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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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If I had a Promes t-shirt, I would hide it far, far away in the closet.

Date: April 20, 2024 Time: 06:41:18

If I had a Promes t-shirt, I would hide it far, far away in the closet.

Grigory Telingater March 1, 2024, 20:15 Moscow time

The Spartak striker had different options to end his career. He chose the worst.

Imagine for a second. You are a football player for Spartak. Your training camp is over, an important match with Zenit is about to take place. You arrive at Dubai airport to fly to Moscow and then the police take your teammate away. A key player who played carefully on the training pitch. What mood would you be in? I don’t know if it would have been quiet on the plane, but there probably would have been less smiling and joking than usual (if any).

Promes’ court case has been known for a long time. Even in such a difficult situation, there were options. There were different ways to lose a footballer. As a result, the separation turned out to be the most abrupt and scandalous. If we add to this the grass situation, we get a very sad picture. There has always been a managerial vacuum at Spartak, but now it is reaching a cosmic level.

Quincy Promes

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

And here’s the most interesting thing: how could this happen? There are several versions that may contradict each other:

Promes was detained due to an accident in the United Arab Emirates (reporting by Ivan Karpov). Promes was detained due to a change in his status on the international list of wanted persons (TASS information). The reasons for the arrest were both reasons.

The third version is the only option when the news does not contradict each other. It is true that it is difficult to believe in such a coincidence. We will probably learn these details over time. In any case, the actions of the footballer and the club… are impressive, let’s say.

But who else should be stressed?

Promes is not the only one. Two foreign players in Russia also have problems with the law

Especially if the information is correct that Promes had an accident and fled the scene of the accident. Think about it: the attacker made a double mistake. First, when I got involved in drug trafficking. Secondly, when he needed to avoid trouble with the law in the United Arab Emirates. The footballer supported both himself and the club, which seemed very loyal to Promes in his position.

Recently, the striker played 90 minutes in a friendly match with Astana and scored a hat-trick. Probably February 21, 2024, this date will remain in the athlete’s biography as the day of the last game at the professional level. Promes, 32, was sentenced to six years for drug trafficking and another year and a half for assault with a knife. The footballer is reportedly facing extradition, which will essentially end his career.

Quincy Promes

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

If I were a Spartak fan and had a Promes shirt, after everything that happened, maybe I wouldn’t have burned it, but I would have kept it in the closet as much as possible. There is no dignity in walking down the street with the name of a person who was involved in drug trafficking and was also caught in such a stupid way. Although there will always be a conventional Kokorin who will pose in a shirt with Escobar. It is true that it was hidden with more inventiveness. That doesn’t make him any nobler, but at least he didn’t look stupid.

Although there are also big questions for Spartak here. Especially if TASS reported correctly, because the reason for the footballer’s detention was a change in his wanted status. Excuse me, but how did Promes end up in Dubai? Exactly a year ago, the Club did not take the footballer to the three foreign concentrations, although at that time the court was in an earlier phase of considering the case. Why did they take him away now? Does anyone understand the logic? I would like to hear an explanation from Spartak, but the club has not yet answered the main question.

Here is an interview with a man who does not remain silent:


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