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“Galitsky said: he won’t let you go to Europe if someone calls, not me.” Spertsyan spoke

Date: May 28, 2024 Time: 20:55:01

Eduard Spertsyan is the leader of Krasnodar, which heads the RPL standings. In the summer, several European clubs (Ajax, Feyenoord, Inter, Milan, Bundesliga teams) requested the 23-year-old midfielder, but the player remained in Russia. Spertsyan first shared his emotions about the disruption of the move in an interview on journalist Nobel Arustamyan’s YouTube channel. Eduard also spoke about the decision to play for the Armenian national team, the attitude towards him on the part of Sergei Galitsky, the academy and the main team of Krasnodar, and also announced the price for which the “bulls” are ready to let him go.

On why he was punished by Galitsky

“Once there was a match against Orenburg. We lost away from home with a great score. The next day Galitsky called me. There was a conversation for three minutes. And he told me about free throws. There it was not 18-20 meters, as I train, but somewhere on the edge. But I hit the mark: half serve, half shot. And my ball flew away. And he told me: “Do you know why you don’t score free throws anymore? Because you stopped training them.” He scolded me and kicked me out. I often shoot free kicks in training, but at that time there was a period of injuries and a heavy workload. And they didn’t even allow me to train them.”

How long will Galitsky be willing to let Krasnodar go?

“About 15 million euros. How much am I worth? I think he thinks so. I think? The same thing. Should a club play in a European competition? Yes. If I don’t leave, don’t end up here. I don’t want to run away from Krasnodar and fight. I just want to be here, but I want to try Europe while I have the chance. Confident in my abilities. “I think I can do better.”

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On moving to another RPL club

“This is impossible. It is clear that Galitsky’s opinion is important to me. I will go and ask him, but I am not prepared for that either. I cannot imagine it. Money should not be talked about here.”

About communication with Henrikh Mkhitaryan

“Sometimes I write to Henry. Were you embarrassed? I’m still embarrassed. We communicate in Russian. I saw him for the first time at the Kuban stadium in the Russia-Armenia match. I took it out of his hand. There is even a photograph. My dad even told me to learn a phrase in Armenian so I could say “score at least one goal.” Did you remember this story with him? I showed him the photo. The river.”

Young Eduard Spertsyan brings Henrikh Mkhitaryan to the field

Photo: from the personal archive of Eduard Spertsyan.

About the selection of the Armenian national team.

“I made the decision myself. I spoke with the president of the Federation of Armenia. I said he was ready and wanted to go. Didn’t you go to Galitsky and decide on your own? Yes. In Krasnodar they said they had no right to decide for me. This is my life. Maybe they can give you some advice. And then they wished me luck and said they were going to get sick.”

Russians who play for other national teams:

The Russian team is losing players. Who has already changed their sports citizenship?

About personal fitness trainer: Lucas Carballo (worked with Depay and Thiago Alcantara)

“This is my personal fitness trainer. He and I train online three times a week on core muscles, abs, stabilization – basic stuff. He is in contact with our physical trainer from Krasnodar. I took him to Armenia. I asked the coach and the federation if Lucas could train with me and prepare me for the games. They gave him the go-ahead and he arrived. Why did you hire him? I decided it myself and I saw him among the best players. Everyone has a physical trainer, that’s not the case. I have a dream: I want to be the best. Lucas will help me gain muscle so I can handle it. I don’t have a single muscle injury, this is also thanks to him. I have gained a lot in terms of muscle and my fat has gone down. “Everyone in the federation said this was the peak.”

About the dream with the Armenian team

“The dream is to reach the Euro Cup, the World Cup. Of course, they wrote to me and said I wouldn’t play there. They think so. But I have a dream, a goal. I’m sure we can get through. When I made the decision, Valery Georgievich (Karpin. – “Championship” note) told me: Don’t I regret it? And I don’t regret it at all.”

Eduard Spertsyan

Photo: Getty Images

The story of how I almost ran away from the academy to the store.

“When I was at the academy, we went to the gardens. We thought about how to jump the fence, go to the store and come back. It was the end of the academy, Sunday at 4:00 p.m. No training, nothing, empty. They told us there was a hole in the fence and we could go through it. I look into the distance: security arrives and Galitsky is wearing headphones. About 15-20 meters away, he took off his headphones, greeted us and talked to us. He asked us: where are we going? Yes, but we cheated. “They said they were just going for a walk.”

That the Krasnodar Academy is a “golden cage”

“No, everything was fine for us. All the conditions were there. I just went to the academy, and vice versa, memories. If it weren’t for all this, where would she be? Nostalgia, of course. When we were little we could go out and play something at the academy, we could catch our own balls. It’s the same as if you go out to the patio. Here all the conditions are met, you just have to be disciplined and do two training sessions. What could be better?”

Eduard Spertsyan at the Krasnodar Academy

Photo: fckrasnodar.ru

About the stadiums where I would like to play

Westfalenstadion, Anfield, Santiago Bernabéu, Camp Nou and San Siro. Mkhitaryan told me what the atmosphere was like in the Borussia stadium, how they sing, that he was afraid to raise his head and look at that “wall” (the name of the podium – Note from the “Championship”).

About the first dialogue with Galitsky.

“It is true that he knows everyone. I was shocked. I don’t remember the first time, I was little at the academy. He asked me: “Edik, how are you?” Galitsky knew everything about me, even about my father. I was a little shocked, I was afraid to speak. I heard more. Galitsky always supported us and believed in us. He is visible and helps a lot.”

About Galitsky’s attitude

“Of course, I feel your warm attitude towards me. I think this is not just for me. He treats many people this way: Sasha Chernikov, Mota (Safonov – Note from the “Championship”). Boys can joke. Favorite? Yes, there is such a thing. When Galitsky speaks, he motivates. For example, there was an interview on “Comment.Show”. The next day, in the Sochi match, I scored in the third minute. It was one of my best games and the first at the Krasnodar stadium. “I am proud that such a person treats me so warmly.”


On moving to Europe

“Will Galitsky’s attitude help him easily go to Europe? I think that will help. I have already spoken with him about this topic. He said there is only one life and it cannot stand and interfere, if I believe so. If I love him very much, he will let me go. Do I understand that my call to Galitsky will play a decisive role in the transition? Yes. Are you ready for it? I can imagine it, but it’s hard to say. He already told me that he wouldn’t let me go if someone called, not me.”

About the failure of the transfer

“It’s hard to say I’m disappointed. Of course I was a little upset because I think he deserved this opportunity to play in Europe. Now I am in Krasnodar. All my thoughts are here with the team. A very important season is coming up. We will continue working and fighting for the championship. “I will do everything possible to have another chance.”

Will reinforcements arrive in Krasnodar for Spertsyan soon?

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