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“I closed the negotiations with CSKA. Mario is not to blame”. How they react to the close transfer of “Zenith”

Date: June 19, 2024 Time: 01:33:12

The hottest topic of the day is the possible transfer of Mario Fernández to Zenit. The Brazilian with a Russian passport is linked to CSKA, but his decision caused confusion among fans and experts. Here are the most interesting reactions to the information about Fernández’s transfer.

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I already received a comment from the official representative of CSKA. The director of communications of the army team, Kirill Breido, reacted laconically to the information about the transition: “Well, then. Now everything has fallen into place and incomprehensible moments have been explained. An indication of difficult negotiations over International’s compensation. Let’s remember, Fernández prematurely terminated the rental contract with the Brazilian club. For this, they demanded €365,000 from Mario. Internacional, in negotiations with CSKA, demanded money from them, but the Army team refused to pay. And Fernández will never return to the team he played for 10 years. Later, Breido also said that CSKA never refused the player, and the footballer’s side announced the withdrawal from negotiations.

Jorge Machado, Fernández’s agent, said that it was he who stopped the negotiations with CSKA and that Mario was not to blame for anything. “I was not involved in the latest talks about the possible return of Mario. The translator Max (Golovlev) called the player directly, together with the directors of CSKA and International, disrespecting the athlete’s official agent. Several times I told him that it was wrong. So I decided to close the negotiations with CSKA. This is my decision, not Mario’s. He is not to blame for anything. As for Mario’s future, let’s decide everything according to the player’s interests. Regarding Zenit, at the moment I have nothing to say, ”Sport24 quotes Mashada.

What does the world think of Russian football?

Former CSKA striker Valery Masalitin believes that Fernandez betrayed not only the club, but also the fans, as well as Evgeny Giner: “If the transfer to Zenit takes place, then, of course, it is a betrayal. He spent his best years at CSKA, the club let him go to Brazil for free and he joined Zenit. But I find it hard to believe. Maybe the agent is dropping it. But that would be a betrayal of the club, of Giner and of the fans”.

Mario Fernandez and Evgeny Giner

Photo: Denis Tyrin, Championship

“The news that Mario is going to Zenit killed him on the spot. I don’t understand this at all. Did Zenit offer Mario more money than CSKA? But what about the flag, honor and conscience? He said that he would only return to CSKA! Now the kipish will be decent. And it’s right!” – Alexander Mostovoy portends a heated discussion about the transition of the Brazilian with a Russian passport to Zenit.

Former Dynamo Moscow and Rostov defender Vitaly Dyakov does not understand why Zenit needed Fernandez: “I don’t know if the move to Zenit will be a betrayal by Mario Fernandez. If he moved to Spartak, definitely. Mario left a big mark in the history of CSKA. Patients will feel uncomfortable. For me, this is, to put it mildly, unexpected. Why Fernández “Zenith”? The club often leads everyone in a row due to their abilities. So he doesn’t strengthen himself, but greatly weakens his opponents. Fernández is a strong player, but it is not clear if Zenit needs him. Besides, he hasn’t played in a long time.

Former Spartak owner Andrey Chervichenko considers talk of clashes between clubs nonsense. And he notes that age is not an obstacle to the transfer of Fernández: “Clashes between clubs: who said what, who kissed the coat of arms – all this is nonsense. For PR and for the fans, probably great. For a player for whom football is a profession and a means of earning money, this should be secondary. The first is his own good and the good of his family. And an income that should provide you for the rest of your life. Why “Zenith” Mario? 32 years is not that much. If there is no violation of the regime, then the guy is wiry and strong-willed; everything should be fine with this. In “Zenith” old players already played and sometimes they were rare. What is there to be surprised?

“Mario’s words, what if you play in Russia, then only for CSKA? Of course you should be ashamed. The words must be answered. We had some concepts in football under the Soviet Union. Now there is no such thing, only money, money, money. Mario should be ashamed of the words he said. I don’t know how the fans will perceive this transition. Now they are ready to sell their own mother for money. It’s a shame, unfortunately. But what to do: life is like this now, ”former Manchester United midfielder Andrey Kanchelskis reacted sharply to the information about the transfer of Fernandez.

Mario Fernández in a match with Zenit

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

Former CSKA midfielder Dmitry Karsakov does not condemn Mario Fernandez, but notes that he expected the defender’s return to the army club: “I thought Mario Fernandez would return to CSKA. He has to decide for himself, but for CSKA it’s a big loss. He did a lot for CSKA. I hope he comes back. After doing so much for the club, the fans should take it easy. How many players do we have who have done a lot for the club and then left? It’s a shame, sad, but I won’t blame Mario for moving to Zenit.

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The well-known sports journalist Vasily Utkin reacted ironically to the words of Fernandez, who was still playing for CSKA in 2021 and said that he would not move to any other Russian club: “Do you know what is the most fun (for me)? in history with Mario Fernandez? One of the most silent, sullen and reserved people in Russian football once said too much!”

For former Dynamo head coach Andrei Kobelev, Fernandez’s transfer to Zenit will apparently be fatal. “Now there are few players like Akinfeev who put the team in front, not the money. Fernández is a mystery to me. Playing for 10 years in Russia and not learning the language is an insult to all of Russian football and our language. I don’t have a very positive attitude towards him. If he signed a contract with Zenit, then for me this footballer is dead, ”RB Sport quotes Kobelev.

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