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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Dmitry Guberniev: you look up, you look down… and still there is nothing cooler than KISS

Date: April 17, 2024 Time: 08:03:27

Dmitry Guberniev in the author’s column “It’s boring without Fak!” made an assessment of the most resonant events in Russian sport. It turned out brilliant and interesting as always.


We have seen isolated glimpses of Olympic hopes. Now the elite gold team is competing in the World Wrestling Championship. Thank God, the tournament is held in Serbia and they gave us visas.

In this case, the President of the Russian Federation, of course, did the right thing by giving the athletes the opportunity to make decisions. It is clear that in this case the State provides great help in terms of participation in certain competitions. It gives you the opportunity to make decisions. Of course, it is important that both athletes fight for their rights and that federation leaders show some flexibility.

Naturally, when it comes to signing something against your country, this is an unacceptable story. However, it is necessary to take advantage of some loopholes, because there are sports that feel more or less normal, they are shown on television, there are presidents of federations who look for sponsors and actively help athletes. And there are more modest sports.

I respect the position of Zhenya Rylov and Nika Stepanova when it comes to winter sports. I don’t think the situation on winter roads will change dramatically. If it changes, we will be very happy. When my dear and beloved athletes Rylov and Stepanova say that it is not necessary to go in such circumstances and give arguments, I want to remind them that they have already won their gold medals. Others want it too. And we must not forget that they also acted in a neutral state.

Photo source: RIA Novosti

Therefore, in such a situation, athletes should be more active, not remain silent, ask questions to the representatives of the federations and the ministry, because there are sports that are not included in the broader sports and athletics movement, e.g. , the cyclists.

Here you must fight for your rights and hope that some of the athletes go. It is a shame that representatives of collective sports, our synchronized swimmers, do not have this opportunity. I wouldn’t say we shouldn’t go at all costs, much less boycott. The situation is difficult, because what World Aquatics offered us seems like real segregation, there is no other way to put it.

I repeat that, despite the current conditions, in any case we remain a great sports country, we continue to be participants in the great Olympic process. Although, of course, there are many doubts about these processes. I repeat that the job of sports leaders and the athletes themselves is to be able to explain, to tell the world who we are: athletes and coaches, and our role in the world Olympic movement is undeniable.


You understand, there are people here, for example, who play in one way or another in Europe, they do it very well, not so many in summer sports, but there are also superstars! The same Vyakhireva, who has already won a major Olympic medal in handball, for example, Arina Fedorovtseva, a European volleyball star, plays for Fenerbahce. But, joining the national team at 17 years old, she unfortunately cannot compete in the Olympics, but in any case, our volleyball player has a great career in the club, so here is a story.

Photo source: RIA Novosti

You can also remember the gymnastics group exercises, by the way, there is Arina’s sister Masha Fedorovtseva, who got into the team thanks to her incredible hard work, why can’t she compete in the Olympics? Monstrous! But you know, we don’t dictate the rules. And, one way or another, we are forced to take into account one thing or another.


I think if we ban music we will go far. I mean, this is a stupid idea. Let’s stop listening to Freddie Mercury and Elton John because they are gay. Let’s stop admiring Thomas Daly, the jumper she poignantly knit for her husband in the stands during the competition. You remember the Olympic Games, right? After all, we’ll only go so far. So my motto is very simple: “You look up, you look down… and there’s still nothing cooler than KISS.”

Photo source: RIA Novosti

Do you understand? Therefore, it is not necessary to ban music, let it play and be reproduced. Because first we ban something, then they ban us, this is a dead end. I’m not a big fan of Rammstein, but I saw those moments when the band KISS was accused of promoting violence. Yes, they had a tank scene, but that is an image and the acronym does not refer to the infamous organization.


Yes, SKA has a very large and balanced squad and excellent coaches. You know, this is a test that Roman Borisovich Rotenberg will now have to overcome. Because this road to the playoffs is not only covered in rose petals. Therefore, it is necessary to think a lot about what was done wrong. I believe in the coaching staff: wonderful people work there. Therefore, I have no doubt that this is a sports accident. Happens. The team will definitely find itself.

Photo source: HC SKA

In general, it is very interesting when the favorites lose. You know, this is how the entire Russian football industry expects Zenit to accept it and start with five losses in a row. This would now shake the football community across the country. But Zenit does not make such gifts. But SKA did it, it happens. I think the team will come to its senses in the next few games. However, it is necessary to understand what was done wrong.


I think the story of Leonid Slutsky’s disqualification belongs to the category of “everyone is wrong.” Nobody gave Dzyuba the right to speak like that, it was impossible to evaluate the actions of journalist Slutsky like that, he was very ugly. But no one gave the journalist the right to poke Dziuba. The journalist is much younger, I think. Let’s say “you” to each other. Unfortunately, even in our profession there are people who have not read books or seen movies. Contact a friend. Everyone needs to learn lessons from this situation.

Photo source: RIA Novosti

However, the question was about Slutsky: he was wrong, that is why I respect the decision about Leonid Viktorovich. Although we parted well, despite the mutual criticism. I miss Slutsky as a football watcher. I miss, more precisely, Coach Slutsky. But he probably liked show business so much that he already overwhelmed Leonid Viktorovich. Furthermore, our joint program was a success.

I accidentally went on a social network and saw unpleasant things written by a former national team forward, which was brilliantly shown at the end of this program. This is called “both laughter and sin.” I will paraphrase the phrase and say: “poor Roma”.


Alexander Mostovoy watches football carefully, believe me, I spent a lot of time on the air with him. As a football observer, I want to say: in the ability to analyze an episode here and now, only Arshavin can compare with Mostov. According to an extremely subtle understanding of football, individual football moments. I don’t want to offend anyone, but Mostovoy brilliantly understands the essence of football, better than many. And I have worked and work with almost everyone on the air.

Photo source: Alexander Lyubarsky / RFU

Therefore, here learning is light and ignorance is darkness. I wish Alexander to move forward and move from words to actions. So to speak, after foreplay, he goes into action, as my dear Alexander Shirvindt said in the famous movie “Womanizer”.

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