun.

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What do you need to know before training?

In the Zumba dance direction, you learn simple, individual dance moves that combine into a fiery dance. Aerobic activity is maintained here thanks to specific musical rhythms with alternating tempos.

It is important that during the lesson the clients repeat the trainer’s movements without stopping and slowly unlearning. It is necessary to act together with a coach and remember the dance movements that will be repeated in a specific dance, taking into account the musical accompaniment. After one sequence, the next is learned and so on throughout the lesson. If some movements do not work, it is recommended not to stop, take a step or start improvising. Another characteristic is the absence or minimization of verbal commands, so that the students enjoy the music and repeat the coach’s movements.

It is recommended to choose comfortable sports clothing for classes, preferably in bright colors, to enhance the training effect. The appropriate shoes for the activity are sneakers. Always carry water with you, you will definitely need it.

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Contraindications for training

Anyone can attend Zumba, however, you should not forget about some nuances. Before going to class, it is advisable to know your state of health, undergo an examination and rule out serious diseases of the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system. It is also advisable to consult about injuries or complications, if they have existed previously.

Types of Zumba

Classic. We talked about this type at the beginning, it is the same mixture of dance styles with rhythmic and bright music.
Turn. In this case, you will need equipment, specifically small dumbbells that make maraca sounds, which in addition to being an interesting complement to music, increase the load on the muscles.Pilates. Unlike the classics, there are softer movements with concentration on breathing, but at the same time you continue dancing.Sit down. Here a chair is used as training equipment, this type of training is suitable for more advanced athletes.Passed. From the name it is clear that a platform with steps is used during class. This allows you to increase the load and diversify your training.Water. This type is suitable for those who have problems, for example, with joints. Training in water allows you to minimize shock loads and reduce the risk to the body, while the muscles work with the same intensity.Tone. All movements are tailored for better impact on problem areas and weight loss, often using small dumbbells as additional load.

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Technique to perform 5 basic movements.

Double step – Double step

Execution technique

Stand with your back straight. Take a side step with your right foot and then with your left. Repeat another step to the side, with your foot on the balls of your feet. Add movement with your hips. Do the same in the other direction. changing direction every two steps.

6 Account – Account 6

Execution technique

Stand up, make sure your back is straight. Step to the side with your right foot, step in place with your left foot. Then plant your right foot. Repeat with the left foot. Then add movement with your hips. Bend your knees slightly.

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Salsa De Vuelta – Salsa De Vuelta

Execution technique

Stand up, make sure your back is straight. Step back with your right foot, leave your left foot alone and step instead. Then step your right foot back for a count of two. Repeat with the other leg.

Basic – Basic step

Execution technique

Stand up, make sure your back is straight, your feet together, touch the floor with the ball of your right foot, return your foot to the starting position, then touch the floor with the ball of your left foot and return your foot. . to the initial position. Add a slight lean of the body forward to the step and lightness of movement when pushing. Then try to “jump” a little. Add hip work to the movement.

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2 steps- 2 steps

Execution technique

Stand up, make sure your back is straight and your legs together. Place your working (right) leg over your toes, “stomp” the toe of your working leg into place. Then add movement with the hip towards the right leg. First we practice the movement with the right leg, then we repeat everything with the left.

Dance, like sport, is life. Learn to enjoy every moment, whether it is training, daily activities or work. And Zumba classes will add color to your routine and make you healthier.

Find the Zumba training video at the following link:


How to quickly learn Zumba movements? Video lesson from a professional dancer.

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