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Monday, June 17, 2024
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In Formula 1, a supernova. Ferrari and Red Bull will chase him

Date: June 17, 2024 Time: 21:06:30

In Formula 1, a supernova. Ferrari and Red Bull will chase him

Dmitry Zakharchenko August 1, 2023, 19:00 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

It turns out that Schwartzman raced in F-2 with the best rookie of the last four years.

The debut season is believed to be the most difficult in Formula 1, because “Grand Prix” is very different from Formula 2 and any other race. However, Oscar Piastri shows that even now, if you have talent and a more or less competitive car, you can shine even in the first year.

Before the summer break, the Australian rookie four times in a row (counting the sprint at Spa) qualified in the top 6, scored a top three finish (albeit in a short race so far) and, perhaps most importantly, he outpointed Lando Norris in an even match.

We are only halfway through the season, but we can already say that Piastri is the best newcomer to Formula 1 in the last four years.

Rise of Piastri

Oscar already from the first races seemed quite confident in the cockpit and often gave a little to Norris. Lando, we noted, is considered in the paddock, if not a top driver, then very close to that, and last year the Brit already destroyed an Australian. Piastri was not only stronger than Ricciardo, but he was able to adapt brilliantly in the cockpit as the engineers resolved the issues with the chassis.

The first time Oscar had outpointed Lando in qualifying in Jeddah, but this time Norris doubled the suspension at the top and pulled out of the fight early. At Spa, both drivers successfully progressed to the final qualifying segments, with Piastri going twice as fast. As a result, the Australian changed tires in the sprint before his teammate and took second place, and in Sunday’s race he could be challenging for a top 5 finish – were it not for a collision with Sainz in the first lap-.

In Spa, Piastri managed to polish and compete with Verstappen

Photo: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Piastri has adapted to the new car, and even if McLaren was prematurely named the second force in the field, apparently the updated chassis allows it to regularly challenge for places in the top 8. So, it’s worth noting that Oscar escaped the Alps in time, although it wasn’t obvious from the outside at the time that Woking would be stronger. Yes, even in the first races of the 2023 season, McLaren was inferior to the French!

Such a brilliant debut will certainly not go unnoticed, and in the years to come, all the top teams will be closely watching Piastri. Red Bull and Ferrari are not supposed to be very happy with Pérez and Sainz, respectively, and it is Piastri who can be a strong replacement for both. Maybe not right now, but for both Milton Keynes and Maranello it makes sense now not to beat around the bush and not overtake their co-drivers, and in a year’s time, when Piastri’s contract with McLaren ends, to try to lure him to him for a season – 2025. Plus, signing an Oscar is no easy feat, just ask Alpin.

Results of the Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix:

What will happen to Norris now?

As mentioned above, Lando is considered one of the best drivers in the paddock, but the Briton received this status beforehand. The point is that, apart from the victory over Riccardo, who was clearly not in the best form of him, there are no other important achievements for Norris.

So in 2020, in his second full F-1 season, Lando couldn’t get past Sainz: In qualifying, the Briton won 9-8 and in the overall standings he lost to his teammate 98-105. You may also recall that in 2018, Norris lost the Formula 2 championship to George Russell, who won four feature races to Lando’s one.

Norris and Piastri at the British Grand Prix

Photo: Dan Mullan/Getty Images

If in the second half of the 2023 season, Norris cannot consistently overtake Piastri, then Lando will no longer have a chance to leave McLaren; the most competitive teams will prefer Oscar, who is a year and a half younger and will likely require a lower salary. .

And if you imagine that in the 2024 season Piastri manages to become the leader of McLaren, relegating Norris to the background, then this will completely destroy Lando’s reputation. Like how two years in Woking beat Ricciardo, or like when Vettel couldn’t fight Leclerc. In a sense, the Briton’s entire career is at stake.

Perez disappoints, in Alpin layoffs:

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