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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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It’s time for Shtyrkov to quit boxing. Ural Hulk tore apart in 70 seconds

Date: April 17, 2024 Time: 22:24:51

It’s time for Shtyrkov to quit boxing. Ural Hulk tore apart in 70 seconds

Sergey Sorokin August 27, 2023, 1:00 PM Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Ivan has planned an unusual marathon, but it may not reach Mineev.

No one is surprised recently that athletes are transitioning from one type of martial art to another. And Ivan Shtyrkov decided to arrange a real marathon for himself. For 70 days, Ural Hulk intends to fight three fights in various disciplines. Shtyrkov started boxing on August 26. He performed at Hardcore Boxing’s Nikolai Kagansky Memorial Tournament. This venture turned out to be a failure.

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Ivan’s opponent was Konstantin Erokhin, nicknamed the Russian Bear. He has a strong background in mixed martial arts, even competing in the UFC. With a 10-4 record, the fighter decided to turn to boxing. The style with which Erokhin crushed his opponents in MMA was supposed to help him. Konstantin knocked out his opponents nine times – a decent stat.

Shtyrkov broke into boxing without success. Ivan lost to Magomed Ismailov. At the same time, Ural Hulk showed very good physical condition and worked all six rounds with the Bald Predator. But frankly, Maga seemed much more confident and precise, so rightfully so, he took the unanimous decision victory. Therefore, Shtyrkov was eager to close that defeat.

From the first minutes of the fight it was clear that Ivan would be very difficult. Erokhin rushed to attack and began to land heavy blows. And after 30 seconds, the Ural Hulk began to swim. Ismailov yelled from the commentator position, who called for Shtyrkov to step back and close the distance. But Iván no longer listened to his friend, and after several well-aimed blows, he collapsed on the canvas. The referee did not count the knockdown, but this did not stop Erokhin from completing a graceful finish. After the second knockdown, Shtyrkov was wobbled so badly that the referee was forced to stop the fight.

The first to react to the defeat of the Ural Hulk was Ismailov himself. He expressed his confidence that Ivan will continue his boxing career, draw conclusions from the loss and come back stronger.

Magomed Ismailov

russian wrestler

“I am upset, I was worried about my friend Iván. I don’t like it when fights stop like this. It was a tense six round fight, but Vanya missed a bit and couldn’t recover. I know what his spirit is. Defeat is not the end, it is a new beginning. I’m sure he’ll come back with a new version of himself.”

Shtyrkov himself also spoke out after the defeat. He was laconic: “Professional sports require a lot of work. And defeats, and especially such defeats, give us the opportunity to stop and realize if we are on the right track, if we are going at all or if we are standing still. And sometimes I shook him, I felt it: Kostya shook me hard today. Thanks for this lesson. Thanks to my family and my team.”

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Now Shtyrkov’s boxing record is 0-2. And if the first fight was really competitive, the second was frankly disappointing. Within 70 seconds, the Ural Hulk was knocked out. Maybe Ivan should go back to mixed martial arts? And the big question is Shtyrkov’s duel with Vladimir Mineev, who should complete the marathon. If the string of heavy defeats continues, the fight may break down.

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