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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Empire Has Fallen is already one of the best movies of the year. Movie review

Date: May 22, 2024 Time: 10:51:55

Movie fans have mixed feelings about Alex Garland. Some people watch Ex Machina and Annihilation with delight, others consider these films to be pretentious nonsense. There is a feeling that Garland himself was tired of the controversy and made the simplest film of his career and, at the same time, the most brilliant.

His fall of an empire is a must-see film. Just make sure you have strong nerves, because the director will try to break them!

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“The Fall of an Empire”: information about the movie

Name: “The fall of an empire” (Civil War) Director: Alex GarlandActors: Kirsten Dunst, Wagner Moura, Cailee Spaeny and othersRelease date: April 11, 2024Gender: action, dramaA country: United States, United Kingdom.

“The fall of an empire”: where to watch?

The film is officially shown in Russian cinemas.

The video is available on the “Atmosphere of Cinema” YouTube channel. The rights to the video belong to A24.

Garland speaks out against war without saying a word

At the global box office the film is called “Civil War.” This name itself is a dry set of letters that does not evoke an emotional response. The average viewer does not understand these words, they do not feel the pain they contain, but after seeing them everything will change.

The film is about the American Civil War. Why did it start? It’s not very clear. The president appeared to be running for a third term, and when people became outraged, he dropped a bomb on them. Why did this happened? How did the riot start? What are the values ​​of the rebels? They don’t talk about this, but it’s not necessary.

Garland doesn’t focus on cause and effect; He only cares about the present moment. And at this moment, bullets are whistling over our heads, the usual laws do not work, and the deaths of innocent people are simply not counted. The director did everything possible to immerse the viewer in this nightmare, show it from different sides and irrevocably break his heart. It is not surprising that during the screening there was a dead silence in the room and the audience shuddered from time to time, clutching their hearts. “The Fall of an Empire” cannot evoke other emotions.

This is one of Kirsten Dunst’s best roles.

Photo: A24

Garland’s important idea was to show the horrors of combat through the eyes of war correspondents. They try not to interfere in disputes and not take sides. These guys just look at the world through the lens and take photo after photo.

In two hours, the heroes will see ordinary people turned into monsters and soldiers who don’t know what or who they are fighting. They will visit a utopia where the locals hid from reality and believed that the war would not affect them. They will bravely face the death of strangers and will be horrified when the old woman with a scythe comes for them. Each of these scenes has its own mood: there will be peace and a reason to smile. However, fear and hopelessness are always felt in the background. These are the feelings you will feel while watching.

The main secret of the film is the incredible attention to each moment. Take, for example, the episode where the heroes meet a traveling warrior played by Jesse Plemons. Every word he says kills more and more hope, every pull of the trigger seems like another nail in the coffin. As a result, an insignificant meeting by global standards leaves more emotions than all the latest Hollywood blockbusters combined.

Plemons only has a couple of minutes of screen time, but he’s very good.

Photo: A24

It is important that the film does not seem like political propaganda. Still, Garland does not read morality, but simply shows things that are common in war. That is why “The Fall of an Empire” is a political statement without a single word, an execution without a shot, a victory without a triumphant. What did the events of the film mean? Will the country be great after the final or will it fall apart? Was the game worth it? The author does not draw these conclusions, but rather leaves them up to you.

The action is more spectacular than in a great action movie.

The film can be praised not only for its direction and its importance. The heroine of the magnificent Kirsten Dunst, the abundance of successful cameos and the incredible sound also deserve warm words. Although the most significant advantage is the incredible action.

Gunfights in Fall of an Empire seem simple: no tricks, unusual situations and incredible weapons. Garland deliberately rejects these things and trusts in the reality of what is happening. If someone films a movie, you will automatically feel afraid for the characters. If someone is injured, it will probably be fatal. If a bomb explodes in the middle of a crowd, seeing it will make you sick.

Trying to make a good shot

Photo: A24

I would especially like to highlight the final action scene, where the rebels storm an important facility. At this point, Fall of an Empire practically becomes Call of Duty. Tanks, explosions, screams, death, the composure of the operatives – all this is very impressive.

Garland wasn’t trying to make an action movie; His film is not about filming at all. However, in terms of staging and excitement of battles, “Empire Falls” surpasses more recent action films.

One of the most intense moments of the film.

Photo: A24

“Empire Falls”: is it worth watching?

Yeah! Empire Falls is worth a visit to the cinema. This is an exceptional film that captivates with its ruthless plot and realistic action.

“The Fall of an Empire” rating: 9 out of 10


Great direction Impressive action All the actors give their all.

I dont like him

More attention should have been paid to the tragedy at the end.

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