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Germany-Serbia. Bogdanovich will please Jokic

Date: May 26, 2024 Time: 09:41:55

The 2023 FIBA ​​World Cup final will be played between Germany and Serbia on September 10. The game starts at 15:40 Moscow time. Fonbet experts give preference to the nominal hosts in their forecasts: you can bet that the Germans will win with an odds of 1.80. Experts estimate the success of the Serbs at 2.00 am.

Betting house odds for the 2023 World Cup match Germany vs Serbia September 10, 2023

Analysts believe that the 2023 World Cup final between Germany and Serbia will be productive: a total greater than 174.5 points is equivalent to 1.78, and a total less than 174.5 points is equivalent to 1.97. You can bet that the Serbians will not lose in the first quarter at Fonbet with odds of 1.83, and to register the bookmaker gives you free bet 2000 rubles.

Analysis and prediction of the final match of the World Cup Germany 2023 – Serbia (10.09.2023)

In anticipation of the new NBA season, let’s focus our attention on the 2023 World Championship. On September 10, in the final of the tournament, the national teams of Germany and Serbia will compete. The meeting will take place at the Mall of Asia Arena in the Philippines. The game starts at 15:40 Moscow time.

The American wants to take the title:

Israel Adesanya – Sean Strickland. The champion will silence the American

Let’s start with the guests. Over the past 20 years, the Serbs have not won a single major tournament. However, they took money more than once. Now Svetislav Pesic’s team has a great chance to win gold. Luck will be with them at the 2023 World Cup. There were some pretty good opponents. Furthermore, the team itself has made a notable move.

In the group stage, the Serbs lost only to Italy (76:78). They defeated China (105:63), Puerto Rico (94:77), South Sudan (115:83) and the Dominican Republic (112:79). The Serbian team also had no major problems in the playoffs. First they confidently beat Lithuania (87:68) and then defeated Canada (95:86).

In seven games, Pesic’s team scored 684 points. A lot, considering that the Denver Nuggets’ star center, Nikola Jokic, did not attend the tournament with the team. In his absence, the leader of the Serbian national team was Bogdan Bogdanovic, a three-time winner of the most important international tournaments: the 2014 World Cup, the 2016 Olympic Games and the 2017 European Championship.

In the current World Cup, Bogdanovic averages 19.4 points and 4.6 assists. To compensate for Nikola’s absence, the defender, who is in excellent form, occasionally takes on playmaking duties. Like Jokic with the Denver Nuggets, he leads the national team and produces results.

Tai Tuivasa is weaker than Volkov:

Tai Tuivasa – Alexander Volkov. No problem for Drago!

Even the legendary Argentine basketball player, 2004 Olympic champion, Manu Ginobili, could not contain his joy at Bogdanovich’s game. Apparently, Bogdan and other basketball players were inspired by Jokic’s example. They play with such consistency and confidence that they now look like the main favorites of the tournament.

The German team has never won the European Championship or the World Cup in its entire history. However, in recent years there have been advances in his game. At the 2014 World Cup, the “eagles” won bronze medals and at the 2017 European Championships they took silver.

In the group stage of the 2023 World Cup, the Germans beat Japan (81:63), Australia (85:82), Finland (101:75), Georgia (100:73) and Slovenia (100:71). In the playoffs, they first defeated Latvia (81:79) and then sensationally beat the United States (113:111). In seven games they scored 661 points.

Germany and the United States set a record for goals in World Cup semi-final matches. The first half of the match ended with a score of 60:59 in favor of the Americans. The teams scored 119 points between them. The previous achievement was 97 points.

Dennis Schröder played an important role in Germany’s successes. On average, in the current World Cup he scores 17.9 points and gives 6.7 assists. At the same time, on average, a point guard commits only two turnovers per game.

Schröder has already entered the history of German basketball, becoming the second national team player after Dirk Nowitzki, who managed to score more than 30 points in the World Championship, in a game against Australia. It will be interesting to watch the rivalry between the German point guard and Bogdanovic. There are preconditions for the match to be productive.

Magomed Adiev will fix the errors:

Kazakhstan – Northern Ireland. If Magomed Adiev promised it, he will keep it!

At the same time, there is more confidence in the success of the Serbs. The fact is that the game against the United States took a lot of strength away from the German team. Furthermore, the meeting between Germans and Americans ended several hours later than the meeting between Serbs and Canadians.

Serbia will face the match fresher and with good reserves of energy. Furthermore, the depth of their squad is much better than that of the German team. We offer to bet on the victory of the nominal guests with an odds of 2.00 on the Fonbet line. And the bookmaker will give everyone who registers free bet 2000 rubles. If you look at history, the Serbs are an order of magnitude more successful than the Germans. They managed to win gold medals at the World Championships five times. For the Águilas, the next final will be the first of this tournament. It is unlikely that they can cause another sensation.

Prediction and bets for the 2023 World Cup match Germany – Serbia September 10, 2023

The German team spent a lot of energy to beat the United States. They arrive at the next match with less strength than Serbia. The meeting will undoubtedly be hectic and very tenacious. The leaders of both teams are in excellent form and regularly impress with their performances. However, there is more belief in Serbian victory. They have better alignment, as well as success throughout the course. Nikola Jokic’s striking example gives the team additional incentive. Bets on Serbia’s victory at Fonbet are accepted for 2.00 and are given away for free upon registration. free bet 2000 rubles.

Tender: Serbia wins at odds of 2.00.

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