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Friday, April 12, 2024
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“I can tie a hand and an eye.” Emelianenko said that he would smear Taktarov

Date: April 12, 2024 Time: 21:19:49

“I can tie a hand and an eye.” Emelianenko said that he would smear Taktarov

Sergey Sorokin August 18, 2023, 16:30 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Alexander decided to retire the legendary Russian bear for the second time.

On August 18, as part of the REN TV Fight Club, an interesting duel will take place, in which Oleg Taktarov and Jeff Monson will face each other. For two, they are already 107 years old, but the fighters are still willing to commit suicide. The attitude towards this confrontation is different. Some point out that at such a venerable age it is difficult to be in good physical condition. Therefore, skeptics predict a slow fight that is unlikely to impress with anything. Others view the fight with optimism. They wait nostalgic for the old days and watch the battle of two legends.

All the most interesting details of the tournament can be found here:


Taktarov – Monson: the fight is getting closer! The snowman and the Russian bear are ready for boxing. LIVE

Alexander Emelianenko shared his opinion about the upcoming fight. What’s more, Phoenix’s prognosis turned out to be very categorical: “I definitely bet on Monson. Jeff, unlike Taktarov, was active, he performed all these years. And Taktarov spoke more than he was engaged in sports. If this fight is real, then Taktarov doesn’t stand a chance – Monson will smash him against a door.

Emelianenko’s position is really understandable. Taktarov held the last official fight in 2008. Then the Russian gained a painful grip in a duel with Mark Kerr. It is difficult even to imagine that a mere 15 years will pass without a trace. During this time Monson remained active. More recently, he fought Alexander at all, and with bare fists.

The fight between Emelianenko and Monson was organized by Hardcore. And the killing went well. The snowman looked powerful, drawing strength out of nowhere. And he put up a very dignified resistance to Alexander. In the end, the case reached the decision of a judge. The referee unanimously awarded Emelianenko the victory. But it is worth noting that, judging by the nature of the battle, everything was far from so simple. Monson showed that he has a lot of strength, he can still be overcooked.

We remember the details of revenge:

Emelianenko Jr. failed to knock out Monson, 51! It only took two minutes

Emelianenko spoke about a possible confrontation with Taktarov. It is true that he was once again very categorical.

Alexander Emelianenko

russian wrestler

“If we talk about our possible fight with Taktarov, then I can tie one hand and close one eye, Taktarov will have no chance of winning with me. Without rules”.

Frankly speaking, such a statement by Emelianenko looks very presumptuous. Of course, in battle, Alexander will most likely defeat Oleg. But it is definitely not worth counting on full declassification. Yes, Taktarov did not really fight for 15 years. But the appearance of the Russian bear suggests that it is in excellent physical shape. A more accurate answer about the state will only give a duel with Monson.

Emelianenko himself did not look his best in his last few fights. The only thing that stands out is the battle with the blogger Svyatoslav Kovalenko, in front of which Alexander seemed fresh and cheerful. But the 13-second defeat of Vyacheslav Datsik and the scandalous victory over Yevgeny Ershov, after which Phoenix was literally taken by the arms, only strengthened fears about the fighter’s health.

Yes, Emelianenko went through rehabilitation, during which he trained and completely abstained from alcohol. But he should not count on the fact that Alexander will immediately begin to beat everyone in a row and return him to optimal condition. It would be very interesting to see the fight between Phoenix and Taktarov. Especially since after such a fierce prognosis, the first UFC champion from Russia will be in charge of proving otherwise. A lot will depend on the outcome of the fight with Monson. If the Russian Bear wins, he might as well challenge Emelianenko himself.

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