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Monday, June 17, 2024
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It already happened: 4 modern gadgets for sports and health, which are actually from the USSR

Date: June 17, 2024 Time: 05:00:33

It already happened: 4 modern gadgets for sports and health, which are actually from the USSR

Elvira Galimova July 2, 2023, 17:15 Moscow time

Of course, everything began to look much more elegant, but the essence has not changed.

The trend towards a healthy lifestyle, activity and longevity is growing stronger. Modern people in Russia prefer to exercise and monitor their health. And if for some reason there is no desire or opportunity to visit the gym, then home workouts or workouts are used. Fortunately, there are enough free areas for outdoor activities.

Many people want to supplement their workouts with something special: compact simulators, sports devices and other “helpers”. And here marketers are included in the work, who often pass off technologies known in the USSR as something innovative and fashionable. It works, it delivers results, and it generates demand.

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In the USSR, sports were loved and successfully promoted at the state level, despite the fact that there was not such a variety of advertising sources as now. The Soviets practiced at home and on the street. What equipment did they use? The retrolist will surprise you.

What home fitness equipment and sports gadgets came to us from the past and now, thanks to competent marketing, seem like something new?

“Health Disc”

A fitness disc, which is designed to twist the body, could previously be seen in almost every Soviet family. This gadget was called “Health Disk”. You could stand on it and turn the case left and right while watching TV. In the modern version, the disk is sometimes supplemented with foot massage modules, expanders and even calorie counters. But in general, there have been no global changes either. As with the medical tourniquet, the transformations affected only the aesthetic side of the problem.

“Disk Health”

Photo: youla.ru

medical tourniquet

Yes, a medical tourniquet was used for home workouts. It is now called a fitness band. Of course, unlike the nondescript gray-green harness, it looks stylish. She just wants to take it in her hands. But the essence remains the same – it is used for squats with a load, works on the development of the triceps and biceps muscles.

If you find yourself in some old Soviet apartment that has not undergone global changes, you can see that a handle is bolted to the door frame. So that? The same medical tourniquet was passed through it and trained (pulled rubber). The exercise was aimed at developing the muscles of the arms, chest and shoulders.

modern fitness bands

Photo: www.istockphoto.com


The “pogo stick” or “pogo stick” is occasionally used for outdoor training. It is a jumping device consisting of a spring, a handle, and a platform. In the Soviet past, the simulator was called “Grasshopper” and, of course, inferior in design to its modern counterpart. Well, we once again have changes that have mainly affected the visual range.

“Grasshopper” of the USSR

Photo: youla.ru

Kuznetsov Iplicator

Acupuncture mats or yoga mats are actively advertised on social networks, positioning them as a means of relaxation, massage, and improvement of lymphatic drainage processes. The rug can be taken by plane, car and even to work (there are countless sizes and colors). In Soviet times, such carpets were also popular under the name Kuznetsov’s doubler. It is now also called an applicator.

Kuznetsov modern iplicator SPORT4YOU / Wildberries

Photo: Wild Blackberries

Interestingly, this invention was originally intended to improve the functioning of the central nervous system. Then it began to be used in a very curious way. The applicator was recommended for use in sleepwalking. It’s simple: it is placed under the feet near the bed to wake up from the state of sleep.

You can read more about the Kuznetsov duplicator HERE.

The list of sports devices that migrated from the USSR to the present can be continued for a long time. Dumbbells, resistance bands, rings, rowing machines and other devices were presented in abundance, but they did not look as bright and attractive as now. Rather, they resembled the products of state defense order companies … But this is a matter of taste and a completely different story. The main thing is to play sports! Help in life and business.

And if without additional devices?


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