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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Ivan Shtyrkov – Konstantin Erokhin. Ural Hulk follows Datsik’s lead

Date: June 20, 2024 Time: 13:06:13

Ivan Shtyrkov – Konstantin Erokhin. Ural Hulk follows Datsik’s lead

Nikolay Pavlov Aug 25, 2023 22:15 UTC Audio Version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

The 34-year-old doesn’t take long breaks between fights.

On August 26, 2023, the duel between Ivan Shtyrkov and Konstantin Erokhin will take place in Hardcore Boxing.

The best predictions for today.

What time does the fight between Shtyrkov and Erokhin start?

The duel between Ivan Shtyrkov and Konstantin Erokhin is supposed to start no earlier than 23:00 Moscow time on August 26, 2023.

Bookmakers odds for the fight Ivan Shtyrkov vs Konstantin Erokhin

Bookmakers consider the favorite to be Ivan Shtyrkov. Bets on his victory are accepted with a coefficient of 1.51. The chances of Konstantin Erokhin were estimated at 3.21. The experts also offer to bet on the tie for 9.80. The analysts estimated the probability of an early victory for one of the athletes: the total in 4.5 rounds is 1.30 and the total in 4.5 rounds is 3.20.

Prediction for the fight Ivan Shtyrkov — Konstantin Erokhin (26.08.2023)

On August 26, a fight between Ivan Shtyrkov and Konstantin Erokhin will take place in Moscow. One of the strongest MMA athletes, Ural Hulk, will try to break the spirit of the former UFC fighter. Serious passions will burn in the ring, since the motivation of the athletes is at the highest level.

Max and Korean Zombie headline the UFC card:

Max Holloway – Jung Chan Sung. The Korean zombie will do his best.

34-year-old Ivan Shtyrkov decided to test his strength. Taking a cue from the uncompromising Vyacheslav Datsik, the heavyweight pulls off a series of fights in a short space of time. In March he lost to Magomed Ismailov in boxing rules and already in May he fought against the legendary Pyotr Romankevich in kickboxing.

Dvalishvili challenged O’Malley.

In the duel with the Bald Predator, Ivan showed a fairly high level of training. Outmatched in technique and timing, the Ural Hulk displayed amazing stamina and ability to take a punch. He worked in the ring for six rounds and lost only by judges’ decision.

And already in May, Shtyrkov held the first fight according to the rules of kickboxing, and even with the most experienced Romankevich. Ural Hulk led the fight, seized the initiative, and performed well in the extra round. The combination of these factors was the key to victory.

Things in Rostov are bad:

Pari NN – Rostov. Is Karpin’s position worse than Yuran’s?

Now Ivan has a great chance to win the fight according to boxing rules. Ural Hulk’s new rival will be Konstantin Erokhin. He has a strong track record in MMA and experience in the UFC.

Khabib Nurmagomedov: I can still beat anyone in the world.

The Russian Bear had 14 fights in mixed martial arts, 10 of which ended in victories. Nine times Konstantin won ahead of schedule by knockout, so underestimating an opponent can cost Shtyrkov dearly.

There was a time when Erokhin was considered a talented fighter and showed great promise. But his career in the UFC was unsuccessful, so he steps into the ring at age 40 to earn extra money. According to the Russian himself, he was given fighters with whom he could not demonstrate a show.

As for Konstantin’s physical form, only the duel itself will answer this question. On the one hand, Erokhin maintains a training regimen, but a complete lack of practice will negatively affect his readiness for a fight with a motivated Shtyrkov.

Ivan Shtyrkov is an extremely dangerous opponent. He is in excellent physical shape, as he demonstrated in the fight with Ismailov, resisting six rounds. There are rumors about a big duel with Vladimir Mineev, which the Ural Hulk is looking forward to. The meeting in the ring with Erokhin can be part of the preparation.

O’Malley made his debut in the top 10 of the UFC rankings, regardless of weight classes.

Shtyrkov opens up new horizons, because it becomes more difficult to get a really great fight. He has worked with all the best fighters who can compete in the RCC under contract. Ural Hulk even considers getting into fistfights, but at this point in his career he prefers to stick to boxing.

What to bet?

Shtyrkov showed himself well in the ring with a strong opponent. He survived all six rounds under boxing rules, showing maneuverability and fairly good timing. A strong blow is still Ivan’s main trump card. Erokhin has long been deprived of real practice and is almost six years older. It is very likely that the fight will end with the victory of Ivan Shtyrkov by the decision of the judges. So let’s bet on a coefficient of 1.97.

Tender: Ivan Shtyrkov win by 1.97 decision.

Express with a coefficient of 9.58.

Blachowicz is open to a heavyweight fight with Pavlovich.

Umar Nurmagomedov challenged Marlon Vera to fight.

McGregor: I am not allowed to fight in December.

Petr Yan announced his desire to have a rematch with Sean O’Malley.

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