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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Germany and Brazil are at risk of being knocked out of the 2023 World Cup. Outgoing group brochures

Date: May 29, 2024 Time: 18:44:18

Today the 2nd round of the group stage at the World Championship ended and the third began. The outcome of the round will be crazy.

The Colombian team snatched the victory from Germany by scoring the decisive goal in the 97th minute. Linda Caicedo opened the scoring at the start of the second half, Alexandra Popp equalized from the penalty spot in the 89th minute and Manuela Vanegas snatched the three points from her his team from a corner kick into discount.

This is a historic victory for the Colombian team and only the second loss for the German team in the group stage of the World Cup in 26 matches.

Earlier in the morning, Morocco scored their first goal and earned their first World Cup debut against South Korea. The goal was scored by Jraidi Ibtissam.

Let’s discuss the designs for all groups.

Group A

For this group, the 3rd round has already been completed. Even before the end of the match between Germany and Colombia, the Swiss team drew with New Zealand and Norway defeated the Philippines 6-0.

For the Norwegians, everything was decided at the last moment. At the start of the group stage, they lost, then played out a goalless draw, and today’s victory allowed them to reach the playoffs from second place, beating New Zealand on goal difference.

Group A table

B Group

In the second round, the Nigerian team won a spectacular 3:2 victory over the Australians and became the group leader. The Canadians beat the Republic of Ireland 2-1, who leave the World Cup with a broken heart and with the first goal scored in the tournament. Written by Cathy McCabe.

Republic of Ireland national team

Photo: Paul Kane/Getty Images

Nigeria will advance to the playoffs if they win or draw with Ireland. If defeated, the Nigerians could qualify if Australia beat Canada.

Canada will advance if they win or tie with Australia. If both the Canadians and the Nigerians lose, the 1/8 of the participants will be determined by additional indicators in the table. In the first place, due to the difference between goals scored and goals conceded. If there is equality here, then the team with the most goals scored will be higher, then it will affect the number of points scored in the matchup between the teams that qualify for the playoffs.

Australia just needs a win. Otherwise, Sam Kerr’s side will have to wait for a loss to Nigeria and their best performance in goals scored/conceded.

Group B Table

Group C

In this group, the playoff participants are already known – they are Japan and Spain. In the last round, in a full-time meeting of these teams, it will be decided who they will face in the round of 16.

Alexia Putellas

Photo: Phil Walter/Getty Images

Spanish and Japanese overwhelmed their rivals. In the 2nd round, Jorge Vilda’s team with Alexia Putellas in the starting eleven defeated the Zambians 5:0, and the Japanese scored two unanswered goals against Costa Rica.

Group C Table

Group D

England, China and Denmark are the main contenders to qualify from the group, but Haiti hasn’t lost playoff options either.

In the second round, the British defeated the Danes 1:0, with the same score, the Chinese beat Haiti.

A draw against China is now enough for England to advance from first place. Defeat will only hurt if Denmark lose to Haiti and other English players in the table are below their competitors.

Zenit footballer Kiki debuts in the World Cup

Photo: Sue McKay/Getty Images

Denmark qualify if Haiti win and England do not lose to China in the side game. If the British win, then Denmark will have enough and a draw.

China needs to beat England and also the Danes need to beat Haiti. In this case, the playoff participants of this group will be determined by additional indicators.

For Haiti, the best result would be a victory over Denmark and the defeat of the English in the match against China. Then the additional indicators in the table will be decisive.

Group D Table

Group E

The USA and the Netherlands confounded all the weather forecasters by drawing 1:1. The teams now have four points. The Americans qualify if they win or draw against Portugal. The Netherlands need a win or draw against Vietnam. If the Dutch team loses, you can expect the Portuguese team to beat the US. Portugal will qualify if they beat the Americans, and if Vietnam beats the Netherlands in the event of a tie.

United States and the Netherlands

Photo: Zhizhao Wu/Getty Images

The Vietnamese team lost their chances to reach the World Cup playoffs.

Group E Table

Group F

Yesterday, the French defeated the Brazilian team and saw off the World Cup favorites in third place. The last round of this group will be hot.

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For the 1/8 final of the French team, only a victory over Panama is needed. The Jamaican team will go to the playoffs if they win or tie with Brazil. In the event of their defeat, as well as the victory of the French over Panama, for Jamaica everything will be decided by additional indicators.

Brazil only needs one win (a draw would advance if Panama beat France, but that’s highly unlikely). Panama has left the World Cup.

Group F Table

Group G

Sweden will definitely play in the playoffs thanks to goal difference (the Swedes scored seven and conceded one), closest competitor Italy has five scored and four conceded.

Now the Italians need a win over South Africa to get to 1/8. A draw is fine too, but only if Argentina don’t beat Sweden. The African team needs a victory over Italy. Argentina should beat the Swedes and hope for a draw between Italy and South Africa.

Group G Table

Group H

Colombia came out on top of the group with a victory over Germany, while Morocco defeated South Korea.

In the 3rd day, the Colombians need a point to leave the group from the first place. In the event of a loss and victory for Germany over South Korea, the group winners will be determined on goal difference. I’m sure it will be German and Colombian, if Morocco doesn’t beat Colombia by four goals.

Morocco national team

Photo: Alex Pantling/Getty Images

It is enough for the German team to win to go further. If the Germans lose, and in the parallel match Morocco wins or draws with Colombia, then Germany will leave the tournament.

The Koreans can expect to beat Germany by more than five goals and defeat Morocco.

Group H Table

What matches are we watching in the 3rd round?

July 30 Norway v Philippines, 10:00 Switzerland v New Zealand, 10:00

July 31 Costa Rica – Zambia, 10:00 Japan – Spain, 10:00 Ireland v Nigeria, 1:00 p.m. Canada v Australia, 1:00 p.m.

August 1 Vietnam v Netherlands, 10:00 Portugal v USA, 10:00 China v England, 14:00 Haiti v Denmark, 2:00 p.m.

August 2 Argentina – Sweden, 10:00 South Africa v Italy, 10:00 Panama – France, 13:00 Jamaica v Brazil, 1:00 p.m.

August 3rd Morocco vs. Colombia, 1:00 p.m. South Korea vs. Germany, 1:00 p.m.

Zenit soccer player Kiki made her World Cup debut, but here are her impressions of the tournament:

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