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Monday, May 20, 2024
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Is it time to close Pop MMA? Embarrassing scandal in Hardcore: they kicked a girl and started a massive fight

Date: May 20, 2024 Time: 08:43:01

The Hardcore FC League has long become synonymous with the word “scandal” in the world of Russian mixed martial arts. Almost all events organized by an organization result in incidents of varying sizes.

On April 19, Moscow hosted the next Hardcore MMA tournament, the main event of which was the fight between Ali Heibati and Arkady Osipyan. The event proceeded as usual, there was even a brilliant knockout victory, but in the end everything turned into a powerful scandal.

Not long ago a big scandal occurred in the MMA Series:

He lost by knockout and punched his opponent after the fight. The main shame of the year in Russian MMA.

Ali Heibati is a rather loud fighter, he often participates in fights and performs in various promotions. No wonder he becomes the main negative hero of the tournament. His brother Mohammad Heibati, known as the Dagestan Persian, is exactly the same. He once started a fight and caused serious damage worth a million rubles.

Ali Heibati decided to act on a large scale. Even before the start of the fight, the fighter could not think of anything better than to kick a girl passing by the ring and holding a sign with the round number. The girl turned around and expressed her complaints, but there was no conflict as such. And after the fight, the Iran native was asked to apologize, which he really didn’t want to do: “To everyone who loves women with caged asses, I apologize, but 99% to me! I know 90% of normal people don’t approve of this!

Ali Heibati kicks the girl out of the ring

Photo: Video frame

And then the fighter Alexander Khoronzhenko appeared in the cage, who also threatened Heibati: “For such behavior towards girls here in Moscow, and in Russia in general, do you know what they will do to you? If you don’t like it, don’t be here! You are a real pig! And he showed it at the beginning of the fight. The monster is real.”

After that, the fighters almost fought in the cage and exchanged “a couple of loving things.” It is worth noting here that Heibati behaved rudely towards his direct rival Arkady Osipyan, hitting him on the back of the head after the gong. But even this was not all. After the end of the cage fight, Osipyan patched things up with Nabi Nabiev. The reason was posts on social networks. As a result, the fighters threw their microphones and started a fight, and at the same time, several people broke into the room where the tournament was taking place, caused a massive clash, joined Nabiev and began to beat Osipyan. All the characters, including the presenters, participated in the fight and in the end, with great difficulty, they managed to stop the fight.

After the end of the tournament and all the scandals, the league began to react. For starters, they reported that Heibati’s fees would go entirely to the girl Maria, the same ring girl he kicked. Ali himself apologized publicly and published the corresponding video on social networks: “I behaved ugly with María. The reason was that before the fight there were a lot of fights in the cage, I wanted to go to the fight, I was nervous. I acted very badly with María before the fight, I want to apologize publicly. I myself am a married man, I respect the female gender. I mean, Maria, forgive me. If you forgive me I will be very grateful. Because I respect women and I don’t want you to hold a grudge against me.”

Afterwards, Hardcore issued a big statement covering everything that happened last night: “In addition to the immoral incident with Ali Heibati, unidentified individuals broke into the HFC MMA tournament, breached security and attempted to create a real bacchanal, beating several people. including combatants and guard employees who suffered bodily injuries of varying degrees of severity. Security forces, matchmakers and even personally the hosts of the Hardcore League, Alexander Sidorin and Eduard Germansky, participated in extinguishing this act of indignation and restoring order. At such a difficult time for the country, when we must be united within and sport must be united, we consider such anarchy as a crime and a provocation. Defeating a crowd is not a matter of courage, honor and bravery; only unprincipled creatures can demonstrate their courage in this way, whose “heroism” must be shown where the country really needs it in a given period of time. Let’s see how much this crowd will be worth against the true enemy of the country.

Some of the names of some of the instigators are already known: Aslan Shamov, Magomed Magomedov, Khasan Khasanov, Atan Isaev, Magomed Maratov, Khan Khubov. Their photographs and details will be published soon. Hardcore Media’s legal service prepares statements and actively cooperates with law enforcement agencies, investigative actions are being carried out, video recordings and list data are being collected. The security service and the company’s employees will continue to work throughout the night to identify the participation of other people in such a vile act of attack, including the athlete of our league Said Chaloyan. We will find and bring to justice everyone involved in this lawlessness and harm to the health of our league’s security service, athletes and employees.

Anatoly Sulyanov

Photo: Hard FC

Taking into account the seriousness of the infractions, as well as taking into account the video clips already seen and the information studied by the league, the decision was made:

ban Ali Heibati for life from participating and performing in all Hardcore leagues; ban Nabi Nabiev for life from participating and competing in Hardcore leagues for provocations, organizing a mass fight and kicking HFC MMA League athlete Arkady Osipyan lying on the ground.

We are in contact with Arkady Osipyan, Said Chaloyan and all those who suffered physical harm. We will keep you informed of all developments. We once again apologize to our viewers, but ask you to remember that each of the participants in today’s incidents are adult and sexually mature men, the responsibility for whose moral and ethical education lies not with our organization, but with their families. , older comrades. and communities. In our segment, as in any sport, there is always room for exaggerations, confrontations, trash talk, personal conflicts, but not mass confrontations, thefts and mutilations of fellow athletes, whose lives and the fate of whose families They are threatened. by the threat of atrocities today.

Thus, both Heibati, who starred in a scandalous benefit in the tournament, and one of the main instigators of the fight, Nabi Nabiev, who was league champion, received what they deserved. It is worth noting that one of the most famous pop MMA fighters, Shovkhal Churchaev, was also in the room, and he also rushed into the cage to find out something about Osipyan, but his participation in the fight was not confirmed or sanctions. were still applied.

The pop MMA format is gradually expanding beyond all existing boundaries, and if everything continues in the same spirit, calls to ban such programs will sound much louder.

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