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Krylya Sovetov scored the most in the RPL and is already in the top 3. What is your secret?

Date: June 16, 2024 Time: 02:15:38

A pleasant surprise from the release of the RPL – “Wings of the Soviets”. In the first place, he scored seven points and is third in the standings, behind only Spartak and Krasnodar (both have 9). In second place, in three rounds they scored the most – 10 goals. How was this made possible? We share our version on the eve of the cup match with Zenit.

The wings of the Soviets have long had a high-quality attack.

Igor Osinkin knows how to build a game ahead. There are confirmations: in the penultimate season, the RPL – the first after returning from the FNL – the Wings immediately showed the fifth result in the league in terms of expected goals (42). And in the previous championship, according to this indicator, they entered the top 10 (38). It is commendable for a team that until recently played in the lower division.

At the same time, not everything was bad with goals in each of the draws: 39 in the penultimate season (8th indicator in the tournament) and 32 in the past (14th).

Two points can be confusing. The first is a dip in the second season relative to the first in sharpness and effectiveness. The second is a seemingly modest fourteenth result in goals in the last Russian championship. But do not rush to reproach the Samarans – a certain deterioration in performance is a consequence of the great dignity of their head coach! Difficult? Not precisely.

Igor Osinkin

Photo: pfcks.ru

It’s all about the ability of Igor Osinkin not only to advance the game, but also to progress by attacking players, as a result of which they are promoted to other clubs. So, a year ago, the main center forward Ivan Sergeyev left for Zenit, and in the winter, winger Sergey Pinyaev and striker Maxim Glushenkov moved to Lokomotiv.

In connection with these transfers, it is logical that the Wings had to rediscover themselves last season, which affected the efficiency in attack. More important here is another thing: the loss of leaders in attack did not lead to any football tragedy, not even a drama.

Sergey Pinyaev and Maxim Glushenkov

Photo: pfcks.ru

That said, there’s not much to the feeling about the Samarans’ vigorous start to this season. If they have no equal in goals scored in three rounds, then in terms of expected goals, they (6.5) are second only to CSKA (7.8).

The Wings player is in the symbolic team of the 3rd round of the RPL:

Team of the 3rd round of the RPL. Such an attack would shatter any opponent.

Sales leaders taught Osinkin how to skillfully rotate the composition

For various reasons, Igor Osinkin is forced to change the composition of Krylya Sovetov at the beginning of the season, but his team has such a strong playing base that this has not yet prevented them from achieving results.

In three rounds, 17 players participated in the starting lineup of the Samara team! Only Rostov had the same number. But Valery Karpin in this regard has more difficulties, the same “Wings” Rostovites flew 1:5.

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At the same time, nine people have already scored at least one goal action. Only Spartak can boast of that in the entire league. Samara’s most productive players in attack are Benjamin Garre (2+1) and Roman Yezhov (1+3).

The Wings have a fixed game, in which there is room for long passes from the depths as well as the equalizer from the bottom in any part of the field. At the same time, this is all pretty unpredictable due to Osinkin’s personnel decisions.

It seems that the game of 18-year-old Nikita Saltykov, who scored a double, was a revelation for Rostov. And also in the game with the yellow-blue for the first time in the season, Garré played in the attacking two, and not on the wing. In that match, the Argentine fell a lot to the bottom, leaving the area to partners accelerating from there.

Below are the starting combinations for “Wings of the Soviets” in the last three rounds. For more clarity.

Scheme 1. The starting lineup of “Wings of the Soviets” in the match with “Akhmat”

Scheme 2. Starting lineup of Krylya Sovetov in the match against Dynamo

Krylya Sovetov started in the match against Rostov

First of all, in favor of Samara, there is also a calendar.

Krylya Sovetov played with Akhmat (2:1), Dynamo (3:3) and Rostov (5:1). The rivals have a lot in common.

Firstly, all designated opponents play themselves and give others, which is very convenient for “CS”. It’s significant: Osinkin’s team in the opening rounds averaged 42.5% possession of the ball per game, 12th in the league. Samarans did not have the goal of total dominance, but it was successful due to the fact that the episodes played out successfully.

Secondly, all the rivals acted with two centrals, not three. Thus, they made it possible to use the width of the field or penetrate between the defensive players – the Wings did both competently.

If the Samarans took possession of the ball in their own half, the first thing they tried to do was give the ball to the attacking player on the flank, as a result, both Rostov and Akhmat scored just like that. Already during the development of the episode there was a penetration in the center.

Pre-goal pass from Roman Evgeniev to Benhamin Garr in the match against Rostov

Photo: transmission frame

Goal assist from Benjamin Garre to Vladimir Khubulov in the match against Rostov

Photo: transmission frame

In Grozny, it was possible to open an account thanks to the efforts of a football player. Akhmat’s defense shifted so much to the center that Garre received the ball without resistance during a counterattack and gained speed not even on the edge, but on the mid-flank, after which he scattered all his opponents with tricks and scored.

That the defense of the rivals of the “Alas” at the start of the championship is not reliable, says the statistics of the expected goals conceded. According to her, Akhmat is the worst in the league (6.10), Dynamo is 13 (5.31), and Rostov is 12 (5.17).

Thus, the ability of “Krylia” to play in attack successfully overlapped with the unpreparedness of opponents to act qualitatively from behind. This led to a successful start for Osinkin’s team.

Do you know the captain of Wings of the Soviets? What about other RPL teams?


Do you remember for sure all the captains of the RPL clubs? Check it out in the test!

“Wings” can become a strong middle peasant in the RPL

Considering Samara’s successful start, it is important to understand that it will be much more difficult for Osinkin’s team with opponents that are more organized or simply rely on defense.

But are there many in the league now who are ready to play safely from behind? 11 league representatives were lost in each of the three rounds! Only Krasnodar and Ural have two dry matches, Zenit, Sochi and Pari NN have one each.

Taking into account everything that is happening, the “Wings” can turn into a strong middle peasant. This is how it looks today. Teams with the greatest personnel potential are unlikely to be able to climb higher. A built game is able to protect you from the grueling fight for survival. By the way, according to Transfermarkt, Krylia has the 8th RPL roster by player value – 30.9 million euros. What do you think about Krylia Sovetov’s peppy start and his prospects for this RPL season?

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