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Leclerc is to blame for everything and Albon is better than Verstappen. Estimates for the Dutch GP

Date: May 19, 2024 Time: 13:20:43

The fourteenth stage of Formula 1: in the author’s desperately subjective assessments.

Alejandro Albon – 10

Zandvoort’s race is one of the best of Albon’s career. At the start of the race, Alex did not opt ​​for the intermediate tires and held out on the rain-soaked track on slicks, and then on the same set of tires he drove until lap 45. The Thai driver was due to finish sixth overall; a late pit stop at the end cost him two positions.

Max Verstappen – 9.5

Verstappen was back in his own league, he was in full control of the race and would surely have beaten Perez even if the team hadn’t helped him in this. However, Max had no rivals during the race, apart from real pressure, under which the Dutchman could make a mistake.

Max replaced the piggy bank with another record:

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Fernando Alonso – 9.5

Alonso had no rival this time either: Red Bull was too far ahead and Ferrari and Alpin could not compete with the Spaniard. Fernando himself worked perfectly, playing two positions at once at the start, confidently facing Sainz on lap 52 and taking the podium for the first time since the Canadian Grand Prix.

Alonso gets on the podium for the first time in Zandvoort

Photo: Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Pierre Gasly – 8.5

Gasly drove an excellent race, one of the first to bet on intermediate tyres, immediately establishing himself in the leading group and staying there until the end of the race. However, Pierre did not have a perfect performance: during the race he received a ticket for speeding in the pit lane and in qualifying he lost in the second sector of the last attempt.

Carlos Sainz – 8

Against the backdrop of Leclerc’s woes, Sainz represented Ferrari alone this weekend and did quite well. The speed of the car this time was not enough to fight against the Alpin, so fifth place is the ultimate goal for the Scuderia in the last race. Another half point that Carlos deserved by not letting Hamilton in at the end.

Lando Norris- 7.5

A brilliant result in qualifying crossed out a too late first pit stop that dropped Lando out of the top 10, but the Briton was able to come back and score some points late on. However, against the background of the qualifying results against Mercedes, Norris did not look so good, and the second part of the decisive attempt in Q3, according to the Briton himself, was terrible.

Oscar Piastri – 7.5

A crash in practice three prevented him from preparing properly for qualifying, ultimately leading him to fall 0.8sec behind Norris. However, the fact that the rookie endured on slick tires in the rain at the start of the race, maintained his place in the top 10 and was ahead of the more experienced Albon, makes it possible to turn a blind eye to the mistake.

The Zandvoort race was probably the toughest F1 race for Piastri

Photo: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

George Russell – 7.5

Russell’s third place in qualifying was a pleasant surprise, but at the start of the final run the Briton lost two tenths and the chance to move ahead of Norris. At the start of the race, George didn’t perform in the best way either: he locked the wheel before the first corner and missed Alonso. However, even in this case, there were still chances to score points (although the strategists did their best to deprive him of them), and Russell was not to blame for contact with Lando at the finish line.

Liam Lawson-7.5

To prepare for the race, Lawson only had one wet session on Saturday morning and Liam failed to shine in qualifying (1.6sec behind Tsunoda). However, in even more difficult race conditions, the New Zealander went the full distance and managed to more or less study the car, quite a worthy preparation for the next stage.

Riccardo’s fracture proved more difficult:

An F1 driver broke his arm in an accident. Ricciardo’s career is in jeopardy, the chance of a lifetime from him to Lawson

Lewis Hamilton-7

After a frankly unsuccessful qualifying (half a second behind Russell!), Lewis was unable to play anything at the start. However, after the first few pit stops, Hamilton managed to break into the top 10, and in the end, the former champion moved ahead of Norris and Ocon and eventually finished sixth. Perhaps this is not the highest result, but it could be much worse.

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Nico Hulkenberg – 7

Hulk, like Piastri and Albon, decided to stay in the rain on slick tires in the early laps, but unlike them, he got stuck at the back of the field. There was no chance of getting out of there in the top 10, although at the restart before the finish Niko was ahead of Tsunoda and reached 12th; this is Haas’ best result since the Miami Grand Prix.

Valtteri Bottas – 6.5

Valtteri lost to Zhou for the second time in the last three qualifyings, but rehabilitated with an incredible start: in the first lap, the Finn overtook at least five rivals! However, like the Hulk, on slick tires in the rain, Bottas looked weaker than Albon and Piastri and was stuck at the back of the field until the end of the race.

Esteban Ocon – 6

Okon failed in qualifying, did not improve on the last lap and for the first time this season he was unable to get out of the first segment. Thanks to well-timed pit stops early in the race, Esteban established himself in the top 10 and was able to score a point, but he seemed pale in comparison to Gasly: ​​while Pierre was on the podium, Okon was stuck at the end of the race. top ten.

Kevin Magnussen – 6

After nine laps, Magnussen was the first of the field to switch to slicks, and this bold move allowed him to move from ninth to seventh. Unfortunately, everything was blacked out by the appearance of the safety car: after the restart, Haas fell into the protocols and in the end only took 16th place. Things could have been better if Kevin had not destroyed his new front wing on lap to the pits in training.

Haas extended contracts with pilots:


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Spear Walk – 5.5

In qualifying, Stroll was unable to improve on the last run on a dry track and lost 0.7sec to Fernando. Although the team was to blame for the too late first pit stop, Lance still did not convince in front of Alonso: while his teammate was ahead of McLaren and Ferrari, the Canadian was unable to do anything with Zhou for 20 laps.

In the context of Alonso, Stroll again looked pale.

Photo: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Sergio Perez – 5

As painful as Red Bull’s decision of Checo to swap places with Verstappen at the second pit stops is, you have to admit that the Mexican was way too wrong. First, Checo went off the track, handing second place to Alonso, before crashing into the pit lane wall and receiving a 5-second speeding penalty. Whatever happened in the pit stops, Pérez was deprived of the podium. And this against the background of a 1.3-second lag relative to a classmate in the standings…

Yuki Tsunoda – 5

The Japanese were unable to get the most out of the car in qualifying, but this problem was remedied with a first lap pit stop. But for some reason, after the second stop, on the 10th lap, Tsunode had to go 50 laps on a set of “software” (even more than Albon!). In such conditions neither a high pace, nor a beautiful fight, nor a good result could be achieved. Well, also, Yuki got a ticket for colliding with Russell and in one of the episodes he fell to the gravel. In the final ranking, Tsunoda fell below Lawson.

Voting by readers:


Who is the worst driver in the Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix?

Guanyu Zhou – 4.5

A pit stop on the first lap allowed Zhou to move up to second place. The Alfa Romeo obviously would not have taken this position, and the safety car start after Sargent’s retirement played against Guanyu. However, the main incident of his race was a crash on lap 63. Several other people flew towards that spot, but only Zhou crashed into the wall at full speed.

Carlos Leclerc – 4

A weekend that you can simply forget. First, Leclerc crashed the car in qualifying, and on the first lap of the race, in the fight against Piastri, he allowed a takedown at Turn 12 and collided with McLaren himself. The collision was not severe, but a broken piece of the wing damaged the underbody and deprived the car of downforce. In other words, Charles himself is to blame for all of his problems this weekend.

The Zandvoort stage was the worst for Leclerc this year

Photo: Peter Fox/Getty Images

Logan Sargent-3

Two accidents in two days is a heavy blow for any driver. At Williams they made it clear that Logan was not to blame for the decline in the race, but Sargent did not shine before him: when he started from tenth place, he was already last on the fourth lap and on the sixth he was lost. the return of the leader Also, there are definitely no excuses for a misclassification.

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