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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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How does the press machine work? We analyze the exercise technique with an instructor

Date: June 16, 2024 Time: 02:33:26

A flat and beautiful stomach, or perhaps a perfect relief with prominent abs? Slightly different goals, but for the sake of both they pump their abs. Everyone’s favorite sit-ups and planks will not be a topic of discussion in this material. Today we will find out how to use a special abdominal machine.

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This simulator uses the muscles of the legs and shoulder girdle, but the main emphasis is on the abs.

In the previous article we named exercises to exercise the lower abdominals:

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Why increase your abs?

If you think that a good tone of the abdominal muscles is only necessary for beautiful stripes that you can show off, you are very wrong. In fact, strong pressure allows you to maintain correct posture, supports the internal organs and spine in the desired position. Trained muscles help prevent back and neck pain. Additionally, training helps develop the ability to maintain balance in unstable positions. A good muscle corset is the key to easily completing even the most common tasks.

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Contraindications for training

The list of contraindications is not so long, because the abdominal exercise machine minimizes the load on the joints. But it is still better to consult a doctor if you have intervertebral hernias, disturbances in the location of internal organs or osteochondrosis. It is also advisable to avoid training for those who are currently experiencing acute stages of chronic illnesses or a cold accompanied by fever and pain. Women should refrain from exercising during menstruation and pregnancy, as well as during the recovery period after childbirth.

How does an abdominal strength machine work?

The design looks like a seat with a cushion on the feet and handles on top. There is a weight block on the side, in which you can adjust the weight of the weight placed on the top of the simulator. It turns out that during sit-ups not only your own body weight is used, as in training on the mat, but also an additional load. This allows you to give volume and relief to the muscles.

One of the advantages of a strength trainer is the isolated training of the necessary muscles, which allows you to obtain maximum benefit and the possibility of increasing the load by changing the weight. At the same time, the design is safe, which minimizes the risk of injury.

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How to exercise in the simulator?

Any workout begins with a warm-up. When you have completed it you can go to the simulator and select the weight of the weighing material. Focus on your preparation; The execution should be notable, but not very difficult. Over time, when the selected load level becomes light, you can begin to increase the weight, but do not do it suddenly.

For an effective workout, perform three sets with short breaks. There are several options to perform the exercise. One targets the rectus muscles and the other targets the obliques, let’s look at both. It is better to do them together, because results can only be obtained with comprehensive training.

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straight abs

This option uses the rectus muscle, which runs throughout the abdomen from the pelvic bone to the chest. This is what they usually say when they talk about abs. Responsible for maintaining body position and protecting internal organs.

Execution technique

Sit on the exercise machine, place your legs behind the cushions, hold the handles with your hands, your back should be pressed against the machine in the same way as your shoulder blades and the back of your neck. Don’t raise your shoulders. Now, as you exhale, simultaneously pull your legs towards your chest and your elbows towards your knees. As you inhale, relax and step back, but do not straighten your body completely, leave a slight tension. Repeat the twist 10 to 15 times.

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oblique abdominals

Based on the name, you can guess that the oblique muscles located on the sides are involved. They are responsible for tilting and turning the body. Together with the pumped rectus muscle, they guarantee not only relief, but also strength and precision of movements.

Execution technique

Many simulator models have a special switch that makes the bottom moveable. Sit on the simulator, put your legs behind the rollers, grab the handles with your hands. The back and the back of the head should be pressed against the simulator. The shoulder blades are lowered and pressed against the simulator, do not raise your shoulders. Now, as you exhale, lower your elbow joints and raise your legs so that the right knee moves towards the left elbow. As you inhale, relax and continue. back, but do not straighten the body completely, leave a little tension, repeat twisting each side 10 to 15 times.

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You can study the technique of the exercise in more detail and see how a professional performs them in the video of trainer Evgeniy Nikishin.

When you come to the gym, try to use all its capabilities, don’t be afraid to experiment with different machines. Of course, you should not forget about safety, so first study the technique and features of the equipment or consult with a trainer, and only then start exercising. Become healthier, more beautiful and more confident through sport.

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