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How to make a full face look slimmer with makeup? Instructions for famous makeup artists

Date: April 15, 2024 Time: 18:09:41

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“Every woman is beautiful in her uniqueness. This is true, but I personally understand that girls strive to improve themselves in some way. For example, to slim the face. Of course, it is necessary to work on oneself comprehensively and start not from the outside, but from the inside. However, when there is a way to change something here and now, why not use it? Especially if it allows you to cheer yourself up.

Excess weight is almost always reflected on the face: the oval loses its clarity, the features “float”. But here I want to note an important point: now we will not talk about makeup exclusively for obese women. The lack of excess weight does not guarantee the presence of clearly defined cheekbones and sunken cheeks. Therefore, the topic “how to slim your face with makeup” will be useful for many girls. These are correction techniques. If you want to sculpt your face, these are for you.

Let’s start carefully.

People with plump faces often have reduced skin turgor, so care must be thorough and become a habit. Facial massage is one of the ways to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, substances responsible for the elasticity and firmness of the skin. This is important to maintain a clear oval of the face, especially the lower third.

The formula for perfect skin: high-quality cosmetics and properly selected care.

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Cleaning should be gentle. The skin should not be stretched or washed “until it creaks.” The most effective means:

hydrophilic oil: gently cleanses, leaving the skin hydrated; micellar water: to remove makeup from the eyelids (cleans in a second, even waterproof cosmetics). The opinion that micellar water does not need to be removed is erroneous. Be sure to wash, toners and toners (Korean analogue of toners, with a spray dispenser) remove makeup residues and return the pH to normal.

We also use high quality patches for the skin around the eyes. They eliminate swelling and moisturize. The face also needs additional manipulations. They can be moisturizing facial masks. The fabric ones are the most convenient, but the format does not matter. Remember that high quality hydrated skin means good turgor.

To keep our skin elastic and firm, it is also important to choose the right creams. Moisturizing during the day, nourishing at night. The components work well with peptides, hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin.

On the topic of excess weight and how to work with it:

“I suddenly lost 12 kg and ended up in the hospital exhausted and with pneumonia.” Personal experience

Makeup for fat faces

Flawless skin tone

To visually slim your face, you simply need the perfect shade. How to achieve it? Here we will have two options: base and foundation.

1. Makeup base. I recommend a lilac, reflective base, with a barely noticeable lilac tone. This is really essential. Just like Photoshop, it will erase traces of fatigue and turn dull skin into radiant skin.

2. Foundation. To shape the face you need a uniform skin tone without nuances. An easy fix won’t fix this. Makeup will look dirty and facial features will look cartoonish. The density of the product should be medium to high, preferably marked “lift.”

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For dry and normal skin, a dewy finish is acceptable. Yes, combined and oily, just matte. The shade of the product should not differ from the color of the skin, otherwise a mask effect will occur. The best place for your choice is the neckline.

I recommend applying the shade with a damp sponge. This should be done with light patting movements, as if introducing the product into the skin. It is important to carefully work all areas, as close as possible to the roots of the hair.

Proper eyebrow shape

Eyebrows of the desired shape can slim the face. In addition, sometimes this is enough to like yourself in the mirror and not think about how to lose weight on your face.

If you have volume, long, medium-width eyebrows are usually suitable. I strongly recommend contacting a specialist. When building eyebrows, it is necessary to take into account individual characteristics and facial features.

If you want to lose weight and not harm your health:

What diet is the safest? The nutritionist selected the most popular ones.


Facial correction (and all makeup) should be done strictly near the window. While you study, natural light is essential. When the movements reach automaticity, it will no longer play a key role.

What are the principles of sculpture? We darken everything that needs to be reduced (made less visible). Contour cosmetics should be three shades darker and richer than the foundation.

For fair skin, we choose sculptors in gray or olive tones. For tan or yellow undertones: bronzers (with a bronzing effect, with a warm orange and brown tone).

To apply dry bronzers/sculptors, I recommend natural goat brushes. For allergies: nylon or imitation (synthetic fur made to look natural).

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What areas are we working on and how?

if you have wide forehead, you need to darken the temporal zone. That is, we walk through the lateral parts with the sculptor and thus visually narrow this area.

Now we move on to oval of the face, cheeks and chin. A full face has no sharp corners. We need to create them with the help of makeup. To do this, let’s turn to geometry. We carry out the following manipulations.

1. Apply concealer under the eyes and between the eyebrows (in the shape of an inverted triangle).

2. Create the Kim Kardashian-style “slashed cheeks” effect. Using sculptors/bronzes, we mark two triangles that go from the periphery of the face to the center. This results in a wide, narrowing correction. We denote the vertices (points from which construction begins) with the letters ABC:

A – upper part of the cheekbone, B – upper jaw, C – corners of the lips.

Such a correction will add missing corners to the shape and create relief. The face will become as expressive as possible thanks to active cheekbones.

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Now let’s move on to the chin. Its round or classic shape does not require correction. If there is extra volume in this area (second chin), it is important not to exaggerate. The correction should not be noticeable. It is enough to work the problem area with powder two shades darker than the foundation. This should be done with light strokes from side to side, using a fluffy brush. For a more obvious effect, the movements should be polished.

The shades we choose: nude, translucent, natural. It is important to avoid anything shiny and flashy. The appearance should be as natural as possible. We also do not use dark or long-lasting lipsticks.

These are all the secrets of how to slim your entire face with the help of makeup. The main thing here is moderation. Don’t try to draw a new face. Cosmetics are created to highlight your individuality. Remember that copies are not remembered and the original is not forgotten. Be unique!

Beauty and slimness start from within. Get strategic tips:

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