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Friday, April 12, 2024
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“I could hardly believe I was in the lead.” The Norwegians staged a thriller at the Biathlon World Championships

Date: April 12, 2024 Time: 18:25:20

The men’s sprint was held at the 2024 Biathlon World Championships. Spectators in the packed stands of the Nove Mesto stadium witnessed the incredible spectacle performed by the Norwegian biathletes.

Sturla Holm Lægreid became world champion. Johannes Boe took silver and Vetle Sosta Christiansen received bronze. The Norwegians took the entire podium.

At this point you could close the page and move on to the next news. But Norway’s biathletes gave the entire world a high-quality performance; Until recently it was not clear which of them was stronger.

Starring: Johannes and Sturla

We are used to Johannes Boe spoiling everyone with his victories and often deciding the question of gold long before the finish line. But those times have been forgotten. Johannes is not the same, he is different. Now the former king of world biathlon has to count on everyone and remember: nothing lasts forever under the sun.

Johannes started at number 26. At that time he knew, for example, how his older brother ran: Tarjei made two mistakes. And also what is the result of the Frenchman Fillon Maillet and his compatriot Dale-Shevdal.

Taking into account the mistake and the excellent speed on the track, Yosya could well have won the title of sprint champion for the second year in a row. Furthermore, almost all of his rivals made unfortunate mistakes and deprived themselves of their chances of winning gold. Almost every. But not all.

Live streams of the 2024 World Championship races are available on Okko.

Sturla started 50th. When almost everyone has already done their part in the race. And he showed remarkable character. It was harder for him than for everyone else.

Because? Because the shock he felt when he accidentally fired his rifle in the hotel must have stuck in his head. And how important it was that this incident did not become an obstacle to further success. I did not do it.

Laegreid scored two zeros in the main sprint of the season. Perfect shot and the same speed. After the second milestone, Sturla was 7.9 seconds ahead of Johannes. On the next cut, his lead was reduced by 2.3 seconds. Sturla started to lose. I almost missed the victory.

Sturla Lægreid with Johannes Boe and Vetle Sosta Christiansen

Photo: Alex Grimm/Getty Images

With 900 meters to go he was already losing to Johannes by 0.2 seconds. But he came out ahead and didn’t give the race he deserved. The scoreboard registered a lead of three and a half seconds. As? It’s about the character of the champion.

“It was fun. Today I woke up thinking that I have no chance of getting on the podium. And suddenly I hear that I am leading on the last lap. I almost couldn’t believe what I heard,” VG quotes the athlete.

France has woken up!

Yes, yes, the French biathletes woke up and really forced the fight from the Norwegians throughout the race. But you and I know that after waking up it is necessary to exercise. Therefore, until this is done, it is still too early to conquer the Czech plains and heights.

For the second consecutive World Cup race, Eric Perreault turned heads. He was probably one shot away from fighting for the championship. And the medals are a little small. In the end, Eric only took fourth place. But in what order is this Frenchman. But he’s only 22 years old!

There are two more Frenchmen in the top ten. In eighth position is Quentin Fillon Maillet and in ninth position is Emilien Jacquelin. They also have a misfire.

But there are questions for other teams.

These questions Sebastian Samuelsson can ask himself or his skis. The Swedish biathlete scored zero in the sprint, but did not win. Losing one minute walking ten kilometers is a lot. Well, at least I made it to the top 5. Turns out the card the Swedes used didn’t help?

Read more about the history of the private jet:

Norwegians harshly criticized Swedes for flying on a private plane. Are they really jealous?

The word is not a sparrow; If it flies away, you won’t catch it. Seba, of course, does not know this Russian proverb. But it would be necessary. Johannes Boe remembered the words he had recently received addressed to him. The Swede said that Boe Jr.’s speed does not impress him. Well, I received a response after the sprint.

“These Swedes… Only one of two things is possible here. Either you talk loudly or you win a lot. Sebbe and I are a little different and we each choose our own tactics (smiles),” TV2 quotes Bo Jr.

Joking aside, the Norwegians had no real competitors except Eric Perrault in the sprint. But even he needs to shoot zero to defeat them.

A new day at the Biathlon World Championships brings with it new events. Will we see the same interesting fight between Johannes and Sturla in the chase? Or will someone else play for the gold medal? We will find out on Saturday, February 11.

But Johannes Boe was harshly criticized after the replacement:

“Johannes Boe was the biggest disappointment of all.” The Norwegians are unhappy with the team leader’s start to the World Cup

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