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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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It seems that even Zarema Salikhova no longer believes in Abaskal at Spartak

Date: March 2, 2024 Time: 03:42:16

It seems that even Zarema Salikhova no longer believes in Abaskal at Spartak

Dmitry Zimin September 10, 2023, 08:00 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

I followed his quotes.

Let’s be honest: it looks like Spartak will still be the three-round champion. After all, it was then that the team defeated Rubin and rose to first place in the table, and the new title holder was named on the Telegram channels. It is a shame that after the third match the gold is not won. Because what happens next is a complete disaster. Defeat against Ural, Zenit, Krasnodar and draw with Akhmat. Spartak’s championship ambitions, as in many previous seasons, crumble early on. What do they do in this case? Good. They are looking for someone to blame. It seems that the main antihero has been chosen.

In case you’ve forgotten, meet Guillermo Abascal, who confidently follows the path of many Spartak coaches: first they surround you with love and then they mix you with disgusting ingredients. To assess what is happening, it is enough to compare three quotes. All from Zarema Salikhova, and it was with his participation that Abaskal ended up at the club in the summer of 2022. Then there was the unexpected election of the club’s owner, Fedun, and his wife, who were already finishing managing Spartak . However, they left their coach as a legacy.

Guillermo Abascal

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

At first, Zarema admired Abascal. At the beginning of 2023 I left this quote for Metaratings: “I am very happy that each player is freed up with Abascal, while the team’s overall ability grows. I can say with confidence that Guillermo fulfilled all his promises: this “Spartak” Abascal has become a real tactical chameleon! It’s hard to predict what the next match will be like!

It is important that at the time of this appointment, Salikhova had had nothing to do with the club for several months. But still she spoke exclusively in excellent terms about the coach, who in winter prepared the team to fight for the championship with Zenit. It didn’t work in the spring. But there was almost no criticism. It all started now, after four failed tours. Here are two quotes from Zarema: the first for SE (September 3) and the second for Metaratings (September 5).

Zarema Salikhova

wife of former Spartak owner Leonid Fedun

“I don’t think Abascal will be dismissed in the near future, because the latest losses are not his fault alone. At the same time, the management and the coach had a growing sense of personal importance and appreciated it. Thanks to the victories in 2022, the management believed that everything is simple in football: it is enough to draw up a budget for Lukoil transfers. It is a totally wrong approach that Abascal is the goose that will lay the long-awaited golden eggs, or rather, the gold medals. Therefore, we must allow ourselves all the peculiarities. This is the immaturity not only of the coaches, but also of the managers”, words of September 3.

Well, here he not only bothers Abaskal, but also the Spartak management. But the coach also understands it. Especially in the quirks part. And now the next one is more important.

Zarema Salikhova

wife of former Spartak owner Leonid Fedun

“The team is doing well with the desire to play and dedication. The coach needs to be motivated to stabilize the squad. As? Cherchesov’s photograph should be hung in the locker room.”

It is important to understand this quote in two parts. The first is “becoming a stabilization of the composition.” Yes, yes, says it who six months ago stated that Abaskal’s Spartak had become a tactical chameleon. And then he liked it. In fact, now the coach’s approach remains, more or less, the same in terms of player rotation. Most cannot explain why Abascal sends Prutsev to the bench after a successful match with Dynamo. Or he doesn’t give Khlusevich any chance after a great start to the season, preferring Ryabchuk. Yes, it is important to use newcomers, but why is there so much confidence that they are stronger than those already in the lineup?

What does Spartak have in terms of refereeing?

Spartak’s place in the table of errors made by RPL referees is surprising. A year ago everything was completely different.

Salikhova apparently doesn’t like the current chameleon. It is not surprising. After all, when there is no result, the evaluation criteria change drastically. It seems that Zarema no longer likes Abaskal for exactly the same reasons that he liked her.

The second point of the quote is also important. It’s especially funny: Zarema mentions Cherchesov, whom she openly hated just a couple of years ago. Subscribers asked if the coach could return to Spartak. The answer was categorical: “only over my dead body.” Perhaps in this sense Salikhova has changed her point of view? And she no longer sees Stanislav as pure evil?

Stanislav Cherchesov

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

Either way, it’s interesting to see how the background environment changes in a red and white environment. Therefore, it can be concluded that Cherchesov will be the main candidate to replace Abaskal. A candidate of the people.

There are more arguments in favor. But are the arguments against stronger?

Should Spartak fire Abascal? Arguments for and against resignation

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