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How to develop the motor skills of a child and an adult? We analyze useful practices and exercises

Date: May 26, 2024 Time: 05:14:40

Motor skills can be called any movement you make. Whether running, cleaning or typing on a keyboard. Most of the time, people don’t even think about how the action unfolds, but its success depends on the precision and coordination of every movement, even the smallest one. That is why it is necessary to develop motor skills.

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Regular and varied activities will help children and adults to develop and improve their motor skills.

Why develop motor skills?

Let’s talk more specifically about the benefits of developing this skill. The most noticeable and practical effect of practice is the ability to more easily cope with everyday tasks, especially those that require precision. Your concentration level will increase over time and you will be less distracted.

By exercising you will strengthen your muscles and joints, which will reduce the risk of injury and pain. It will also improve the general condition of the body, improve coordination of movements and flexibility of the body.

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Types of motor skills

Before you start training, it is necessary to understand what motor skills are. The first type includes those movements that require the participation of the whole organism, large muscle groups, usually associated with the movement of the body in space. This movement is called “big”.

The second type is called “fine motor skills”. It is easy to guess that this is due to more precise movements, the amplitude of which may seem insignificant. In this case we are talking about the movements of the small muscles of the hands and their interaction with vision.

How to train gross motor skills?

Games on balance boards or cushions. In this case, coordination and balance are trained. It is necessary to walk on an unstable surface, you can move in a straight line or change direction.

Jump rope exercises. Simultaneously develop endurance and coordination. Jump rope, gradually complicating the task. For example, you can start doing side-to-side jumps or try a double twist jump. If you still find it difficult to perform these exercises, then stretch out the rope on the floor and jump over it with one or two legs.

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Ball games. Here you will need a space free of fragile objects, and an objective, you can use stickers on the wall or baskets as such. The main task is to hit, and from different distances and angles. You will also be able to practice sports such as football, basketball, bowling or volleyball.

Dance. Creative and at the same time sports activity, helps to improve coordination and has a beneficial effect on the whole organism. Sign up for a studio or learn new directions with the help of videos.

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Exercise. From yoga and stretching to strength training and interval training, they all work muscles and improve body function. You just have to find something that is right for you.

Obstacle course. It can be anything, maybe somewhere you need to go around the cone, and somewhere you need to crawl under the arc. A useful and fun activity, building such a “track” will be just as useful as passing it.

Ride a bike or scooter. Muscles, coordination and balance are trained. This training will also be a great adventure.

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Run. An ideal way to make the body stronger and more resistant, develop coordination and precision. Especially if you add obstacles or various tasks to the training.

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How to train fine motor skills?

Game with tweezers. You will need a lot of small items, it’s good that they are different. Buttons, beads or even beads – anything will do. With some tongs or tongs you can move them from one container to another, divide them into categories or even fold them to give them different shapes.

Play with sand, clay or dough. The formation of structures, shapes and forms from these materials not only develops tactile perception and fine motor skills, but is also very calming and relaxing. Starting with simple pyramids, you can reach great castles. And if you go to a pottery workshop, you can also take handmade dishes as a gift for the exercises.

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Puzzle and constructor. Folding and disassembling small parts helps determine the accuracy and coordination of movements. Start with bigger and therefore easy tasks, and then move on to small and complex tasks. Castles, helicopters, cars and paintings – all this can be created with your own hands, such an activity will captivate not only a child, but also an adult.

Origami. From simple planes and boats to the creation of complex paper sculptures with many details. Some are so immersed in this activity that they make copies of views from different countries.

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Drawing. When practicing with a child, you can start by repeating simple shapes, lines, or connecting dots, and then continue by coloring the details. And if you think that this is just a children’s activity, you simply have not seen coloring pages for adults with very small details. By the way, it is not necessary to use only pencils, you can draw with paints.

Sewing, embroidery and knitting. Creating clothes or drawings from threads with your own hands is a good hobby that will help develop coordination, accuracy of movements and mobility of the fingers. Children, of course, should start the exercises by buttoning buttons, tying slippers, unraveling or weaving threads before using a needle and knitting needles.

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Mosaic. These games are often bought for a child, with their help he learns to interact with small objects and develops fine motor skills. For adults there is also something similar: diamond embroidery. With the help of small rhinestones and beads, you can create whole images.

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It is very important to dedicate time to motor skills from an early age to help the full development of the child. Remember that the easiest way to captivate children is by setting an example. And all these methods are suitable for all age groups, which allows you to deal with the whole family.

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