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“I signed a contract with Amur because I can be a leader here.” Interview with Broadhurst

Date: June 17, 2024 Time: 19:39:19

Amur did an impressive job in the transfer market last summer. One of the club’s successes was the signing of a contract with Alex Broadhurst. The center forward came to the KHL a year ago and had difficulty adapting to Russian conditions, but over time he became the most important hockey player for Avangard. However, the “hawks” – largely due to the stricter limit for foreign players – did not renew the agreement with Alex. The residents of Khabarovsk took advantage of the situation and invited the American to join their team. In the new club’s first two games, Broadhurst scored four points and in the third he was injured in a collision with Spartak player Ivan Morozov. The recovery period is still unknown.

– How would you rate the episode in which you were injured? – I don’t think there was any rudeness or bad intention on the part of the opponent. He was expelled, but I think the most important thing is that I didn’t see any intentional rudeness in it. Yes, I fell and got injured, but it’s part of the game. The guy who made this hit found me after the game and apologized. He confirmed that he did not want such consequences. I appreciate it a lot. I hope I can recover quickly.

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– Injuries are part of hockey, but an unpleasant part. How do you motivate yourself not to get sad? – Yes, it’s really difficult. I broke my arm and I was out of the game for five or six months, that is, almost the entire season. This is a difficult test. But both the club and my teammates do a lot to keep my morale high.

– Unfortunately, you will not play against Avangard, your former team, but still, is there a particularly important attitude towards this match? – I wouldn’t call it a fundamental confrontation, we separated well from Omsk, there is no hostility. I had a great time there and I remember it with great pleasure. There is an excellent coaching staff, managers and players. Of course, I knew that at the beginning of the season we were playing with Avangard and I was looking forward to this match, I wanted to play again in front of home fans and meet old friends, but I don’t have any hostility towards Avangard. Now I’m in a new team and this is my new family, so all my thoughts are now related to Amur.

– Avangard just awarded you a bronze medal last season. How do you like her? – Cool! Actually, I didn’t know we were going to get medals, they told me just a few days ago. This award took me back in time a bit; I immediately remembered our last season.

Avangard CEO Anton Kuryanov presents a medal to Alex Broadhurst

Photo: hawk.ru

– What was your most memorable game last season? – Complex problem. We had a good run in the playoffs, some big wins. I would say the game where I scored my first goal in the KHL. I had a difficult start, but it was that goal that allowed me to breathe a little and relax.

– After a difficult start, you became one of Avangard’s main players. What have you improved on during the last season? – The most important thing is confidence in your strengths and abilities. I seem to have improved my decision-making and passing speed, and my hockey IQ. Last season I had some problems with my shot. I worked really hard over the summer, pitching a lot, and I think that helped.

– The Amur coaches consider you an outstanding player. Is it compelling or inspiring? – I think it’s both things. But I signed a contract with Amur because I can be a leader here. I understand what the team expects of me: I must be useful and help win day after day. Of course, there is an element of pressure in this, but we have a great team. We have more than one leader.

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– How are Martemyanov and Kravets alike and how are they different? – It is difficult to compare, because the Amur coach does not speak much English, although the communication between us is excellent. I realized that Martemyanov is a great person both on and off the ice. He cares a lot about us and makes sure we are comfortable. He has an open door policy and you can always contact him for any reason. Kravets is the same in this regard. Open, witty, he could be very serious at times, but he was also easy to communicate with.

– The latest newcomer to “Amur” is Alexander Khokhlachev. What can you say about him? – I was very impressed when I found out about your exchange. He is incredibly talented and of course added strength to our power play. Another reason to be upset that I don’t play now is that we just started playing together. I hope we can find chemistry between us.

Direct speech from Khokhlachev himself:


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– You were drafted by Chicago and played a little for Columbus. Are you following these teams now? “I was born in Chicago and have always been a big Blackhawks fan. I have friends both on this team and in the NHL. Of course, I follow them and not specific teams. But being from Chicago, the Blackhawks will always have a special place in my heart.

– Your brother Terry is also a hockey player. Won’t he go to the KHL? – Yes, we recently spoke with him about this. You are interested in the proposals.

– The best player of our time? – Here you don’t have to think for long – Connor McDavid.

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– The best place in the United States? – In addition to Chicago, I would say San Diego in California.

– What is the most memorable goal of your career? – Once in the USHL I scored a hat-trick, probably the most memorable moment.

– What is your hockey dream? – My dream has always been to win the Stanley Cup. But now I am striving to win the championship with Amur.

– Do you still hope to play in the NHL? – Of course, if possible. I’m already 30 years old, but there’s still a lot of time. I work hard and will continue to do so to improve. I feel great now. The last few years have been even better than before.

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