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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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ESL One starts in Great Britain: this is the largest Dota 2 tournament with a prize of 1 million dollars

Date: June 25, 2024 Time: 12:36:18

Tomorrow, April 22, it starts in the UK. ESL One Birmingham 2024 It is one of the most important Dota 2 tournaments of the season. In one week, the top 12 teams will compete for a prestigious trophy, ranking points and an impressive prize pool.

On the eve of a big event, we traditionally talk about why it is worth freeing up the afternoon and watching esports battles.

ESL One Birmingham 2024 Dota 2Dates: group stage – April 22-24, playoffs – April 25-28Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom (Resorts World Arena)Prize fund: 1 million dollars, the winner receives 300 thousand dollars.Where to see: Okko Sports, ESL, Paragon (Twitch and YouTube)

The Birmingham tournament will be held for the second time in history: in 2019 it was won by Team Secret

Photo: ESL

ESL One Birmingham 2024 Tournament Details

The Birmingham event is expected with special interest: although there are quite large tournaments after the cancellation of the Dota Pro Circuit system (four “millionaires” have already passed since the beginning of the year), a studio or online format is almost always chosen. to save money.

ESL One, in turn, will take place at the Resorts World Arena. It can accommodate more than 15 thousand spectators, and the organizers emphasize that Dota has not had such an audience since the International World Championship.

In addition to the general atmosphere, it will be interesting to evaluate how inexperienced teams and players will cope with the pressure of the stands, for example, the new team Team Falcons, the youngsters of Talon or Edgar 9th Grade Naltakyanwho only saw the stands at the national competitions in Saransk.

After The International, Dota could be seen live only at the Future Games in Kazan, but there were no European giants there.

Photo: ESL

The upcoming event in England is also important on the road to the supertournament. Riyadh Masters 2024. It will take place in July and has a huge prize pool, so everyone wants to get there, and to do this, you must earn points in the ESL ranking.

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There are now 16 teams competing for eight direct tickets to Riyadh, leaving only two tournaments with ranking points left. The top winners of ESL One Birmingham are likely to guarantee themselves a trip to Saudi Arabia on Sunday.

Among the contenders for the top 8 in the ranking and an invitation to the richest championship of the year are the Russian team BetBoom and Team Spirit. And if it is almost certain that the first will remain in the green zone, then it is very important for the “dragons” to score points and enter at least the top 6.

Current position of the teams in the ESL Pro Tour ranking

Photo: Liquipedia

ESL One Birmingham 2024 Participants

Perhaps we can say that all the best teams in the world have gathered in England: the European giants Gaimin Gladiators and Team Liquid, the Russian teams Team Spirit and BetBoom Team, as well as Talon, G2.iG, Shopify Rebellion and HEROIC, the best representatives . of their regions.

Well, of course, Team Falcons and finalists. But circumstances intervened.

The Falcons’ Russian midfielder was unable to secure a visa to Great Britain and the Falcons will have to play with a substitute. Experts point out that Suma1L, despite its previous status and merits, is a weakening for the team and therefore other teams can join the fight for the title.

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Will the Falcons’ magic work without Mulreen? There are still big doubts

Photo: ESL

Overall, an event in the UK, where it is incredibly difficult to get a visa, is an idea that was initially criticised. As a result, Mulrin and coach OG did not make the tournament. Mikhail Misha Agatovas well as the Russian team 1win.

The winners of the rankings began to fill out the documents the next day, but they still did not have time: the review period exceeded six weeks, and the organizers decided to replace 1win with the European OG. The most annoying thing is that our players received the necessary visas a couple of hours after the organizers’ announcement.

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However, other e-sportsmen from Russia managed to overcome the consulate obstacle, and we will have someone to support: in addition to Team Spirit and BetBoom Team, we can support Anton Durache from Gaimin Gladiators or Tundra Esports, for which 9Class and Pure Game .

The former BetBoom team player moved to Tundra, where he became captain and leader.

Photo: BetBoom

ESL One Birmingham 2024 format and schedule

The tournament will take place in two stages. In the first, the participants will be divided into two groups, where they will play according to the “each against each” system. As a result, the first two places in each subgroup will go to the upper group of the playoffs, the teams in the 3rd and 4th positions will go to the lower group and the rest will leave the competition.

From April 25 to 28, the teams will compete for the title and the lion’s share of the prize, almost all matches will be played in the stadium: more than 15 thousand spectators are expected. The decisive phase will take place in a double elimination format, where the teams in the upper bracket will have the possibility of a defeat.

Game schedule for Monday, April 22:

14:00. Group A, Team Falcons (Middle East) – Team BetBoom (Russia);14:00. Group A, Team Liquid (Sweden) – G2.iG (China); Group A, Shopify Rebellion (North America) – Talon Esports (Thailand) 16:30. Group A, Team Liquid – Talon Esports; 16:30. Group A, Team Falcons – Shopify Rebellion;4:30 pm Group A, Team BetBoom — G2.iG;19:15. Group B, Xtreme Gaming (China) – OG (Europe); 19:15. Group B, Gaimin Gladiators (Europe) – Tundra Esports (Europe); B Group Team spirit (Russia) — HEROICO (Peru);21:45. Group B, OG – Tundra; 21:45. Group B, HEROIC – Xtreme Gaming; 21:45. Group B, Gaimin Gladiators – Team spirit.

Game schedule for Tuesday, April 23:

14:00. Group A, Team BetBoom —Talon Esports; 14:00. Group A, Falcons Team – G2.iG;14:00. Group A, Shopify Rebellion – Team Liquid; 16:30. Group A, Team Falcons – Team Liquid; 16:30. Group A, Shopify Rebellion – Team BetBoom;16:30. Group A, Talon Esports – G2.iG;19:15. Group B, Gaimin Gladiators – OG;19:15. Group B, Tundra Esports – HEROICO;19:15. B Group Team spirit – Extreme Games; 21:45. Group B, Gaimin Gladiators – Xtreme Gaming; 21:45. Group B, HEROIC – OG;21:45. B Group Team spirit – Tundra eSports.

Game schedule for Wednesday, April 24:

14:00. Group A, Talon Esports – Team Falcons; 2:00 p.m. Group A, Team BetBoom — Liquid equipment; 14:00. Group A, Shopify Rebellion – G2.iG;16:45. Group B, HEROIC – Gaimin Gladiators;16:45. Group B, Tundra Esports – Xtreme Gaming; 16:45. Group B, OG – Team spirit.

Game schedule for Thursday, April 25:

14:00. Upper draw, semi-final; 17:30. Upper draw, semi-finals.

Game schedule for Friday, April 26:

14:00. Bottom bracket, first round; 17:35. Bottom bracket, first round; 21:05. Bottom support, second round.

Game schedule for Saturday, April 27:

14:00. Bottom bracket, second round; 17:35. Top box, end; 21:05. Bottom bracket, semi-finals.

Game schedule for Sunday, April 28:

14:00. Bottom frame, end; 6:00 p.m. Grand finale.

In total, the stadium will host eight games.

Photo: ESL

Stream ESL One Birmingham 2024: Where to watch the matches

All matches of the tournament will be broadcast live in Russian by the Paragon Events studio. The broadcasts can be found on Twitch and YouTube, and during the group stage there will be parallel broadcasts (second and third channels), since three matches will be played simultaneously.

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ESL One matches will also be broadcast in the Okko online cinema: there will be other commentators, Full HD quality to watch on a big screen and different audio tracks (for example, internal noise without wheels).

Conventional ESL One Birmingham 2024 Dota 2 will also be found on this page in the player below.

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