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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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It is a pity that CSKA scored the third penalty against Akhmat. We have lost the historical repetition.

Date: May 28, 2024 Time: 18:49:09

It is a pity that CSKA scored the third penalty against Akhmat. We have lost the historical repetition.

Maxim Pakhomov July 31, 2023, 19:00 Moscow time

Maxim Pakhomov’s column, which does not expect changes.

What a pity that CSKA scored Akhmat’s third goal. This “wonderful” match finally ended with a normal result for the visiting team, and the scandal will now calm down. And what would happen if CSKA was not entitled to a third penalty? But we go in order.

If you do not understand what kind of scandal we are talking about, you urgently need to read this text:

This has never happened in Russia! Scandal with five penalties and three eliminations in Grozny

Looking for someone to blame here is stupid. First of all, the expert Igor Fedotov named three people yesterday: they are Vladislav Bezborodov, Sergey Ivanov and Anton Kobzev. Secondly, by default, the RFU is responsible for the judges. With them and demand.



“In Grozny, during the match, there were communication problems between the referees on the field and the VAR center in Moscow. All the resonant episodes of the match will be carefully studied and evaluated by the arbitration department and the ESC”.

But everything will be as always. We will again be told about communication problems that Bezborodov, for example, heard a track from Ivanov late. Maybe even Bezborodov and/or Ivanov will be suspended for a while. But it’s unlikely to be a long suspension – Vladislav is actually the best referee of the last season – they don’t scatter such shots (and they do it well). Majic is unlikely to start his first RPL season with a harsh punishment for one of the most respected judges in the country.

Therefore, everyone will forget about this scandal, and quickly enough. Bezborodov will return to the field, will have a great game and will remember this story with a smile. He doesn’t think he can forget about the protocol violation? Can. Ask Mikhail Vilkov (who also tried to deceive the commission then).

Here’s more on this case: In 2020, Mikhail was suspended for a couple of months for violating protocol. Removed forever later.

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“It should have been removed a long time ago!” Scandalous referee Vilkov suspended from work at RPL

We must clarify: nobody requires blood to be a judge. Now there are enough such appeals in various areas, in football we can do without slogans. But how to remember this match so as not to repeat such mistakes? Now, either way, the moment is already lost. Lost to Akhmat, who, unfortunately, failed to draw. Although he could keep her in such a match?

Vladislav Bezborodov

Photo: Edgar Breshchanov, “Championship”

I am sure that if this scandalous match ended in a draw, CSKA would file a protest. Watch the reaction of the club’s communication director, Kirill Breido, during the match: “Catastrophe, murder, anarchy.” After such assessments, do you think the club would leave everything as it is and be content with a draw? No, they would have demanded a replay. And, judging by the rules, it should have taken place.

Article 125.12 of the RFU Disciplinary Regulation: “The impact on the result in this case is obvious. It would be strange to award the defeat to Akhmat: the club’s fault that the judges violated the protocol is not here. It remains only to play again (unless you send CSKA with its demand for a replay, but I somehow do not believe in this). The RFU, of course, would have had a hard time – the costs of the game (accommodation of the teams, referees, stadium preparation) had to be borne. But we would get a unique case.”

No one would have forgotten the replay of CSKA in Grozny even in a few years. And certainly the judges would not forget it. Imagine yourself in the shoes of Bezborodov or Ivanov – you are the person who made the RPL play the game again for the first time in the 21st century. It is unlikely that Bezborodov and Ivanov wanted to go down in history just like that. They did not enter.

This historical fact, which can now only be discussed in theory, could thus remain deposited in the memory of all the judges of the championship. And scandals with the protocol could be avoided in the future. But everything will be as always.

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