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Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Griezmann is Atlético’s Messi. He is the symbol of Simeone’s new team

Date: February 25, 2024 Time: 17:23:23

Throughout the history of the Ballon d’Or awards, so many injustices have already occurred that it is time to collect them and publish them in a separate book. “They gave this one the wrong thing,” “they deprived this one,” “what is this guy doing here?!” Classic!

The Ballon d’Or 2023 was no exception. After Leo Messi received the eighth award of his career, the masses were abuzz for quite some time. At the same time, the questions did not refer only to the winner of the award: Messi or Haaland. Perhaps there were no massive discussions, but still many were outraged because Antoine Griezmann only received 21st place in the vote.

You could have received “ZM”, but you did not receive:


The most controversial Ballon d’Or of the Ronaldo and Messi era

The same Griezmann who seemed to have completely vanished in Barcelona and there only showed off his unusual hairstyles. The same Griezmann who returned to Atlético de Madrid, spat and absorbed the boos of the fans who once considered him a god. Just a couple of years ago, when Antoine turned 30, who would have imagined that he would finish in the top 30 in the Ballon d’Or voting?

The Frenchman failed at Barça and it seemed like he would happily go to the MLS to enjoy himself. He has said more than once that he likes the United States and that it would be interesting for him to live and play there. But life turned out differently. Griezmann, after fighting against the whistles from Atlético fans and other difficulties, returned to the highest level, reached the final of the Qatar World Cup with the French team and is now, perhaps, in the best moment of his entire career. .

The complete broadcast of the Spanish Primera match and the best moments are available on Okko.

An important figure in the history of Atlético in recent years is Joao Félix. A super talent for which Madrid paid more than 100 million euros and which now it cannot part with. Félix and Atlético are not necessary, and other teams do not want to pay as much for him as Madrid once paid Benfica.

Joao’s talent is undeniable. An intelligent, subtle player with excellent technique, he seems to be able to do everything on the field. But he is not ready to work. He did not bring up Simeone’s demands, although Diego waited as long as he could. They said a lot that Félix was on the wrong team. Then there was Chelsea, now it’s Barcelona, ​​but João gets in the way everywhere. So it seems that the problem was not with Simeon. And in Felix himself.

Felix has a gambling problem, but everything is going well with his money:

Barcelona raised Félix’s salary by 900%. How is this possible given his financial situation?

Why this digression: Griezmann is the Felix of a healthy person. After all, Atlético took Joao as the Frenchman’s replacement when he finally left for Barcelona. They are similar in type: they are both creators who need freedom. But Griezmann, unlike Félix, learned that you have to earn your freedom on the field. Especially Simeone.

Griezmann is an incredible player. He once said that Simeone teaches footballers to enjoy playing defense. It’s hard to imagine another player of Griezmann’s stature and stature saying something similar. And Antoine, for all his whimsy and lightness, somehow sensed Simeone’s non-airy idea and became a key part of his team.

Griezmann and Simeone at Atlético

Photo: Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

At the same time, Griezmann’s role at Atlético changed. Initially, before moving to Barcelona, ​​he played most often as a striker. He still operates in this position, if we go by the scheme. But in reality his role is much broader. Griezmann is the heart of Atlético, the coach of Atlético. Perhaps this is the only player to whom Simeone gave so much freedom.

A Frenchman can be anywhere and at any time. Of course, their main habitat is half of someone else’s field. More specifically, the foreign penal area and the access to it. But if necessary, Griezmann can even go to his field, for example, if Atlético has problems starting attacks.

Griezmann and Messi in Barcelona

Photo: Maja Hitij/Getty Images

Griezmann is Atlético’s Messi. Messi who defends. And who enjoys it. In fact, the similarity in play with Leo is one of the reasons why Griezmann did not play in Barcelona. There cannot be more than one player with this level of freedom of action on the field. Or rather, maybe, but then it will be PSG with the same Messi, Neymar and Mbappé. Let’s be honest: it more or less worked out. As great as Griezmann was, it’s no surprise that the role of Messi wasn’t suited to him (it’s unlikely this ever was). But Griezmann himself did not adapt to Messi. Antoine is a very intelligent player, very flexible and coachable (Simeone won’t let you lie), but he didn’t know how to adapt to Barcelona. He was probably influenced by the pressure associated with the transfer fee, the high expectations and the poor relations with Barça’s partners, about which a lot was written.

Griezmann and other most expensive signings in history:


Fernández’s transfer to Chelsea is in the top 10 in history! Only five players cost more

However, Griezmann survived all this and now lives at Atlético. They say it well: if you don’t know what to do with your freedom, then you don’t need it. Griezmann knows what to do with freedom. As it could not be otherwise: he is French, and freedom from him is part of the country’s main motto. However, French players who use freedom and space as brilliantly as Griezmann can be counted on one hand. Needless to say, there are few like them in the entire world.

His environment also plays an important role in Griezmann’s recent successes. Simeone has also changed over the years. The current Atlético is very different from the team with which Diego won the Spanish championship for the first time and reached the final of the Champions League. At that time, Atlético was mainly associated with defense. Now Simeone’s team spends a lot of time on positional attacks, playing with the ball and using the full-backs as wingers.

The complete broadcast of the Spanish Primera match and the best moments are available on Okko.

Of course, it is very important that Cholo gives Griezmann freedom. But he, although in smaller quantities, gives it to other Atlético players (the same full-backs). And Antoine benefits from this: in this new system it is easier for him to show his best qualities. He uses his own strengths and helps reveal them to his partners.

Does it really matter where Griezmann finished in the Ballon d’Or voting? Even if he didn’t make it to the top 30, would that diminish his recent achievements? The answer is negative. Griezmann is one of the best footballers in the world today. He is hot on the heels of Jude Bellingham in the race for the League’s top scorer, takes Atlético to the Champions League playoffs and also has the Euro Cup ahead of him with the French team.

In the last World Cup, Griezmann burned!

Symbolic team of the 2022 World Cup

He won the World Cup, the Nations League and his best result in the European Championship was silver. And Griezmann did not win the Champions League with Atlético, although he was in the final. Overall, Antoine still has at least two big tasks pending.

Looking at the Frenchman now, you can paraphrase the famous saying: “Give me Griezmann and 10 logs and I will win the Champions League.” Diego Simeone and Didier Deschamps have Griezmann. And the rest of the players are not logs at all. Therefore, it is in your power to help Antoine close the two remaining great gestalts.

Meanwhile, Griezmann and Atlético Madrid need to play against Barcelona in La Liga. It is possible that this meeting will become a show named after Antoine.

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