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Friday, February 23, 2024
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Dziuba has memory problems. The recent idol of millions is falling more and more.

Date: February 23, 2024 Time: 14:02:23

Artyom Dzyuba once again attracted attention not for his direct duties on the field, but for conversations after the match. When a journalist asked him about his reconciliation with Sergei Semak, the striker answered briefly: “Who is he?”

What was the need to behave this way? Gennady Orlov rightly said about the striker’s immaturity: “To put it mildly, he is not a gentleman. Dzyuba is Dzyuba. Checkmate, participation in the show… I don’t know. Sometimes it seems to me that he stayed in school. Behaving like this, talking like this, for God’s sake, at the tenth grade level, as the years go by, a person becomes wiser. But here, unfortunately, nothing happens.”

Dzyuba played with Semak for four seasons at Zenit, but after the coach apparently wanted to rejuvenate the team’s attacking line, he took offense and left. Sergei is a five-time Russian champion in three different clubs and for us he was the captain of the national team in the great Euro 2008. At Zenit he worked as assistant to Luciano Spalletti, André Villas-Boas and Mircea Lucescu. The team was assisted by Fabio Capello and Lokomotiv striker Leonid Slutsky, who became close friends. On the other hand, for Artyom and 4-year Europa League winner, French champion and best coach of the 2013/2014 European club season, Unai Emery, he is just a “coach”, so what are we talking about?

RIA Novosti

You can remember how in April, in the second round match of the previous Russian championship, after the match between Zenit and Lokomotiv, Semak went to shake Dzyuba’s hand and he, looking back, turned around and continued forward. Artyom later explained it by saying that he had not seen the coach, although the video says the opposite. Sergei was not obviously offended and reduced the level of tension with the words: “Okay. Probably tired”. Compare with how the striker behaved again.

Dziuba is a brilliant footballer who almost became a hero of the nation after the World Cup at home. In this wave, he could become a model for all the guys who would like to play football, but is there anyone now who would put Artyom as an example for the younger generation? Hardly. Dziuba has become a kind of collective image of everything bad that they criticize about our footballers: a not very high level of literacy, a rude attitude towards others, immoral behavior.

Artyom refuses to communicate with journalists, accusing them of being “jaundiced” and asking boring questions, but he himself continues to shock viewers with bad words in his programs on the Internet, like a real drunk port loader. Is it normal to call the captain of his team, Dmitry Barinov, stupid? Being offended by Valery Karpin and, in fact, refusing to go to the national team that brought Dzyuba all that fame, money and honor – there is nothing wrong with that?

You need to understand that popular athletes are people who are always in sight, and therefore it is doubly important to monitor what they say and do. You can imagine as much as you want that negativity is just enemies of evil who want to offend or offend. But this is not true. If viewers criticize Alina Zagitova for her work as a correspondent, that doesn’t mean they want to hurt her more. No, they just don’t like the objectively very low level of “journalism”. Here too: no one attacks Artyom simply because he wants to. Throughout his career, he has accumulated an indecent amount of ugly stories, so his reputation is quite justified.

RIA Novosti

When a young blogger loses his latest moral and ethical guidelines and flirts with scandalous behavior, there is nothing good in it, but it is more or less explainable and understandable. When this happens to a recent idol from a huge country, it is a sad sight.

Semak said he was willing to shake Dzyuba’s hand, despite the incident last spring.

Semak spoke about Dzyuba’s refusal to shake his hand

Dzyuba explained why he didn’t shake Semak’s hand

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