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How to Choose the Perfect Road Running Shoes: Instructions and 7 Great Pairs

Date: May 28, 2024 Time: 20:33:40

Before you start running, it’s important to decide for yourself three main things: what goals you set for yourself, what surface you plan to run on, and what shoes are best for your tasks.

Suppose the first two elements are already defined. The objective is the general strengthening of the body. Since there is no stadium with rubber tracks near your house, the asphalt will become the surface. Now you can go to choose the shoes. This point directly depends on the previous one. Asphalt is a hard surface and shoes must match it.

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How to choose the perfect running shoes for asphalt? To answer this question, you need to understand the nuances of running on different surfaces and understand what depends on the shoes here.

How are the different surfaces different? Globally, there are three main types of surfaces that runners train on:

special rubber surfaces (athletics tracks or tracks in stadiums), asphalt and other hard surfaces, rough terrain.

It’s no secret that the main load when running falls on the legs. The task of the right shoes is to compensate. For this, it is important to pay attention to two main characteristics of the sole of the shoe: the quality of grip and cushioning.

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Asphalt is a hard surface. If a professional runner has already been trained to place the foot correctly in order to reduce the impact load on the joints, then the help of well-chosen shoes is important for a beginning athlete.

Running on hard surfaces is always about shoes with good cushioning in the sole. And the harder the coating, the more important this indicator is.

Also, asphalt is a smooth surface. Therefore, it is important that the shoes provide reliable traction, especially during or after rain. This is the main difference between asphalt and other surfaces. The rubberized tracks themselves create depreciation and also do not slide well. On the ground, the tread pattern is important: its lines should be deep and embossed.

Let’s take a closer look at all the important points that you need to consider when choosing sneakers.

How to choose shoes to run on asphalt?


Flat shoes are recommended for running on asphalt. This is important for better surface contact and force transfer during repulsion. As a material, as a rule, wear-resistant rubber is used, which even after a while allows the foot to sit correctly from an anatomical point of view.

You should also make sure that your running shoes are soft enough and provide good cushioning. For this, manufacturers usually use solutions such as special foams and/or gels, which allow the foot to bounce when it comes into contact with the surface.


In general, the weight is important so as not to create additional stress on the legs. The optimal figure here is 250-400 grams.

At the same time, road running shoes can be light or relatively heavy; it all depends on the main task. For daily training, shoes of the middle weight category are also suitable. But for speed exercises you need light and competitive models. Usually they use a foam sole – this is a truly weightless material.

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foot support

Good road running shoes provide enough support to keep your foot from twisting as you run. For this, the shoes must have a rigid back and side reinforcements. It is important to pay attention to this point.

size and fit

When choosing any running shoe, it is important to choose the correct size and ensure a comfortable fit on the foot. Ideally, a gap of 5-7mm in length should be created. The fact is that during running training, the leg always rises slightly, and this anatomical feature should not cause discomfort.

It is not advisable to buy shoes that seem small or too big to you. This can lead to injury, blisters, or pain.

breathable upper

To run comfortably on asphalt, it is important that the upper material is breathable and provides good ventilation for the legs. This will help prevent sweat and discomfort during sports.

You should choose shoes with uppers made of mesh synthetic materials, but it is better to leave natural fabrics, leather and synthetic leather for fashionable looks.

If you plan to continue your workouts even in rainy weather, consider a suitable “sneaker option”. What is important here? It is important that when creating sneakers, the manufacturer uses the GoreTex membrane as an intermediate material. It consists of microscopic pores that allow air and water vapor to pass through, but repel liquid water.

About technological materials in beach equipment:

What swimsuit really won’t fade or stretch?

anatomical design

Good running shoes for asphalt should have an anatomical design that takes into account the characteristics of the foot, fixes it while running. Basically, we are talking about pronation and supination.

In most cases, our foot falls slightly inwards (pronation) or outwards (supination) when running and walking. To determine the characteristics of your foot in particular, you can contact sports hypermarkets. There are special stands on which tests are carried out. You can also find out the position of your foot at home. It is enough to stand with a wet foot on a sheet of paper and carefully examine the print.

If the footer is fully imprinted, the footer is tucked in. If the heel and the area in front of the fingers show more, go out. Normally, the footprint should be continuous and the heel and toes should be connected by an isthmus 2 to 3 cm thick.

Correctly selected sneakers allow you to level the natural anatomical features and properly distribute the load on the muscles, ligaments and joints. In addition, the shoe must be flexible in the transverse plane to allow the foot to move naturally, but at the same time rigid enough in the longitudinal axis to prevent twisting.


The tread on the outsole of a road running shoe should have a minimal tread pattern to provide better road contact and more efficient force transfer when propelling off.

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The 7 Best Road Running Shoes: The Expert’s Choice

Cougar Zoom Nitro Surge – For increased cushioning, the model uses two special layers of foam, which provide effective damping of shock loads and at the same time do not overload the torque. The outsole made of durable rubber allows the sneakers to maintain reliable traction throughout the operation.Demix Pulsar Ernblast Wave – The two-component outsole with a special polymer heel insert provides reliable cushioning, energy return during the run and reduces the impact load on the joints. To support the foot, special elements are added to the design, located on the sides of the shoe.saucony triumph 20 – The soft and lightweight outsole effectively copes with shock loads, and the durable rubber outsole provides high-quality traction even on wet pavement. At the same time, the manufacturer uses recycled materials to make a pair, which is in line with the trend of respect for the environment and reduces the amount of harmful emissions.Demix Gravitand – the light and elastic EVA sole cushions perfectly, rubber inserts provide reliable grip even in sharp turns, and antibacterial impregnation of the interior of the shoe protects against unpleasant odors.Asics Gel Cumulus – light model, the sole of which has a special gel insert. It provides effective shock absorption, comfortable cushioning, and excellent foot support. The pair is ideal for recovery and long runs.Li Ning Spark Lite – thanks to the midsole, the model perfectly dampens vibrations and absorbs the shock load on the joints. Special transverse stripes on the sole allow the foot to move as naturally as possible, so even after a long workout you will not experience discomfort.nitro row A foam midsole and aerated heel counter absorb shock and provide energy return for your run, while a synthetic rubber outsole provides reliable traction even in wet conditions.

Is there a difference between the male and female versions? We tell you here:

Choosing women’s running shoes: instructions and 10 pairs for a different budget – from 5000 rubles.

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