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Friday, April 19, 2024
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Datsik enters the fight a week after the standing knockout. This is a dangerous company

Date: April 19, 2024 Time: 16:17:01

Tomorrow, August 18, the REN TV Fight Club tournament will take place in Moscow, in whose main event the Russian Vyacheslav Datsik and the British representative Oli Thompson will face each other. But a few days before the event, Red Tarzan found himself in an unpleasant situation, which could well affect the outcome of the duel with Thompson.

On August 12, that is, less than a week before the fight with the Briton, Datsik took part in the Sportsman’s Day celebration in Serpukhov. And from this event, a video of Vyacheslav’s duel with Alexander “Sever” Severin, known for his performances in the Top Dog fist league, quickly spread across the Web. They had a fight according to boxing rules in a makeshift ring in the arena.

The fight was conceived as a regular sparring demonstration to attract the attention of the audience, and to a degree it was. But then Datsik missed a rather serious blow and, as they say, “floated.” For some reason, Severin began to continue working with full force from him, Red Tarzan missed a lot of punches, and after Alexander’s next series ended in a standing knockout.

The referee intervened in the fight and even started counting the knockdown, but from Datsik’s corner they yelled for the fight to stop.

“He has a duel on the 18th, finish it,” someone from Vyacheslav’s team yelled.

Umar Kremlev, at whose invitation Red Tarzan came to Serpukhov, also showed with gestures that the fight should be stopped. The athletes shook hands, hugged and seemed to hush up the situation, but the sediment, of course, remained.

Not long ago, Datsik also lost in Kazakhstan:

Was Datsik “stolen” in Kazakhstan? Tarzan’s opponent was awarded the win out of caution.

Two things are not clear. First of all, why did Severin start to work with all his strength and bring an ordinary combat demonstration to a knockout? Datsik said a few days later that before the fight with Alexander, he had one more fight of the same type and that everything was in order there. And Severin, according to Red Tarzan, decided to grab the attention of the camera and suddenly work with all the strength of it. By the way, Datsik already called the offender for revenge.

Secondly, it is not entirely clear why Vyacheslav went into this adventure. Yes, Umar Kremlev called him. But since you have a fight in less than a week, what other fights, even demo fights, can we talk about? If he has already agreed to participate in the event, then he must do it in other formats that do not cause him health problems.

Now Datsik will have to fight according to the boxing rules against the British Oli Thompson. And this is six days after the experienced standing knockout. There are various medical recommendations for returning to competition after said damage, but not a single specialist will advise you to get back into the ring in the same week after suffering a knockout. This is pure madness, which can lead to serious consequences.

Many athletes take a long break to recover and not risk their health. For example, Curtis Blades, who was knocked out by Sergei Pavlovich in one of the UFC tournaments in the spring, is not ready to return yet and says that he is not one of those guys who is ready to immediately return to the cage or ring and something like that. show someone

We remember how Pavlovich knocked out Blades:

The true king of heavyweights! Pavlovich knocked out a huge American

However, Datsik is unlikely to fight Thompson to show that he is in order, and the situation with Severin did not affect him in any way. No, this is a purely financial moment: the postponement or cancellation of the fight will hit Red Tarzan’s wallet. Therefore, he is ready to risk his health and enter the fight six days after the knockout. The main thing is the check.

In March, Datsik already had two fights in one week, but then the situation was completely different. In the fight with Geronimo dos Santos, Vyacheslav won in the first seconds and did not miss a single blow. That’s why, after six days, he calmly went out to box Kevin Johnson.

Datsik has already fought two fights in six days:

“Kolkhozka,” Datsik snapped. Tarzan will again make two fights in six days

Now Datsik enters the fight after a standing knockout, and in his rivals he has a British who knows how to hit hard. Aleksey Oleinik won’t let you lie: Thompson recently turned off Uncle Lyosha’s light with one blow. And if Oli also hits Datsik, then no matter how this fight ends in sad consequences.

Two knockouts in a week can not only end the career of Red Tarzan, but also seriously undermine his health. But Datsik wouldn’t be Datsik if he refused to fight Thompson. This is the whole character of him, which in this situation can play a cruel joke on him.

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