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Deputies, dwarfs, Berkova. Rating of the most ridiculous fights of Russian pop MMA

Date: June 25, 2024 Time: 15:52:17

Deputies, dwarfs, Berkova. Rating of the most ridiculous fights of Russian pop MMA

July 8, 2023, 15:00 Moscow time

Which fight is the weirdest? Up to you.

Pop-MMA fights have long been firmly established in Russia, and here they are most actively promoted. With any hint of a public conflict, the contenders are offered to mend the relationship in the cage or in the ring. Pop-MMA is a relatively young branch of mixed martial arts, but it has already gained an audience. We tried to collect ten absolutely bizarre MMA pop fights, and you have to pick the most ridiculous of them. If you missed someone, write in the comments.

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Rating of the most ridiculous fights of Russian pop MMA

Photo: screenshot from the video

Vyacheslav Datsik – Artem Tarasov

In 2019, Vyacheslav Datsik and blogger Artyom Tarasov were at the origins of the launch of pop MMA in Russia and were at least one of those who brought more attention to this genre. That fight was dubbed the weirdest show of the year. Datsik had just been released from prison, the difference in weight between him and Tarasov was about 75 kilograms, that is, Vyacheslav was literally twice the size of his opponent. The fight was stopped a couple of minutes before the final gong, and victory was sensationally awarded to Tarasov due to Datsik’s numerous rule violations. Vyacheslav himself was very upset and commented on his defeat with a choice mat.

Photo: screenshot from the video

Nikita Dzhigurda – Vitaly Milonov

Nikita Dzhigurda is one of the most famous and active representatives of pop MMA. She fought against Otar Kushanashvili and Alexander Shpak, but perhaps the showman’s most famous rival was Vitaly Milonov. The deputy admitted that she put on gloves for the first time and entered the octagon. The rulebook was approved the day of the fight: three one-minute rounds and no blows to the head. This did not stop Dzhigurda from knocking down the deputy twice. Milonov lived to see the end of the fight, but lost via unanimous decision.

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

Alexander Emelyanenko – Mikhail Koklyaev

The fight between Emelianenko and the world champion in extreme power Mikhail Koklyaev was highly anticipated. Even Conor McGregor approved of this development. However, it was difficult to call this fight competitive. Koklyaev, of course, boasted that he worked hard in boxing, but in battle he was completely defenseless. Emelianenko let the opponent work, but then made several attacks that Koklyaev did not survive and collapsed before the end of the first round. “Sorry for being so quick,” Alexander summed up after the fight.

Photo: screenshot from the video

Mongolian Oleg – Hands of Kirill Bazooka

Oleg Perekhozhev, whom everyone knows as Mongolian, and Kirill Teryoshin, nicknamed Bazooka Hands, fought according to the MMA rules for two times. The first fight took place in 2019, and then Mongol, despite being knocked down, won. The blogger forced the opponent to submit by pressing his elbow to his throat. Two years later, the “long-awaited” revenge took place, but Perekhozhev became stronger again. This time, Oleg completely dominated the fight and in the second round he kept painful control, earning a second victory.

Photo: Punch Box

Kurdish Majit – Ivan Savinov

There is a Punch Box project in Russia, which once decided to outdo everyone and arranged a duel between two dwarfs in the main event of the tournament. Majit Suleymanov, nicknamed Kurdish, met with Ivan Savinov. The dimensions of the fighters were approximately 130 centimeters tall with 40 to 43 kilograms in weight. Another important detail: the fight took place … in a telephone booth. The format did not assume anything at all, except for the cut, so the audience saw only the merciless exchanges of the dwarves. Kurd turned out to be more prepared and better than his opponent in all three rounds, so he confidently took the win.

Photo: screenshot from the video

Julia Mishko – Spartak with her grandson

Two-on-two fights and cross-gender fights are also common in pop mixed martial arts. One of the most striking fights took place between the star of the “Tomboys” show Yulia Mishko with a 74-year-old pensioner, who was introduced as Spartak, and her 18-year-old grandson Bob from her. Spartak, at the age of 74, showed good physical shape and appeared before the public covered in various drawings from head to toe. Mishko was not ashamed of anything – a 130-kilogram girl shot her opponents with strong blows and did not allow them to get close to her. However, Spartak had enough stamina to attack all three rounds, which cannot be said for his grandson, who hid behind his grandfather during the battle. As a result, the judges could not decide on the winner of the fight – a draw.

Photo: screenshot from the video

Elena Berkova – Nikolai Dolzhansky

Actress Yelena Berkova has been in the weird fights and MMA news pop for a long time. Behind her are countless challenges for various stars, from Philip Kirkorov and Anastasia Volochkova to Alexander Emelianenko and Magomed Ismailov. In May of this year, Berkova confidently defeated Nikolai Dolzhansky, a former member of Dom-2, in the main event of one of the Epic Fighting Championship tournaments. Frick firmly took all the damage Berkova inflicted on him. The adult film star threw a wide variety of combinations, and in the second round the judge stopped the beating. Well Elena, after a dominating victory, declared herself the queen of MMA pop.

Photo: vk.com/nashedelo.fight

Alexander Golovin — Kirill Emelyanov

The stars of one of the most popular series of the 2000s, Kadetstvo, also did not bypass pop MMA. Actor Alexander Golovin, whom viewers knew as Maxim Makarov, and Kirill Emelyanov, also known as Alexei Syrnikov, decided to try their hand at fighting. The formal reason was old grievances, allegedly for which Golovin started the duel. The fight was very one-sided. Golovin from the first second ran into an opponent who was superior in size and did not slow down for a second. As a result, Emelyanov ended up on the canvas and refused to continue the fight.

Photo: vk.com/nashedelo.fight

Oleg Miami – Georgy Tigiev

Singer Oleg Miami and former Spartak Moscow footballer Georgy Tigiev began to clash in media football and actively exchanged insults. The “Our Delo” promotion made a scandal at the time and provided the warring parties with a platform to put things right. However, Tigiev and Miami were already ready to fight at a press conference, without waiting for the exit to the cage. The parterre was closed to the fighters, and Miami unexpectedly showed itself as a skilled striker, giving Tigiev problems as early as the first round. In the second round, the former footballer was better, but eventually ran out of steam and Oleg took the unanimous decision win due to better cardio. Tigiyev had to be taken away in an ambulance, as he could not catch his breath.

Photo: screenshot from the video

Alexey Panin — Nikita Presnyakov

The famous actor Alexei Panin is usually “glorified” by various ridiculous scandals, but one day he attracted attention due to a duel with a musician and artist, Alla Pugacheva’s grandson Nikita Presnyakov. The fight took place according to the rules of boxing within the framework of the promotional tournament “Our Business”. The initiator was Panin, who called Presnyakov after he accused him of dirty PR. Already in the second round, Presnyakov sent Panin to the canvas with a powerful blow, and the actor could not continue the fight. After Alexei admitted that he wants to quickly forget about the project “Our business”.

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