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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Famous Dynamo fans who were waiting for gold. Some you may not know

Date: June 25, 2024 Time: 11:32:46

Dynamo can become the champion of Russia. For the first time in its history. The team won its last full-fledged national title in 1963. In the 1976 season, the so-called “half championship” was also held, in which two trophies were competed for: the spring one and the fall one. And now, many years later, fans can once again experience emotions forgotten for some and completely new for others.

What do the blue and whites need to win the RPL?

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In general, it was fashionable to support Dynamo at different times. And the club almost always had a powerful and even authoritative audience. In the last century, for example, Yuri Nikulin, Lev Durov and Evgeniy Leonov were worried about the team. Political figures include Lavrenty Beria, Felix Dzerzhinsky, Anastas Mikoyan and Georgy Malenkov.

In the early 2000s, the club found itself in crisis and, for obvious reasons, did not receive support from influential fans. But in the last five years the team has shown excellent results and has also moved to a new stadium. That’s why there is also a younger generation that actively supports Dynamo. It is also important to note that the club is working intensively in this direction, collaborating with bloggers, artists and opinion leaders.

Vlad A4 at Dynamo stadium

Photo: fcdm.ru

For example, with Vlad A4, Egor Creed, Lyusya Chebotina, Mia Boyka, Pavel Derevianko. But here we remember the most important ones.

Viktor Gusev, sports commentator

Viktor Gusev generally has a unique life story. He first came to the stadium in 1963, when Dynamo last won the title.

Victor Gusev


Dynamo played with Spartak, and it was not in Petrovsky Park, but in Luzhniki. It was an away game. Then Dinamo won 1:0. Yuri Vshintsev scored against… Vladimir Maslachenko, the Spartak goalkeeper. And could I then imagine that in some incredible future he would be friends with Vladimir Nikitovich, that we would work together and comment? And who would have told me then that Dynamo will be champions next time, no one knows when. In the 1970s there was only half a championship. That’s all. Then I thought: well, after the championship we will miss the 1964 championship, but in 1965 we will definitely win again. It is difficult to be a fan of the club. But “Dynamo” is life and remains so.”

Evgenia Medvedeva, figure skater

Evgenia is a representative precisely of the young public with whom the club now actively works. In recent years she has frequently attended matches, presents programs on the Club’s YouTube channel and already knows football very well.

Evgenia Medvedeva


“I ended up at Dynamo by accident. I was invited to the 2022 Russian Cup final at the Luzhniki stadium. Spartak had the most fans in the stands. Then I thought: “Damn, I’ll support Dynamo!” First of all, they have a great shape, I love the color blue. Secondly, there are a lot of young people on the team and that is captivating. Of course, I believe in the Dynamo championship. Even my friends who support other clubs wrote that what Dynamo is doing is fantastic. “I’m sure everything will be fine.”

Lev Leshchenko, People’s Artist of the RSFSR

Lev Valeryanovich has loved the club since he was little. His father worked in state security agencies, so the boy had no other option. The place of residence was also favorable.

Lev Leshchenko

People’s Artist of the RSFSR

“After moving to Voykovskaya, the first thing I did was run to the Dynamo stadium. So all the doors were open: to the volleyball court, the basketball court and two soccer fields. There they signed me up and gave me a ticket to the club: it was such a beautiful book. They gave me a white t-shirt, blue shorts and tennis shoes, it was a great pride for a fourth grade boy to wear this uniform! And most importantly, all this gave us the right to go to the eastern stand of the Dynamo stadium, so I attended almost all the matches of the then USSR football championship and got to know many of the players well. I would even say that I know the past better than our present; then I managed to follow all my opponents, but now I only see Dynamo. Previously, we went to the base in Novogorsk, we were friends and became friends with football and hockey players. What are you willing to do if you win the championship? “I can’t shave my head, the only thing I can do is grow a mustache.”

Yuri Malikov, People’s Artist of Russia

For Yuri Fedorovich, it all started in childhood. But he instilled love for the team in his son Dmitry, who, by the way, even gave a concert at the VTB Arena.

Yuri Malikov

People’s Artist of Russia

“I often used to go to the stadium to cheer on my beloved Dynamo. It was in the stadium where I saw football for the first time, saw the team and fell in love. And this love has lasted more than 50 years. Before, families went to the stadiums, but now this happens at games and it scares the wife and children. There were too many not fans, but hooligans. And you don’t know what they might throw away. That’s why I started watching home games on television more and more. Although it is not like that, there is no intensity of passions. From time to time I still attend the games.”

Konstantin Ivlev, chef, television presenter

The Russian chef also often attends Dynamo matches. And even in the event of a championship, he had previously promised the players to “cover the gap.”

Konstantin Ivlev


“The love for this club was instilled in me by my father, who is now retired. He worked in the KGB during Soviet times, so it was clear who he would support. My son also inherited the Dynamo traditions. The second important point is the friendship with the former defender, captain, symbol of the blue and white Alexander Tochilin, with whom we went to kindergarten together. Thanks to his support I began to regularly attend the team’s matches.”

Mikhail Kusnirovich, director of the BOSCO group of companies

The businessman is not only a faithful follower of the blue and white team, but also a member of the Dinamo advisory board and trust fund.

Mikhail Kusnirovich

head of the BOSCO company

“For me, Dinamo is a symbol of the movement, as the motto said in 1923, when it was first created. I started getting sick when I was five or six years old. Maybe because my dad was a Spartak fan and at that time I started to show some independence. Or impressed by the stories about Khomich, Yashin, football in 1945 and the procession through English stadiums. Or maybe because I liked the Dynamo stadium. And I still continue to get sick, although, of course, not as actively as in my school and student years.”

Boris Kryuk, host of the television game “What? Where? When?”

The famous television presenter has also supported Dynamo since childhood.

Boris Kriuk

presenter “What? Where? When?”

“Dynamo” is for me a “movement of the soul”. In the sense that when Dinamo Moscow plays I cannot remain indifferent. I have been sick since I was little, since I was five years old. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of athletes that Dynamo fans can be proud of. But if you have to choose, apparently, due to the fact that idols appear in childhood, it is the hockey player Alexander Maltsev! “This is my hero, who not only opposed CSKA, which was then, in fact, the national team of the USSR, but also did not pass to Tikhonov’s team.”

Alexander Elagin, sports commentator, actor.

Another famous football commentator is a fan of the blue and white.

Alejandro Elagin


“I have been a Dynamo fan for a long time, a fan of the talents of Lev Yashin, Igor Chislenko, Mikhail Yakushin, Konstantin Beskov and other heroes of the legendary club. I really hope to live to see the day when Dynamo wins gold medals in the national championship and loudly reminds everyone that Dynamo is the best football club in the world. This has happened before and I’m sure it will happen again! “Dynamo” – you are in my heart forever!”

The material uses direct speeches from the following resources: RT, Rogozavr Youtube channel, Match TV, Kommersant, Dynamo official website.

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