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Friday, April 12, 2024
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Interview with FANDER. About Future Games, chances of playing CS2 professionally, and streaming plans

Date: April 12, 2024 Time: 18:45:21

Tonight, February 29, the decisive matches will be played within the framework of the Counter-Strike 2 + laser tag tournament at the Future Games in Kazan. Among others, Team LoveKazan, a team of popular streamers, will compete for podium positions.

After winning the group study against the legendary Doshi XGod, we had time to talk to Ilya FANDER Bagreev. One of the most famous Russian-speaking Counter-Strike players spoke about his experience in laser tag, his plans in the media sphere and the possibilities of moving to the professional level.

Tonight fANDER and his team will be on this list


All the results of the Future Games in Kazan: winners and prizewinners

– Hello! What are your impressions of the match in such a non-standard format?– Listen, the impressions are as positive as possible. At first I thought that the match would not be very close, because the rivals had really prepared a lot for this championship for a long time. Additionally, their team has two professional laser tag players; Unfortunately, we don’t have them, and I thought that after 1:1 in Counter-Strike we would most likely lose.

To be honest, we came to this victory because we prepared very well for the guys in terms of bans and card selections. We ban everything that kids play: Ancient, Anubis, Nuke and Overpass. It turned out that we were not playing Mirage, where CIS players can beat any opponent, but Vertigo, where it would be even more difficult for the X GOD guys.

— You don’t have professional laser tag players, so it turns out that you will have to win 2:0 every time in “Against”?– Listen, I’ve been thinking about this for several days and I understand that yes, this will be a problem. But only against those opponents who have good laser tag players. However, let’s take the Spanish from Ramboot R10 or Zero Tenacity; They don’t have them, so if we face them, we will play on equal terms and if we prepare, we can win easily.

In the Future Games it is not enough to win in Counter-Strike: if the result is 1:1 on the cards, a decisive battle is fought in laser tag

Photo: Organizing Committee of the Future Games

— What happens if, in general, progress is felt in laser tag?– Honestly? You probably feel it, but it doesn’t matter as much when guys play a lot harder. It’s difficult to play against opponents like that, who together, two professional players, take control and pull the rug.

You can’t just shoot them because they are faster, they have different tricks that they use. For example, changing weapons based on hands: you already know what the cl_righthand team was like in CS:GO. But when you try to throw a 3.5kg weapon from hand to hand, you realize how difficult it is. They put it on their shoulder, they walk with it, they see all the angles perfectly.

That is to say, the boys are prepared and it is very difficult to play against them. That’s why I think we will continue trying to win 2-0 in Counter-Strike, but we won’t forget about laser tag. They shared a business card with me and told me: “Come, we are waiting for you.” I think that, in any case, we will attend one or two more training sessions and try to prepare better for the laser tag with the next opponents.

—What are your general emotions about what is happening, from the stage, from the game?– Oh, emotions are great. In fact, I still don’t fully understand it. I hope you haven’t heard our team talking on MIrage. Because if we go a little off topic, we had some slight disagreements… we still don’t have a team captain as such, but we do have personalities, and each personality has that bad bad habit of covering themselves with the blanket. themselves.

You know, in Counter-Srike there is a golden rule: if you want to say something, don’t interrupt the other, get in line, and then you will interact and understand each other perfectly, unless it’s NAVI-2021 or something like that. And there was a buzz in our team’s language, everyone was interrupting each other…

But now we have reached a kind of balance in the team: we have one person who takes calls, coordinates and we all listen to him. If there are any suggestions or ideas, we will add them.

Before the start of the Games, some teams were reinforced with professional laser tag players: LoveKazan streamers play both types without replacements.

Photo: Organizing Committee of the Future Games

— Analysts often say that if you did not focus on streaming, but on a professional career, you could reach, for example, the top 30 in the world in professional computing. In your opinion, isn’t it worth the effort?– Listen, this is actually a very interesting story. When I started playing Counter-Strike, developed and achieved some first victories, I only thought about becoming a professional player. Win tournaments, promote your team and our CIS region to become stronger.

That’s why I started writing some guides, teaching players and finally came to the conclusion that in those wonderful moments I was left alone, without equipment. And I thought that I had no choice but to start broadcasting, because I moved to a country house and I simply had no one to communicate with.

And on Twitch I found a social circle that I could stay in touch with and not be so bored, sad and alone. At the time, I thought that if I streamed and somehow promoted myself and my future personal brand, people would see that I was playing well. And that they can invite me to the team, to the team, that in general I am a promising young man.

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But… actually, it also plays a cruel joke on you, because people put this kind of “streamer stigma” on you that you don’t think about. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Everyone starts to consider you just a streamer and think that it is simply more profitable for you to stay where you are than to sit and train with any team, sign a contract for less money for the sake of your dream.

Yes, I had good invitations, like Aurora Gaming, where they wanted to take me even without tests, we talked to Starix about it. But there were circumstances why I couldn’t agree: family, building a house. This means moving, losing good income, starting to appear less in the media, already having some type of advertising agreement, etc.

So I just came to the conclusion that this was not the invitation I was willing to sacrifice all of this for. At the time, I just wasn’t ready for it.

It is difficult to find empty seats in the CS 2 + laser tag tournament – this is one of the most popular tournaments

Photo: Organizing Committee of the Future Games

— A few words about future plans for broadcast and media activities in the near future. What will happen after Kazan?— In fact, I really want to go home, because now I have plans to “upgrade my PC.” Viewers who know me have heard something, maybe they know the story of Shock: three or four years ago he gave me a computer, for which I am still grateful.

This was a very good media boost for me. Before that, I had already been streaming for a year and a half, gained 2000 followers and here I was given the opportunity to prove myself, achieve my goals, etc. I think this is a cool story: now I want to give someone a computer, gadgets, do something nice for someone and make their dream of the professional scene come true.

I already bought all the equipment: cool hardware worth more than 400 thousand rubles, the latest devices used by professional gamers, in general, full stuffing. The person who wins will really get high, and I want to believe that he will be worthy, thanks to this he will also be able to achieve his goal.

The video is available on Eric Shokov’s YouTube channel. The rights to the video belong to Eric Shokov.

– It sounds beautiful, I hope everything turns out well! Finally, wishes to the fans and subscribers, if any.— To be honest, I absolutely appreciate all the people who sit in the room, watch the broadcast, write something in the chat or on social networks, take notes somewhere, come up to be photographed or anything else. I am incredibly grateful to everyone. .

And even though we sit on stage with soundproof headphones and listen to nothing but the game, I still see those smiles, those applause, that joy when you hit an important round or when your team wins. I hear the guys shout our name LoveKazan much louder than the opposing team’s name, and it really warms my soul.

Then you will understand: guys, we have to do something, we have to bring victory to this city. To pay, so to speak, tribute to the fact that they greeted us so coldly and welcomed us so warmly.

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